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Reviving Classics with Modern Flair

Revisit the timeless craftsmanship our #39 Series Dome Shade Pendants.
Revisit the timeless craftsmanship our Dome Shade #39 Pendants

Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series


💡A Tale of Two Pendants


We are thrilled to bring back true classics from Primelite’s collection, our Dome Shade #39 Pendants: Dome Shade #39 Stem Pendant Series and Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series. These pieces are a celebration of our enduring craftsmanship and design philosophy that has stood the test of time. Created using the same meticulous manufacturing process we’ve employed since the 1960s, these pendants are a nod to our rich heritage and commitment to quality.


The Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series are more than just lighting fixtures; they are a piece of history, a symbol of our dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship in the modern age. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your space or seeking a high-quality, timeless lighting solution, these pendants are sure to exceed your expectations and bring a unique character to any setting.



Dome Shade#39 Pendant Series, a perfect merger of timeless charm and practicality, suitable for both commercial and residential settings


💡A Timeless Lighting Solution: The Elegant Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series


Rediscover the timeless charm and versatility of our Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series , (#39/10 | #39/12 |#39/14 | #39/16 | #39/19 | #39/23), an iconic piece that expertly bridges the gap between classic design and contemporary needs. This pendant light is a perfect addition to both commercial and residential settings.


For commercial installations, Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series seamlessly integrates into environments such as factories, warehouses, barns, commercial spaces, and office conference rooms. Its robust build and large scale make it an ideal choice for illuminating spacious areas, while its classic design adds a touch of industrial elegance.


In residential settings, this pendant finds its place in kitchens, dens, family rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and even game or billiard rooms. Its versatile design allows it to blend with various interior styles, from rustic to modern, and its ample lighting capacity makes it as functional as it is stylish.


The Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series comes with a vinyl cord, available in black or white, extending up to 10 feet, offering ample flexibility in installation and height adjustment. In terms of lighting, the pendant supports both Incandescent and LED lamps, allowing you to choose based on your preference for energy efficiency and light quality. Whether for a commercial project or a home renovation, this pendant promises quality, style, and functionality.


Our Dome Shade #39 Stem Pendants are a perfect combination of elegance and functionality for outdoor spaces


💡Where Style Meets Utility: The All-Purpose Dome #39 Stem Pendant


Reintroducing our elegant Dome Shade #39 Stem Pendant, a perfect blend of style and functionality for your outdoor spaces. This piece, including models #39/10-18, #39/12-18, #39/14-18, #39/16-18, #39/19-18, #39/23-18, is a testament to modern design and practicality.


The design features a beautifully crafted dome shade, specifically engineered for exterior installation on a ceiling mount stem. Elegantly poised on an 18-inch long, 7/8-inch diameter stem, the design not only adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor areas but also ensures that the light is distributed evenly and effectively. In terms of lighting, this pendant is versatile, supporting both Incandescent and LED lamps. The LED option is particularly energy-efficient and long-lasting, making it an eco-friendly choice.


Our Dome Shade #39 Stem Pendant is not just a lighting fixture; it’s a statement piece that combines robust construction with elegant design, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal for your outdoor spaces.


💡The Perfect Blend of Form and Function : Dome Shade #39 Pendants




Dome Shade #39 Pendants suitable for commercial and residential settings

Experience the classic elegance and modern functionality of Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series. Available in 6 dome sizes, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 19″, 23″ this iconic pendant, with its barn light and factory shade design, is ideal for both commercial and residential spaces.


Perfect for commercial areas like factories, warehouses, and office spaces, its sturdy build and large size provide excellent lighting for large areas, adding industrial sophistication. For homes, it fits beautifully in kitchens, living rooms, and even game rooms, complementing a range of styles from rustic to contemporary.


The Dome Shade #39 Pendant features a 10-foot vinyl cord in black or white, ensuring easy installation and adjustable height. Compatible with both Incandescent and LED lamps, it offers energy efficiency and quality lighting. Suitable for any setting, the Dome Shade Pendant #39 combines durability, versatility, and style. Custom cord colors and dome shape sizes are available.



Technical Drawing: Dome Shade Pendant #39/10, #39/12, #39/14, #39/16, #39/19, #39/23




Dome Shade #39 Stem Pendant is a combination of elegance and functionality

Dome Shade #39 Stem Pendant is a stylish and functional addition to outdoor spaces. Its all aluminum Dome Shade, available in 6 sizes: 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 19″, 23, is both eye-catching and durable. Mounted on a sturdy 18-inch, 7/8-inch diameter stem, it offers a graceful yet robust design.


Specially crafted for outdoor use, the dome shade on a ceiling mount stem ensures even light distribution. Compatible with both Incandescent and LED bulbs, it offers versatility with the added benefit of energy efficiency from the LED option.


More than just a light fixture, the Dome Shade #39 Stem Pendant is an elegant statement for outdoor areas, providing both aesthetic charm and functional lighting.



Technical Drawing: Dome Shade Stem Pendant #39/10-18, #39/12-18, #39/14-18, #39/16-18, #39/19-18, #39/23-18



Our Dome Shade Pendants are not just lighting fixtures; they are statement pieces that combines robust construction with elegant design, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal for your spaces.


Primelite stands as a leader in the lighting industry, offering cost-effective and efficient lighting solutions that are both affordable and sustainable. Our products not only provide immediate financial savings but also ensure long-term cost efficiency. The exceptional durability and performance of our fixtures lead to fewer replacements and reduced maintenance, representing a smart choice for eco-friendly projects.


Our commitment to quality extends to our warranty assurance, guaranteeing that our products are ready for prompt installation. This dedication helps avoid delays, keeping your projects within budget. Our fixtures are crafted for ease of installation, fulfilling both aesthetic and practical needs and seamlessly fitting into your project timelines. When choosing Primelite, you’re selecting a brand synonymous with quality, value, and unwavering customer satisfaction.




⚙️ Dome Shade #39 Pendant Series


 Primelite Catalog:

#39/10 | #39/12 | #39/14 | #39/16 | #39/19 | #39/23

  • Type: Pendant | Dome Series
  • Dome Sizes: 10″ | 12″ | 14″ | 16″ | 19″ | 23” | Custom Sizes Available
  • Lamp: Incandescent | LED
  • Socket Base | Mount: Hard wired LED, Edison, Mogul 
  • Cord: 10′ Vinyl | Black, White | Colors and Cloth Cord Available
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Installation: Interior | Commercial | Residential
  • Mount: 51/4” Canopy
  • Finishes: 29 Powder Coated Colors
  • Technical Drawing: Pendant #39/10, #39/12, #39/14, #39/16, #39/19, #39/23



⚙️ Dome Shade #39 Stem Pendant Series


Primelite Catalog:

#39/10-18 | #39/12-18 |#39/14-18 |#39/16-18 |#39/19-18 |#39/23-18

  • Type: Pendant | Dome Stem Series
  • Dome Sizes: 10″ | 12″ | 14″ | 16″ | 19″ | 23” | Custom Sizes Available
  • Lamp: Incandescent | LED
  • Socket Base | Mount: Hard wired LED, Edison, Mogul 
  • Stem: 18″ L |  7/8″ Dia
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Installation: Exterior
  • Mount: 51/4” Canopy
  • Finishes: 29 Powder Coated Colors
  • Technical Drawing: #39/10-18, #39/12-18, #39/14-18, #39/16-18, #39/19-18, #39/23-18


























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Elegant Simplicity Meets Modern Chic

Explore the simple beauty and adaptability of our Bare Bulb Pendants, Models #443 and #445

Bare Bulb Pendants #443 and #445

American Craftsmanship at its Finest!


💡A Tale of Two Pendants


Embark on a journey of discovery with our Covered Socket | Bare Bulb Pendants, Models #443 and #445, masterpieces of American craftsmanship. These pendants represent the pinnacle of design and functionality, meticulously crafted to showcase the very best of American ingenuity and artisanship. 


Each pendant brings a different element to interior design. Model #443, with its generous cord length, offers immense flexibility in installation, allowing for creative lighting solutions that cater to individual tastes and spatial requirements. The Model #445, on the other hand, features a swivel mechanism on its stem, providing adaptability and ease in directing light, making it ideal for focused illumination or ambient lighting.


Models #443 and #445 stand as paragons of versatility and elegance. Their unique construction, featuring robust steel and sleek lines, marries the raw appeal of industrial aesthetics with the refined simplicity of modern design. These pendants don’t just light up a room; they transform it, becoming centerpieces that command attention and admiration.



Bare Bulb Pendant #443 shines with elegant simplicity and functional design


💡Model #443: Elegance Meets Simplicity


The Model #443 pendant shines with its elegant simplicity and functional design. Made in the USA, this lighting fixture combines reliability with a sleek, industrial chic aesthetic. Its durable steel construction ensures long-term durability and a constant shine in your décor. This pendant is a versatile addition to any interior, fitting effortlessly into modern, industrial, or rustic styles. 


What sets the Model #443 apart is its generous 10 feet of cord, offering flexible installation options to suit diverse design needs. It includes a sleek 5″ diameter canopy, adding sophistication and ensuring a clean, finished look upon installation. While the pendant does not include a bulb, it supports a 100 Watt maximum Edison-style bulb, allowing for personalized lighting. Available in various painted finishes and UL Listed for safety, Model #443 is easy to mount and an excellent choice for elevating any living or workspace with style and functionality.


Bare Bulb Pendant #445 w/ 90 Degree Swivel offers adaptability and ease in directing light


💡Model #445: Adaptability and Style Combined


The Model #445 pendant is a fusion of style and practicality. This American-made pendant features a unique 6″ stem (Custom Lengths Available) with a 90° swivel, offering adaptability and ease in directing light, ideal for various settings like kitchen islands and living rooms. Its design is complemented by a 5″ diameter canopy, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a polished finish. 


Constructed for longevity, the Model #445’s durable steel build assures lasting quality and contributes to its stylish, industrial look. Supporting a 100 Watt maximum Edison style bulb, it allows you to customize your lighting to fit the space and mood. Available in various painted finishes, the Model #445 is UL Listed for safety, and its installation is made straightforward with the inclusion of a 6″ stem and 90° swivel, along with a 5″ round canopy.


💡Elegant Simplicity Meets Modern Chic:

💡Bare Bulb Pendants #443 and #445




Bare Bulb Pendant #443

Pendant #443, made in the USA, blends elegant simplicity with functionality. Its durable steel build gives it a sleek, industrial look and ensures it lasts. This versatile light fits well in modern, industrial, or rustic spaces.


A standout feature is its 10-foot cord, allowing for flexible placement. The pendant comes with a 5″ diameter canopy for a sophisticated, clean look and supports a 100 Watt Edison-style bulb for customizable lighting. Available in different finishes and UL Listed for safety,  Model #443 is easy to install and perfect for adding style and function to any area.



Technical Drawing: Pendant #443




Bare Bulb Pendant #445 w/ 90 Degree Swivel

Pendant Model #445 beautifully combines style and function. Also manufactured in the USA, it features a 6″ stem (Custom Lengths Available) with a 90° swivel for easy light direction, perfect for lighting different areas like kitchens and living rooms. Its design is enhanced by a 5″ diameter canopy, adding elegance and a polished look.


Built to last, the Model #445’s sturdy steel construction ensures durability and gives it an industrial flair. It accommodates a 100 Watt Edison-style bulb, allowing for personalized lighting choices. With various paint finishes available and UL safety certification, the pendant is both stylish and secure. Its installation is simple, thanks to the included 6″ stem and swivel, plus a 5″ round canopy.


Technical Drawing: Pendant #445





Both the Model #443 and Model #445 pendants are more than just lighting fixtures; they are stylish and functional additions to any interior. The Model #443 offers a blend of elegance and simplicity, perfect for those seeking a minimalist yet sophisticated lighting solution. In contrast, the Model #445 provides a modern, and thanks to its 90° swivel an adaptable lighting option ideal for dynamic and contemporary spaces. Each model, with its unique features and customizable finishes, represents the pinnacle of American craftsmanship, offering versatile and visually appealing lighting solutions for any living or workspace.


Primelite stands out in the lighting market for its cost-effective and efficient lighting solutions. Our products are not only affordable upfront but also offer long-term savings. The durability and strong performance of our fixtures mean fewer replacements and less maintenance, making them a wise investment for sustainable projects.


We go a step further with our warranty assurance, ensuring our products are ready for immediate installation. This commitment minimizes delays and helps keep your projects on budget. Our fixtures are designed for quick and easy deployment, meeting both aesthetic and functional requirements while aligning perfectly with your project schedules. Choose Primelite for quality, value, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.




⚙️ Bare Bulb Pendant #443


Primelite Catalog: #443 
  • Type: Pendant | Bare Bulb
  • Lamp: 100 Watt Edison-Style
  • Cord: 10′ Vinyl | Black, White | Colors and Cloth Cord Available
  • Construction: Steel
  • Installation: Interior
  • Mount: 5″ Canopy
  • Finishes: 29 Powder Coated Colors
  • Technical Drawing: #443






⚙️ Bare Bulb Pendant #445


Primelite Catalog: #445 








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The Future of Outdoor Lighting

Gooseneck #3501/850 LED30

The Art and Science Behind

Gooseneck #3501/850 LED30


Enhancing Security with Effective Outdoor Lighting


Primelite is dedicated to meeting your diverse lighting needs with an extensive array of lighting solutions. Leveraging our vast experience, we ensure the delivery of lighting fixtures that not only meet your specific requirements but also enhance the aesthetic and functional aspects of your lighting arrangements.


We are excited to present our latest advancement in exterior lighting: the Gooseneck #3501/850 LED30. This model is a standout in our line, renowned for its versatility and effectiveness as an LED Floodlight. The #3501/850 combination is a comprehensive solution for various lighting challenges, including exterior signage and building illumination. 



Gooseneck #850, known for its stylish versatility, is robustly constructed and features a dimmable LED30



Our Gooseneck #3501/850, known for its stylish versatility, is robustly constructed and features a dimmable LED30. This design seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetic appeal. The hardwired setup of the Gooseneck #3501/850 ensures both reliability and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for those who value a combination of style and practicality in their lighting solutions.


The LED30 offers a range of color temperatures from 3K to 5K, encompassing a spectrum from warm to cool white. It boasts an impressive luminosity of 3900 to 4035 lumens. The unit’s construction features a durable die-cast aluminum body with a bronze finish and a polycarbonate lens for LED protection.


Specially designed for outdoor settings, this medium FloodLight is certified for wet locations, ensuring maximum brightness and performance. It is characterized by its robustness, reliability, weather resistance, and low maintenance needs.

Exploring the Advanced Features of the Gooseneck #3501/850 LED30


Gooseneck #3501/850 LED30 floodlight

The Gooseneck #3501/850, distinguished by its stylish versatility, is solidly built and equipped with a dimmable LED30, offering a perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its hardwired configuration ensures consistent reliability and ease of use. This makes the Gooseneck #3501/850 a popular choice for those seeking lighting solutions that blend elegant design with practical efficiency.


The LED30 is designed to cater to a wide array of preferences, offering color temperatures from 3K to 5K. This range covers a spectrum from the inviting warmth of 3K to the crisp clarity of 5K, accommodating both warm and cool white preferences. It impresses with its luminosity, emitting between 3900 and 4035 lumens, ensuring bright and effective illumination.


The unit is robustly built, featuring a durable die-cast aluminum body with an elegant bronze finish. Additionally, it is equipped with a polycarbonate lens, providing essential protection for the LED, enhancing both its durability and longevity.

Key Features

  • – Manufacturing: Proudly made in the USA.
  • – Longevity: Estimated 100,000-hour life span.
  • – Power Efficiency: 30 Watts LED Floodlight.
  • – Brightness: 3600 Lumens, translating to 120 Lumens per watt.
  • – Color Temperature: Available in Bright White (4000k) or Daylight White (5000k).
  • – Weather Resistance: IP66 rated, suitable for extreme temperature conditions ranging from -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 122°F).
  • – Safety and Quality Certifications: UL wet location listed and DLC qualified.
  • – Mounting Flexibility: Standard mount to a 4″ Octagon Junction Box, with other mounting options available.
  • – Warranty: Comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


Technical Drawing: #3501/850 LED30


Gooseneck #3501/850 LED30 floodlight



Primelite’s lighting solutions excel in the market not just for their affordable initial costs but also for their long-term cost efficiency. The strong performance of our fixtures results in substantial savings over time, minimizing the need for frequent replacements or extensive maintenance. This reliability, combined with their low maintenance needs, enhances the value of your investment and contributes to the sustainability of your projects.


We also offer a warranty assurance, guaranteeing that our products are ready for immediate installation upon arrival at your project site. We recognize the importance of timely project execution and strive to prevent any cost overruns due to delays. Our fixtures are prepared for prompt deployment, ensuring they not only meet your aesthetic and functional needs but also fit seamlessly within your project timelines. With Primelite, you can expect exceptional quality, cost-effectiveness, and a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction.



⚙️ Gooseneck #3501/850 LED30 Floodlight



Primelite Catalog: #3501/850 LED 30 
  • Type: LED Medium Floodlight | Gooseneck
  • Lamp: LED30 | Floodlight | 3k, 4K, 5K | Dimmable
  • Lumens: 3900 – 4055 
  • Lens: Clear | Polycarbonate
  • Size: 15 5/8” H | 24″ Ext
  • Construction: Die-Cast Aluminum | Polycarbonate
  • Swivel: 90°
  • Installation: Local Streets, Roadways,
    Parking Lots, Driveways, Parking Garages, Highway and Sport Lighting installations
  • Finishes: Polyester Powder-Coated | Bronze 
  • Technical Drawing: #3501/850 LED30




⚙️ #3501A LED30 Floodlight Head


Primelite Catalog: #3501A ESW LED 30 
  • Type: LED Medium Floodlight Head
  • Lamp: LED30 | Floodlight | 3k, 4K, 5K | Dimmable
  • Lumens: 3900 – 4055 
  • Lens: Clear | Polycarbonate
  • Size: 9 5/8” H |  ‎7” L | 1 3/4” W 
  • Construction: Die-Cast Aluminum | Polycarbonate
  • Swivel: 90°
  • Installation: Local Streets, Roadways,
    Parking Lots, Driveways, Parking Garages, Highway and Sport Lighting installations
  • Finishes: Polyester Powder-Coated | Bronze 
  • Technical Drawing: #3501A LED30






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Shedding Light on Sustainability

Primelite’s Innovative

Outdoor Lighting Solutions



💡Primelite’s Innovative Outdoor Lighting Solutions


The iconic silhouette of the mushroom has long captured the imagination of creatives across disciplines, particularly within the realm of lighting design. Its captivating form is more than just a treat for the eyes; it’s a marvel of natural engineering. The dome-like structure of a mushroom cap is an exemplary organic design that equips it to resist the elements, from the pelting of raindrops to the buffetings of the wind.


Embracing the mushroom’s elegant curves and structural wisdom, our lighting fixtures are crafted to cast a strong, yet uniform light that imbues any space with the needed illumination. The organic curvature of our designs lends a touch of natural beauty to outdoor settings. Our mushroom-inspired lighting models, post lights #116/16-1594 and #116/16-1595, boast an allure that is both visual and tactile, yet their durability and compatibility with diverse environments stand as testaments to their thoughtful construction.


These domed luminaries are a fusion of form and function, utilizing minimal resources to achieve maximum impact. Moreover, they are at the forefront of sustainable design, incorporating principles of biomimicry to naturally regulate temperature and prevent light pollution. In doing so, they represent our commitment to forward-thinking designs that honor the environment, ensuring that our lighting solutions are as kind to the earth as they are to the eyes.


Mushroom Inspired Post Light #116/16-1594


💡Post Light #116/16-1594 LED:

A Beacon of Sustainable Illumination


Our latest innovation, the Post Light #116/16-1594 LED, is a masterpiece of eco-conscious design and a triumph against light pollution. It not only brings Dark Sky-compliant lighting to your projects, ensuring the night sky’s natural beauty remains unspoiled but also contributes to the reduction of the pervasive urban glow. This luminary is an ally to both the environment and your budget, offering a suite of energy-efficient LED options – LED22, LED40, and LED68, which emit 1800, 5100, and 7712 lumens, mirroring the performance and intensity to suit your lighting needs.


The Post Light #116/16-1594 LED also scores high on aesthetics and utility. It aligns with Dark Sky principles to promote responsible night-time lighting, features economical LED technology, and showcases the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that Primelite is known for. It boasts a timeless design, ensuring it blends seamlessly with any setting. Moreover, affordability does not come at the expense of customization, as it is available in a spectrum of 29 powder-coated colors to match any palette.


Elevate your lighting experience with our mushroom-inspired Post Light #116/16-1594 LED – where classic styling meets modern functionality, all the while honoring our commitment to environmental stewardship.



Mushroom Inspired Post Light #116/16-1595


💡Post Light #116/16-1595 LED:

Lighting Fixtures that Merge Nature with Innovation


Primelite Manufacturing is delighted to unveil Post Light #116/16-1595 LED, a beacon of eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing outdoor illumination. This fixture is a staunch ally in the Dark Sky movement, designed to beautifully brighten outdoor areas while consciously reducing the impact of light pollution that drowns out the urban night sky. This light fixture embodies a dedication to preserving the enchanting allure of a star-lit sky, coupled with a sustainable approach to energy use and economic efficiency.


The #116/16-1595 LED represents more than illumination; it symbolizes a pledge to mindful lighting practices. Crafted to ensure both safety and ambiance, this light fixture offers luminosity that respects the tranquil sanctity of the night. It comes in energy-efficient variations – LED22, LED40, and LED68, which provide a spectrum of luminance options from 1800 to 7712 lumens. Constructed from robust aluminum, the #116/16-1595 LED stands as more than a mere light source—it is a testament to steadfast performance and reliability, poised to shine through all weather conditions. Thus, it allows you to illuminate your space thoughtfully, without stealing the darkness from the vast cosmos above.




💡Primelite’s Post Lights Are Saving the Night Sky


Aluminum Posts – 3″ Diameter


Primelite’s selection of post lights are meticulously crafted to pair perfectly with our robust 3″ diameter aluminum posts. The posts themselves are fashioned in an array of elegant styles—choose from the classic square or the sleek round designs, with further customization options available in smooth or intricately fluted textures. Ranging in heights that span from a modest 2 feet to an imposing 20 feet, our posts accommodate the scale of any architectural endeavor.


Moreover, we provide an exclusive service of tailored height adjustments to meet the precise requirements of your unique installation. Whether it’s a cozy patio or a grand entranceway, Primelite’s post lights, such as #116/16-1595 LED, and our 3″ aluminum posts ensure your vision is realized with style and precision.


Pier Mount Adapters


Our Pier Mount adapters are designed to facilitate the installation of any Primelite Post Light fixture, including our innovative #116/16-1594, onto an existing post, pier, or pole. These adapter caps are easy to use and available in various configurations to ensure compatibility with your existing structures.


For a seamless fit into your current setup, we offer Pier Mount #4 for square posts, Pier Mount #5 for round posts, and Pier Mount #2, which is specifically tailored for plastic fence posts.


We hold a shared duty to illuminate our environments considerately, safeguarding the celestial wonders overhead for future generations.


Primelite’s Gooseneck Sale: Models #23/14-850 | #23/14-859


Our Sale. Sale. Sale Of the Century


Illuminate Your Style with Unmatched Savings: Our “Sale of the Century” Shines on Gooseneck Specials


Join the excitement as we brighten up the market with our “Sale of the Century” — the event everyone’s talking about. At the heart of this extraordinary sale are our Gooseneck Specials, offering unbeatable deals on these sleek and efficient light fixtures. Now is the time to transform your lighting experience. Choose Primelite for all your lighting needs and make a statement with every flip of the switch. Don’t miss out — dive into our Gooseneck Specials today and capture these luminous offers before they disappear with the dusk!





⚙️Primelite Catalog: #116/16-1594

⚙️Type: Post Light

⚙️Size: Dia 16″ | Ht 15 1/2” 

⚙️Shade: 16″ Dia

⚙️Lens: Acrylic | Clear

⚙️Fits: 3″ Aluminum Posts | Pier Mounts #2, #4, #5

⚙️Lamp: Dark Sky Friendly


          LED22 (1800 Lumens = 100W Incandescent) | 3K, 4K

          LED40 (5100 Lumens = 125W Metal Halide) | 3K, 4K

          LED68 (7712 Lumens = 175W Metal Halide) | 3K, 4K

⚙️Construction: Shade & Body – 100% Aluminum

⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
⚙️Technical Drawing: #116/16-1594 LED40



⚙️Primelite Catalog: #116/16-1595 LED

⚙️Type: Post Light | Pier Mount Light

⚙️Size: Dia 16 1/2” | Ht 9 1/2” 

⚙️Shade: 16″ Dia | Height 7″

⚙️Lens: Acrylic | Clear

⚙️Fits: 3″ Aluminum Posts | Pier Mounts #2, #4, #5

⚙️Lamp: LED |Dark Sky Friendly

          LED22 (1800 Lumens = 100W Incandescent) | 3K, 4K

          LED40 (5100 Lumens = 125W Metal Halide) | 3K, 4K

          LED68 (7712 Lumens = 175W Metal Halide) | 3K, 4K

⚙️Construction: Shade & Body – 100% Aluminum

⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
⚙️Technical Drawing: #116/16-1595 LED40








⚙️Primelite Catalog: #4

⚙️Type: Pier Mount 

⚙️Adaptor Type: Square Post to 3″ Round Post*

⚙️Size: Ht 2 1/4” | W 3 1/2” | Custom Height and Diameter Available

⚙️Mounts To: Existing Square Post

⚙️Adaptor Fits: Any 3″ Diameter Post Light

⚙️Construction: 100% Aluminum


* Fits any of our 3″ Posts

⚙️Primelite Catalog: #5

⚙️Type: Pier Mount 

⚙️Adaptor Type: Large Round Post to 3″ Round Post*

⚙️Size: Dia 6″ | Ht 6″ | Custom Height and Diameter Available

⚙️Mounts To: Existing 6″ Round Post

⚙️Adaptor Fits: Any 3″ Diameter Post Light

⚙️Construction: 100% Aluminum



* Fits any of our 3″ Posts

⚙️Primelite Catalog: #2

⚙️Type: Pier Mount 

⚙️Adaptor Type: Square Plastic Fence Post to 3″ Round Post*

⚙️Size: W 4 3/4” Square | Ht 4 1/4” | Custom Height and Diameter Available

⚙️Mounts To: Existing 4″ Square Plastic Post or Fence Post

⚙️Adaptor Fits: Any 3″ Diameter Post Light

⚙️Construction: 100% Aluminum


* Fits any of our 3″ Posts







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Edison’s Legacy Shines Bright💡

Sale of the Century – Bollards

Our Sale of the Century Continues:

Classic Edison Bollards Up for Grabs!



💡The Edison Era Returns


Hot on the heels of our Gooseneck Sale success, we’re excited to roll out our Sale of the Century encore! This time, it’s all about our Edison bulb (E26) Illuminated Bollards. Grab these classics that fuse timeless design with contemporary function.


These durable and energy-efficient architectural marvels are designed to elevate your outdoor areas, enhancing safety and sophistication. Ideal for peaceful parks or dynamic commercial spaces, they offer both protection and unparalleled style. 


Our customers love the practical E26 incandescent sockets in our bollards, valuing the ease of replacing just the bulb over the entire unit in case of LED issues. Proudly made in the USA, our Bollards can be customized in height and come in 29 vibrant powder-coated colors, ensuring a perfect fit for any aesthetic. Not only are they tailored to your taste, but they’re also among the most budget-friendly options out there. 


And there’s more – we can customize the bases to align with existing bollards, meaning you can skip the extra work and expense of pouring new concrete. Don’t miss out on this blend of classic charm and modern efficiency! 



Sale of the Century – Round Bollards


💡Edison’s Legacy Shines Bright


Round Bollards: A Symphony of Form and Function


Exploring our collection of Round Bollards, we introduce designs that combine architectural excellence with sturdy practicality. Our Pagoda Top Bollard (Catalog #5307) showcases Asian-inspired architectural elegance through its distinctive pagoda design, grounded by a solid shoe base for stability. Standing at an impressive 39 inches, this bollard is customizable in both lighting and finish options, enhancing durability and aesthetic appeal.


The collection also features the balanced beauty of the Round Bollard with Round Cap (#5310), as well as the sleek Round Aluminum Bollard (Catalog #5305), each designed to meet a range of stylistic preferences while providing effective lighting solutions. Additionally, the Mini Bollard (Catalog #5508) may be small in name but is significant in performance, offering strong design and illumination that upholds Primelite’s dedication to excellence. Suitable for both commercial and public environments, our bollards are crafted to enrich outdoor spaces with purposeful and stylish lighting.


Fixtures: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5508





Sale of the Century – Square Bollards


💡Shining a Light on Outdoor Excellence


Elevating Spaces with Square Bollards


As we shift our focus to our Square Bollards, we present an array of designs that are as visually striking as they are functional. The Metal Top Square Bollard (#5403), for example, features a sturdy aluminum construction with an acrylic lens, crowned with a modern flat metal cap. Its counterpart, the Plastic Top Square Bollard (#5404), mirrors this design but is distinguished by its unique plastic cap.


Introducing Catalog #5604, this Square Bollard is graced with an elegant acrylic lens and cap, offering a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, Catalog #5603 marries an acrylic lens with a pronounced metal top, making a bold statement. These models, at a statuesque 39 inches, deliver both an imposing presence and visual appeal.


Designed to accommodate a 100w incandescent bulb or LED alternatives, and available in an array of 29 powder-coated colors, our Square Bollards provide both adaptability and flair to suit any design specification.


Fixtures: #5403 | #5404 | #5603 | #5604


Sale of the Century-Louvered Bollards


💡Louver Features: Enhancing Performance and Aesthetics


Within our Bollard collection, models #5307 and #5310 are particularly noteworthy for their louver features. The #5307 is equipped with signature Pagoda-style louvers, while the #5310 offers louvers as an optional feature. These louvers play a pivotal role in enhancing the illumination quality of the bollards, directing light precisely to areas such as pathways and driveways, ensuring adequate illumination without unnecessary dispersion. Additionally, they mitigate glare, contributing to safer and more comfortable environments for both pedestrians and motorists.


From an aesthetic standpoint, louvers bestow a refined appearance upon the bollards, making them versatile for a variety of settings. Beyond their visual appeal, they provide vital protection for the bulb against external elements and potential damage. Environmentally, louvers aid in reducing light pollution by preventing unwanted upward or sideways light spread, and their efficient light direction can also contribute to energy savings. Ultimately, louvers are indispensable for optimizing both the performance and design of illuminated bollards, ensuring they function at their best while looking great.


Fixtures: #5307 | #5310 


Primelite’s Bollard Collection: Crafting Illuminated Narratives


At Primelite, lighting isn’t just a mere utility—it’s an art of weaving tales. Our Bollard Collection exemplifies this ethos. Each meticulously crafted piece, whether it’s the understated designs or the more intricately detailed ones, is designed to infuse outdoor spaces—from tranquil parks to bustling commercial areas—with an ambiance of warmth, security, and sophistication. Opt for Primelite and let every nook radiate with intention and grace.


Fixtures: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5403 | #5404 | #5508 | #5603 | #5604

Technical Drawing: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5403 | #5404 | #5508 | #5603 | #5604

Our Other Sale. Sale. Sale Of the Century


The buzz is real, and the spotlight is on our continuing “Sale of the Century“—an event that’s turning heads and illuminating spaces everywhere. The centerpiece of this unmatched sale? Our Gooseneck Specials, feature irresistible deals on these chic and efficient lighting fixtures. Now’s your golden opportunity to elevate your lighting, with Primelite firmly established as your go-to destination for all things bright and beautiful. Hurry and explore our Gooseneck Specials, and seize these deals before they fade into the night!




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🎃 Step Into the Haunted Elegance of Primelite 💀


With Our 👻 Spooky Square Posts

&  Haunting Street Lights 💀



🎶 We light up every hallway,
We’re here to help you always,
Illuminate in cool ways,
It’s Primelite MFG! 🎃

(🎶 to the tune of The Addams Family Theme 🎶)

💡Unearthing the Luminance of Legends 💀


Join us on a spine-chilling journey through the ghostly grandeur of Primelite’s Haunted Lamp Post Series #6400. In the eerie glow of an All Hallows Eve, the #6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series, which encompasses models #6407 through #6418, stands as a testament to light post design that’s truly out of this world. Carved from the finest aluminum that whispers tales from ancient crypts, these posts tower hauntingly from a ghoulish 7 feet to a monumental 20 feet.


These bewitched #6400 Posts offer otherworldly installation rites, ensuring they stand as timeless guardians for all architectural mausoleums. Whether buried directly in the cursed grounds for an unbroken and formidable stance, or perched atop our collection of phantom shoe bases, they promise a foundation that’s as sturdy as a vampire’s crypt.


Succumb to the endless night and spectral flexibility of the #6400 series. When paired with the Ghostly Street Lights #1573 and #1576, they conjure lighting duos that are nothing short of supernatural. Prepare to be spellbound! 🎃👻🕯️





🎶 Our designs, are oh so sleek now,
We’ll brighten every street, now,
The talk of the town, wow,
It’s Primelite MFG! 👻


💡Sorcerous Alchemy for Nocturnal Illumination 💀


The “Luminous Ghost Lantern,” #1573, is an alchemical wonder in the world of haunting luminance. With its arcane set of head combinations, it can summon various light specters: the lone phantom T1 (1 head), the duo of wraiths T2 (2 heads), the triad of spirits T3 (3 heads), and the quartet of apparitions T4 (4 heads). Each of these ethereal entities is meticulously crafted to attach seamlessly onto the mystical #6400’s 4″ x 4″ square posts. Beyond their spectral adaptability, every head possesses an enchanting 90° swivel, letting you guide the ghosts’ gaze with otherworldly precision, attending to specific shadowy corners and eerie alleyways.


Forged in the fiery cauldrons and made from the purest enchanted aluminum, the #1573 lanterns, pledge centuries of endurance while radiating an aura of supernatural elegance, are bewitching in a deep, mysterious bronze reminiscent of haunted castles.


In the kingdom of eternal night, this lantern is a beacon of the beyond. Drawing energy from a 150-watt LED spectral orbs, the fixture casts a potent spell, emitting a dazzling 140 lumens per watt, culminating in an astonishing 21,000 lumens that rival the allure of will-o’-the-wisps. Embrace the eerie illumination this Halloween! 🎃👻🔮



Venture with us into the shadowy depths of the Phantom Street Light #1576. Perched ominously atop our haunted #6400 square post, this lantern beckons spirits and mortals alike, marrying the dark arts with diabolical design. Forged in the depths of the underworld, its resilient frame is conjured from cursed aluminum, a lens of tempered ghost-glass, and a reflector shaped from poltergeist polycarbonate, assuring it will stand through centuries and still look as menacing as ever.


Draped in the midnight hue of the abyss, its finish is both haunting and elegant, adorned with a corrosion-defiant, pitch-black powder coat that whispers tales from the other side. In terms of its spectral glow, it’s fueled by an 80W LED soulstone, casting a powerful 10,000 Lumen gleam that can guide lost spirits or deter unwanted visitors. This lantern emanates a ghostly 3,000K standard color temperature, though should you wish to set a different mood, eerie shades of 2700K, 4000K, and 5700K can be invoked upon desire. Unveil the mysteries of the night with this bewitched illuminator! 🌙🕯️🦇


The Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount #5731 proves itself to be a versatile and invaluable addition to any lighting setup

💡Gothic Grandeur in Luminance 💀


In the shadowed corners of All Hallows’ Eve, our enigmatic Wall Mount Fixture, #5731 LED150, emerges from the depths. Echoing the whispered tales and ghostly prowess of its spectral twin, the Street Light #1573, the #5731 boasts an eerie edge – the haunting capability of a wall mount. Carved from the ancient bones of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum and draped in the cloak of a bewitched polyester finish, the #5731 stands as a sentinel against the relentless march of time. It defies both rust and corrosion, making it an unwavering guardian that illuminates the night with an ethereal glow. Beware, for with the #5731, every wall becomes a portal to the supernatural. 🌌🎃🕯️


Emerging from the shadowy recesses of timeless lore, the Wall Mount echo of Street Light #1576, christened as Wall Mount #5761, stands as an eerie beacon of gothic elegance, casting its ghostly allure over modern haunted mansions. Sculpted from underworld-forged aluminum and safeguarded by a veil of specter-tempered glass, this arcane lantern ensnares a reflector molded from the very essence of poltergeist polycarbonate — a devilish duo promising both agelessness and a ghastly glow to beckon lost souls.


Swathed in the inky blackness of the midnight realm, Wall Mount #5761 doesn’t just exude a macabre magnetism, but its phantom-kissed, powder-coated facade ensures it remains impervious to the corroding touch of time’s relentless march. At its cursed core pulses an 80W LED dark crystal, spewing forth a blinding 10,000-lumen specter.


While every lantern bathes its domain in the haunting hue of 3,000K, those who dabble in the forbidden arts of lighting alchemy can summon the spectral shades of 2700K, 4000K, and 5700K to cast their chosen curse upon their abode. Embrace the bewitching brilliance of this darkened illuminator! 🌑🕷️🕯️



 🎶 Bright! (snap, snap)
White! (snap, snap)
Bright, white, and outta sight! (snap, snap) 🎃

💡Glowing Grimoire of Ghoulish Delights 💀

Square (4″x 4″) Post Series #6400


The #6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series stands as a beacon of enduring strength and versatility

In a realm where shadows merge with reality and the line between the living and the undead blurs, the #6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series emerges as a beacon of ghostly grandeur. When paired with specters like the #1573 and #1576 Street Lights, it’s as if Dracula himself commissioned its design. Forged in the haunted foundries and shaped from the darkest aluminum known to ghouls, it rises like a tombstone, from a chilling 7 feet to a towering 20 feet, resonating with the whispers of ancient spirits.


Each cursed #6400 post can bind up to four #1573 heads, weaving a web of eerie lighting possibilities, casting shadows where mortals fear to tread. Behold the bewitched brilliance of the #6400 series, dancing a macabre waltz with the #1573, an unholy fusion that lights up the underworld.


For those seeking to anchor these posts in the realm of the living, the #6400 series provides bewitching options. Plant them firmly into the hallowed ground, where they stand tall like relics of forgotten times, or let them ascend majestically upon our array of mystical shoe bases, crafting a spectacle even the restless spirits would pause to admire. All #6400 posts can be ordered without a lantern.


Dare to invite darkness with unparalleled luminance this All Hallows’ Eve! 🌌🕯️🍂


Technical Drawing: #6400 Series | 7’– #6407 | 8’– #6408 | 10’– #6410 | 12’– #6412 | 14’– #6414 | 16′ – #6416 | 18′ – #6418


Shoebox Adjustable Mount Street Light #1573 LED150, T1, T2, T3, T4


Street Light #1573 T1 the soloist among its quartet of configurations, upholds the high standards of its #1573 family


Unearth the ghostly glow of the #1573 LED150 Phantom Lantern. Tailored for a 4″ x 4″ cursed post, this lantern weaves an eerie enchantment with our haunted #6400 Series from the underworld. Forged in the abyss using cursed die-cast aluminum and sealed with a spellbound bronze polyester finish, it defies decay and the corrosive touch of time, promising to cast its eldritch glow through centuries.


But the #1573 LED150 isn’t just a relic of dark craftsmanship; it’s a luminary of the netherworld, offering a trio of bewitching illuminations: 240W, 200W, and 150W. Dare to choose your spectral glow directly from this enchanted lantern. 🌒🕯️👻


Technical Drawing: #1573 LED150 T1, #1573 LED150 T2, #1573 LED150 T3, #1573 LED150 T4



Post Mount | Street Light #1576

Post Mount | Street Light #1576

The ghostly beacon, LED street light #1576, looms from atop our cursed #6400 square post, merging otherworldly allure with wicked sophistication. Conjured from the depths using bewitched aluminum and shielded with spirit-tempered glass and a reflector of phantom polycarbonate, it boasts a design that could lure even the most elusive of specters.


Veiled in the shade of the deepest midnight, its corrosion-defying black finish exudes an elegance that whispers of haunted tales. While its 80W LED heart pulses with a powerful 10,000 Lumen glow, akin to the eyes of a thousand restless spirits. Although it traditionally casts a spectral hue of 3,000K, for those who wish to dabble in lighting alchemy, ghostly shades from 2700K to 5700K await to be summoned. Illuminate your haunted grounds with this eerie ensorcelled luminaire. 🌌🎃👻


Technical Drawing: #1576 LED80


Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount Light #5731 LED 150


The Adjustable Wall Mount #5731 demonstrates its versatility and immense value in every lighting arrangement

The #5731 LED150 emerges from the fog-ridden alleys of the netherworld as a cryptic sentinel of wall-mounted exterior lighting. At dimensions of a haunting 6″ W by 8 3/8″ H by 1″ D for its spectral canopy, this ethereal illuminator graces every phantom-filled facade with a touch of ghostly elegance. It isn’t just a shadowy kin to the legendary #1573; it carries the bloodline of its arcane design lineage, ensnaring all the eerie enchantments, luminous lures, and electric entities of its spectral sibling.


The haunting aura of the #5731 is birthed from its very bones. Forged in the unholy fires and sculpted from the damned die-cast aluminum, it stands as a monument to eternal might and haunting endurance. This otherworldly frame is then kissed by a bewitched polyester finish. This cloak not only adds to its dark allure but also weaves a protective spell around the fixture. This enchantment shields the #5731 from the rust and decay of time, ensuring it remains as mesmerizing as the night of its conjuring, defiantly gleaming amidst the chilling embrace of the elements. 


The #5731 fixture bewitches further with its versatile lighting powers, offering three hauntingly distinct output options: 240W, 200W, and 150W. Choose your desired intensity directly on the fixture, and let the shadows dance to your whims. 🌌🕸️🕯️


Technical Drawing: #5731 LED150


Wall Mount #5761

Emerging from the twilight, the #5761 Wall Mount casts an enchantment of modern nocturnal elegance. Carved from the ancient aluminum found in witching woods and shielded by ghostly tempered glass, with a reflector of banshee-born polycarbonate, it stands as an unyielding guardian against time while casting spectral spells of light.


Cloaked in the abyssal shade of midnight with a black powder-coated finish, it defies the corrosive curses of the elements. The heart of this mystical relic pulsates with an 80W LED spirit, releasing a hauntingly powerful 10,000-lumen aura. While it traditionally basks in the warmth of a 3,000K moonlit glow, for those who seek the lights of the other realms, spectral shades of 2700K, 4000K, and 5700K await your beckoning. Let the #5761 be the lantern leading lost souls and merry monsters to your haunted abode this All Hallows’ Eve. 🌙🎃🕷️


Technical Drawing: #5761 LED80


In the bewitched heart of Freeport, New York, amidst ancient spells and cryptic tales, stands Primelite, emanating a spectral sense of “Conjured in America” pride. Within its hallowed halls, some of the most mystic and skilled necro-craftsmen weave their magic, meticulously molding our eerie lighting relics, otherworldly accessories, and more with an ethereal touch that transcends time. We proudly proclaim that our artifacts are “Conjured in America”, ensuring the birth of unparalleled, spellbinding American wonders for the otherworldly lighting realm.


Our emblem, tinged with the ghostly glow of the stars and ethereal stripes, coupled with the haunting “Conjured in America” sigils that accompany our bewitched creations, echo our unwavering pact with the timeless spirits and values that have carved America’s mystical legacy. Primelite shines as a luminescent and enigmatic beacon of American sorcery, radiating as eerily as the ancient legend it upholds. 🌌🎃🔮



🎶 From wall lights to the street lights
Our brilliance brightens all nights,
You won’t have any light frights,
With Primelite MFG! (snap, snap) 🕷️


💡Mystic🔮Mechanisms: Unveiling the Arcane Artifacts 💀

🎃 #6400 Series

Primelite’s #6400 Series
  • Type: Seamless 4″ x 4″ Square Post.
  • Gauge: Solid 0.125 for year-round durability.
  • Size Spectrum: From compact 7′ to towering 20′, catering to diverse lighting needs.
  • Material: Premium aluminum for longevity.
  • Base Variant: Boost style with the Shoe Base option (#6400 SB).
  • Installation Choices: Burial Mount or the stylish Shoe Base.
  • Finish Palette: 29 powder-coated colors with custom finishes available.
  • Technical Insight: Drawings for each height variant give a clear product view.

Choose the #6400 Series for elegance, versatility, and unbeatable strength in outdoor lighting.

🎃 #1573 T1, T2, T3, T4

Primelite’s #1573 LED150 Series:
  • Type: Post Light & Street Light
  • Heads: Options from T1 to T4 for tailored lighting needs.
  • Lamp: 3 output options- 240W-200W-150W. Choose directly in the fixture. 
  • Lens: Clear for optimal light.
  • Size: Compact at 2 1/4” H x 25” L x 12 3/8″ W.
  • Material: Durable aluminum.
  • Swivel: 90° for targeted lighting.
  • Post: Fits 4″x4″ Square #6400 Series.
  • Usage: From streets and parking areas to sports lighting.
  • Finish: Polyester Powder-Coated in Bronze.
  • Technical Drawing#1573 LED150 T1, #1573 LED150 T2, #1573 LED150 T3, #1573 LED150 T4

Choose #1573 LED150 for stylish, functional, and long-lasting illumination.


🎃 #1576 LED80

Primelite’s #1576 LED80
  • Type: Post Light | Street Light
  • Lamp: LED80 (equivalent) | 48 LED Chips
  • Lumens: 10000 
  • Lens: Clear
  • Size: 21.125” H |  ‎18.5” L | 18.5″ W 
  • Construction: Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Mount: 3″ Poles & Posts | Cast Aluminum Posts
  • Install: Burial | Shoe Base
  • Installation: Local Streets, Roadways, Parking Lots, Driveways, Parking Garages, Highway and Sport Lighting installations
  • Finishes: Polyester Powder-Coated | Black
  • Technical Drawing: #1576 LED80


🎃 #5731

Primelite’s #5731 LED150
  • Type: Wall Mount – A vertical brilliance for spaces with limited ground area.
  • Lamp: 3 output options- 240W-200W-150W. Choose directly in the fixture. 
  • Lens: Clear – Maximized light with a chic modern look.
  • Size: Compact design at 8 3/8” H, 26” L, and 12 3/8″ W.
  • Canopy Base: Sturdy 6″ W, 8 3/8″ H, 1″ D – for both aesthetics and stability.
  • Build: Robust aluminum – built to brave the outdoors.
  • Finish Options: Customizable with Polyester Powder-Coated, Bronze finish.
  • Technical Drawing: #5731 

Illuminate your spaces with Primelite’s #5731 LED150, the epitome of style meeting function in wall-mounted lighting.


🎃 #5761 LED80

Primelite’s #5761 LED80
  • Type: Wall Mounted Post Light
  • Lamp: LED80 (equivalent) | 48 LED Chips
  • Lumens: 10000 
  • Lens: Clear
  • Size: 26 3/8” H |  ‎18 1/2” L | 21 3/4” W 
  • Construction: Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Mount: Wall Mount | #07
  • Installation: Local Streets, Roadways, Parking Lots, Driveways, Parking Garages, Highway and Sport Lighting installations
  • Finishes: Polyester Powder-Coated | Black
  • Technical Drawing: #5761 LED80



© Copyright 2023



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🔮 Modern Functionality ✨ Meets 🕰️ Vintage Design💡

Retro Jelly Jar Shade #51/16A  as Pendant #51/16

✨ The Allure of Our Retro Jelly Jar Shade 🌟


Retro Jelly Jar Shade #51/16A: Vintage Charm Meets Modern Design

A unique balance of vintage allure and contemporary functionality. Glass jelly jar design, is a nod to nostalgic old-school pantries and kitchens.

  • Spotlight on Retro Jelly Jar Pendant #51/16:
    Marries vintage aesthetic with modern design details.
    Durable aluminum build with clear, prismatic, or frosted jelly jar.
    More than a light fixture, it’s a blend of memories and modernity.
  • Discover the Retro Jelly Jar Gooseneck #51/16-851:
    Part of the Shade #51/16A series, it stands out for its harmonious blend of old-world charm and contemporary utility.
    Weather-resistant aluminum structure; customization options in jelly jar finishes.
    Compatible with both 100-watt max E26 bulb and LED12.
  • Why Choose Retro Jelly Jar Shade #51/16A?
    Evoke feelings of warmth and nostalgia without sacrificing modern aesthetics. Customizable to fit spaces from urban lofts to rugged exteriors.

In essence, our Retro Jelly Jar Shade #51/16A isn’t just a lighting solution—it’s a statement, illuminating spaces with ageless appeal. Experience the blend of history and innovation in every glow.



The balance between vintage allure and modern functionality is often challenging to strike. However, every once in a while, a piece emerges that flawlessly encapsulates this delicate equilibrium. Our Retro Jelly Jar Shade #51/16A is one such creation.


At first glance, this shade evokes memories of bygone eras. With its iconic glass jelly jar, reminiscent of those used in old-school pantries and kitchens, it’s a delightful nod to the past. But delve deeper, and you’ll discover a design marvel tailored for today’s discerning client.


Shade Head #51/16A as Pendant #51/16


It’s more than just a light fixture;

it’s a blend of memories and modernity



One of the prime examples of this perfect blend is our Retro Jelly Jar Pendant #51/16. Not only does it exude vintage charm, but it also boasts modern construction and flexibility, making it a top choice for homeowners and designers alike.


Measuring 14 ⅛” in height, 16 ½” in diameter, with a mount diameter of 5 ⅛”, and accompanied by a 10-foot vinyl cord, this pendant provides ample size and flexibility for various installations. 


Crafted from durable aluminum, its robust construction promises longevity. The spotlight, however, remains firmly on the glass jelly jar, available in clear, prismatic, or frosted finishes, allowing homeowners and interior designers to pick the one that aligns perfectly with their vision


Beyond its design and functionality, our Retro Jelly Jar Pendant serves as a conversation starter. It’s more than just a light fixture; it’s a blend of memories and modernity. It speaks to those who appreciate the charm of yesteryears but also seeks the finesse of contemporary design.



Brightening the Night. Shade Head #51/16A as Gooseneck #51/16-851



The Shade #51/16A series represent a fusion of memories and modernity – a lighting solution that’s … evocative and practical



Delving into the world of lighting, versatility remains a key driver in making choices that transcend mere function. The Retro Jelly Jar Gooseneck #51/16-851, under the broader umbrella of the Shade #51/16A series, exemplifies this. Marrying the nuances of yesteryears with the expectations of contemporary design, it stands out as a beacon for those seeking a harmonious blend of old-world charm and modern-day practicality. 


At its core, the Gooseneck #51/16-851 is a product of impeccable craftsmanship. Built with weather-resilient aluminum, it not only offers aesthetic value but also promises to be a lasting addition to any installation. However, the defining feature is its iconic glass jelly jar, reminiscent of simpler times. With options spanning clear, prismatic, and frosted finishes, it extends an invitation for customization that is hard to resist.


When we touch upon its illuminative capabilities, Gooseneck #51/16-851 shines bright. Crafted with contemporary needs in mind, it’s not only compatible with a 100-watt max E26 bulb but also with LED12, offering users a range of choices in determining the ambiance they’d like to establish.


The Timeless Charm of Our Retro Jelly Jar Shade


Shade #51/16A | Pendant #51/16 | Gooseneck #51/16-851


Retro Jelly Jar Shade #51/16A – a harmonious blend of yesteryear charm and contemporary design.


The Retro Jelly Jar Pendant #51/16 effortlessly exudes this balance. With its iconic glass jelly jar reminiscent of old-world kitchens, it takes you on a nostalgic trip. But its dimensions, standing 14 ⅛” tall, 16 ½” wide, with a 5 ⅛” mount diameter, and a versatile 10-foot vinyl cord, are every bit as modern. Made from sturdy aluminum, this pendant promises durability. Yet, its true allure is the customizable jelly jar, available in clear, prismatic, or frosted finishes, catering to varied aesthetic preferences.


It isn’t just a pendant; it’s a conversation piece. A nod to the past, while embracing the sophistication of modern design.


Meanwhile, under the same design umbrella, the Retro Jelly Jar Gooseneck #51/16-851 emerges as a beacon of versatile lighting. Constructed from weather-resistant aluminum, its design promises longevity. Its dimensions, standing 25 7/8” tall, and 16 ½” wide, with a 36 3/8” mounted extension, are every bit as modern The familiar glass jelly jar offers a touch of nostalgia, available in a spectrum of finishes. And when it comes to lighting, it’s tailored for today, compatible with both a 100-watt max E26 bulb and LED12, ensuring it can set just the right mood.


Together, our pendant and gooseneck from the Shade #51/16A series represent a fusion of memories and modernity – a lighting solution that’s both evocative and practical.


Technical Drawings: Shade #51/16A | Pendant #51/16 | Gooseneck #51/16-851



Shade Head #51/16A as Gooseneck #51/16-851



So, what makes our Retro Jelly Jar Shade #51/16A a must-have?


The answer lies in its ability to evoke feelings of nostalgia. There’s an inherent warmth in its design, reminiscent of simpler times and cozy memories. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on the contemporary demands of aesthetics and functionality. Furthermore, its capacity for customization, be it in terms of Gooseneck color or Pendant hanging preferences (cloth cord, chain, or stem), ensures that it melds seamlessly into any space from chic urban lofts to more rugged exterior situations, its design and customizable features make it blend seamlessly. It’s a testament to its versatile design that whether indoors, gracing a stylish living space, or outdoors illuminating a patio, it retains its charismatic presence.


In conclusion, our Retro Jelly Jar Shade #51/16A is more than just a light fixture. It’s a testament to the beauty that arises when the old and the new come together harmoniously. It stands as a beacon, illuminating places and spaces with its timeless allure, inviting admiration and instilling a sense of comfort.





⚙️ #51/16-850 Gooseneck


Primelite Catalog: Gooseneck #51/16-851
  • Type: Gooseneck Light | Sign Light
  • Shade: #51/16
  • Arm: #851
  • Lamp | Lumens:
    • Incandescent – 100W
    • LED 12 3K – 1140 lumens
    • LED 12 4K – 1280 lumens
  • Jelly Jar: Glass | Clear, Frosted
  • Size: 25 7/8″ H | 16 1/2″ Dia | 36 3/8″ EXT
  • Construction: Aluminum | Glass
  • Installation: Retail, Restaurants, Government, Office Buildings
  • Finishes: Choice of 29 Power-Coated colors. Inquire for a custom finish.           
  • Technical Drawing: Gooseneck #51/16-851



⚙️ #51/16 Pendant


Primelite Catalog: Pendant #51/16
  • Type: Pendant
  • Lamp | Lumens:
    • Incandescent – 100W
    • LED 12 3K – 1140 lumens
    • LED 12 4K – 1280 lumens
  • Jelly Jar: Glass | Clear, Frosted
  • Size: 14 1/8” H | 16 1/2” W 
  • Construction: Aluminum | Glass
  • Cording: 10′ | Vinyl | Black | White | (Inquire for Additional and Custom Colors) | Stem or Chain Suspension Options Available (Inquire)
  • Installation: Government, Office, Warehouse and Community Buildings, Retail, Modern Residences
  • Finishes: Choice of 29 Power-Coated colors. Inquire for a custom finish.           
  • Technical Drawing: Pendant #51/16





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T’was Couple Of Months Before …


‘Twas the night before Christmas, in the heart of town square,
Not a bulb was aglow, just coldness and air.
The streets were all silent, no festive delight,
All was in darkness, not a twinkle in sight.

Yet the town needed magic, a true festive light.
When suddenly, gleaming, there arose such a sight,
Our Holiday Striped Posts, beaming and bright!
Like barbershop poles, they stood tall and stood bright,

They gleamed and they glowed, in a rhythmic parade,
In hues of red, blue, and a festive green shade.
Like lollipops dancing, a candy-filled view,
With green lights, and red lights, and a cool touch of blue.

The townsfolk they gathered, their faces so bright,
Gazing in wonder at the marvelous light.
Whispers and cheers, filled the nights chilly air,
As the colors reflected, here, there, everywhere.

And in our joy, with hearts taking flight,
Shouting joyfully, we exclaimed:

📣 “Happy Christmas to all, and to all, Primelite!”  📣


Brighten Up the Holidays with Primelite’s Festive Lighting!


As the upcoming holiday season unfolds, your clients may already be envisioning the festive gleam for this year’s celebrations. Whether it’s town squares, bustling streets, serene parks, or vibrant public spaces, Primelite Mfg’s Holiday Striped Posts promise to infuse every corner with festive radiance. Stay within budget and keep the holiday spirits high with the dazzling luminescence only Primelite can offer.



Dressed in iconic candy cane stripes and crowned with classic colors, our Holiday Striped Posts introduce a nostalgic seasonal twinkle to every town and village event. By integrating these posts into local festivities, you’re not just illuminating spaces but crafting lifelong memories and festive goodwill. And for those looking for flexibility, our optional deck mount base ensures hassle-free post-season storage. 


Every Holiday Striped Post package consists of a 7′ striped pole paired with a #1280 or #280-colored globe, a matching mount base, and all essential wiring. With easy-to-follow instructions, your festive setup will be ready to charm in no time.




Highlighting Our Holiday Collection

Holiday Striped Post #6107/striped


Holiday Post Light #6107/Striped (Shown: Candy Cane | Red & White)

Crafted meticulously from premium 100% aluminum, our Holiday Striped Posts are a testament to both durability and aesthetic appeal. They come in a delightful palette of color combinations, with the #6107/Striped design, adorned in classic candy cane red and white stripes, being a crowd favorite.


Each of our festive Holiday Striped Post packages boast a 7′ striped pole, paired with a vibrant 10″ acrylic globe. Complemented by a harmoniously designed mount base and equipped with all essential wiring, these lighting kits are seamlessly designed for easy assembly and installation.


Furthermore, in our endeavor to illuminate every festivity, we’ve curated special lighting kits for occasions like Chanukah | Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Reach out to us for a comprehensive insight into these offerings.


Globe #280-blue | #280-red | #280-green

Globes #1280 – White | Clear | Smoke


Globe #280-Color blue, red, green | #1280 white, smoke, clear

Diving into a spectrum of celebratory transparency, our #280 acrylic globes now shine brilliantly in hues of Red, Green, and Blue, or #1280 globes in white, transparent clarity, or a smokey tint – perfect for festive seasons or indeed, any day of the year.


Offered in an array of sizes, from 8 to 16 inches, these vibrant acrylic globes seamlessly blend versatility with functionality. Suited for a range of applications, be it post lights, pendants, or exterior signage, each globe is robustly crafted. Their watertight design ensures they stand resilient, even against the fiercest challenges posed by Mother Nature.


New this year: Vibrant LED bulb colors to infuse holiday cheer into Clear and Frosted globes. Simply swap out your current bulb, and presto! Contact office for more info.


Vibrant LED bulb colors designed to infuse holiday cheer into Clear and Frosted globes


Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail in our New York warehouse, Primelite’s Holiday Striped Posts stand as a testament to enduring style and reliability. Made with 3″ robust aluminum, these posts typically rise to a height of 7′. However, understanding the varied needs of our customers, we’re delighted to customize post heights up to 10′ upon request.


From the enchanting glow of Christmas and Chanukah to the cool embrace of Winter, or the collective warmth of the entire holiday season, let Primelite’s Holiday Striped Posts illuminate your celebrations. With their vibrant stripes, they’re destined to be a radiant centerpiece, adding a touch of brilliance to every festivity.





Primelite Catalog: #6107/Striped


  • Size:
    • Post Height: 7′ to 20′
    • Diameter: 3″
  • Construction: 0.05 Gauge Aluminum
  • Installation: Exterior
  • Mounting Options:
    • Surface Mount
    • Direct Burial


  • Displayed: Striped (Candy Cane – Red & White)
  • Additional Color Combinations Available. [Color Chart]










#280-(Color) | #1280 


Primelite Catalog:


  • Type: Globe
  • Material: Transparent Acrylic
  • Available Colors: Blue, Red, Green | White, Clear, Smoke
  • Standard Size: 10″
    • Additional Sizes: 8″, 12″, 14″, 16″
  • Styles:
    • Open Top
    • Neckless
    • Fitted Neck
  • Usage:
    • Pendants
    • Posts and Poles
    • Sign Lights
    • Suitable for both Exterior and Interior

Installation Recommendations:

  • Police, Fire, and Railroad Stations
  • Emergency Call Stations
  • Christmas and Holiday Lights




Copyright 2023 Primelite Mfg.




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🔍 Delving into Primelite’s W Catalog Collection💡(Part IV)


            🌟 An Expedition Through Primelite’s Bollard Collection 🌟

Combining architectural prowess with robust functionality, our bollards are tailored for diverse outdoor spaces, from peaceful parks to active commercial areas.

Square Bollard Highlights: 

  •  Metal Top Square Bollard (#5403): Aluminum body with a flat metal top.
  •  Plastic Top Square Bollard (#5404): Similar structure with a plastic top.
  • Other notable models: #5604 and #5603 feature an acrylic lens. All models are 39 inches tall, compatible with 100w incandescent/LED, and available in 29 finishes.

Round Bollard Highlights:

  •  Bollard with Pagoda Top (#5307): Asian-inspired design, 39 inches tall with varied lighting options.
  • Round Bollard with Round Cap (#5310) & Round Aluminum Bollard (#5305): Architecturally stunning yet functionally apt.
  • Mini Bollard (#5508): Compact yet powerful with a unique lens and versatile lighting.

Models #5307 & #5310 feature louvers, enhancing light direction, reducing glare, and optimizing aesthetics. They also offer protection to the bulb and help in environmental conservation by minimizing light pollution.

Primelite’s bollards are more than just lights; they’re stories of design, warmth, safety, and elegance, illuminating spaces with intent and beauty. Choose Primelite for luminous narratives in every space.




The standout stars on catalog page W02 are none other than our collection of illuminated bollards, architectural masterpieces poised to redefine your outdoor spaces

🔎 A Deep Dive into

Primelite’s Bollard Collection 🔎



Where Design Meets Functionality


As we wrap up our visual expedition through Primelite’s most recent catalog W, the standout star on page W02 is none other than our varied collection of illuminated bollards. These architectural masterpieces, designed for both resilience and energy efficiency, are poised to redefine your outdoor spaces. From serene parks to bustling commercial spaces, they merge security with unparalleled style.


Every bollard in our collection speaks volumes about the care and attention we invest in the minutest of details. From selecting the right materials to ensuring the finest finishes, every step is taken with our customers in mind. 



With our Square Bollards, we encounter models that are masterpieces in their own right


Architectural Luminescence


Diving deeper into our Square Bollards, we encounter models that are masterpieces in their own right. The Metal Top Square Bollard (#5403) stands out with its aluminum body and acrylic lens, crowned with a flat metal top. The Plastic Top Square Bollard (#5404), in contrast, boasts a similar structure but with a distinguishing plastic top. 


Square Bollard Catalog #5604 features an elegant acrylic lens and cap, adding an air of sophistication. Square Bollard Catalog #5603 pairs its acrylic lens with a striking metal top. All these models stand tall at 39 inches, ensuring visibility and aesthetic appeal. With each offering compatibility with a 100w incandescent bulb or LED variants, and available in 29 powder-coated finishes, they promise adaptability and style.


Fixtures: #5403 | #5404 | #5603 | #5604



Our round bollards are both architecturally striking and functionally robust


Shining a Light on Outdoor Excellence


Switching to our Round Bollards, you’re greeted with pieces that are both architecturally striking and functionally robust. The Bollard with Pagoda Top (Catalog #5307), standing at an impressive 39 inches, evokes Asian architectural elegance with its distinctive pagoda design, all anchored on a sturdy shoe base. It promises customization and resilience with lighting options ranging from a 100w incandescent bulb to modern LED alternatives and an array of powder-coated finishes.


Pair this with the symmetrical beauty of the Round Bollard with Round Cap (#5310), and the sleekness of the Round Aluminum Bollard (Catalog #5305), and you have a range that caters to diverse aesthetic tastes while illuminating spaces effectively. But don’t let names deceive you; the Mini Bollard (Catalog #5508), while sounding modest, delivers both in design and luminosity. With its slender build, unique lens options, and versatile lighting configurations, it encapsulates Primelite’s dedication to quality and variety, making it perfect for both commercial and municipal locales. In essence, Primelite’s collection is an ode to outdoor elegance, ensuring every space shines with purpose and style.


Fixtures: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5508


By effectively channeling light downward, our louvered bollards ensure that areas such as pathways and driveways receive the right amount of light


Journey Through Primelite’s Louvered Bollard Designs


Among our Bollard lineup, you’ll find models #5307 (Pagoda Top) and #5310 stand out with their louver features. The #5307 comes standard with its Pagoda-style louvers, while for model #5310, louvers are an available option. These louvers significantly refine the illumination quality of the bollards. By effectively channeling light downwards or at designated angles, they ensure that areas such as pathways and driveways receive the right amount of light without excessive spread. Moreover, the presence of louvers helps reduce glare, making it safer and more visually comfortable for both pedestrians and drivers.


Aesthetically, louvers lend bollards a polished look, suitable for diverse settings. Beyond just appearance, they offer protection to the bulb against external elements and potential damage. Environmentally, louvers help reduce light pollution by preventing undue upward or sideways light spread, and their efficient light direction can also contribute to energy savings. In essence, louvers are crucial for optimizing the performance and design of illuminated bollards.



Primelite’s bollard collection, from the minimalist designs to the more ornate ones, ensures that outdoor spaces resonate with warmth, safety, and elegance


Primelite’s Catalog W Bollard Collection is not just about lighting—it’s about crafting stories. Every piece, from the minimalist designs to the more ornate ones, ensures that outdoor spaces, be it serene parks or commercial zones, resonate with warmth, safety, and elegance. Choose Primelite, and let every corner shine with purpose and poise.


Fixtures: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5403 | #5404 | #5508 | #5603 | #5604

Technical Drawing: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5403 | #5404 | #5508 | #5603 | #5604



Customization. Customization. Customization.


Personalize your lighting fixtures with a palette of 29 powder-coated hues, offering both durability and aesthetic versatility.


At the heart of Primelite Manufacturing lies our unwavering dedication to personalization. Boasting a diverse range of 29 powder-coated shades and tailored options in height, wattage, and color coordination, our goal is to offer a lighting solution that truly resonates with your vision.


Yet, our customization isn’t solely skin-deep. Our advanced LED setups and proprietary in-house spinning processes enable us to offer sizes meticulously tailored to your project’s distinct needs. Our vision is to be more than just a lighting provider; we aim to be a partner, offering top-tier fixtures and individualized lighting strategies that transform and elevate your spaces.

Sale. Sale. Sale. Of the Century


Primelite’s Gooseneck Sale: Models #23/16-850 | #23/16-859



Ensure you don’t miss our remarkable “Sale of the Century“—an event that’s already capturing attention everywhere. One of the star attractions of this extraordinary sale is our Gooseneck Specials, showcasing deals on these stylish and functional fixtures that are hard to resist. It’s an opportune time to upgrade your lighting ensemble and recognize Primelite as your ultimate hub for luminous solutions. Dive into our Gooseneck Specials before they’re gone!


From brightening interiors to casting light across exteriors, our newest catalog pages present a curated selection of cutting-edge, versatile, and visually appealing lighting solutions for every need.




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🔍 Delving into Primelite’s W Catalog Collection💡(Part III)

🌟Brightening the Night, Protecting Our Skies🌟


Catalog pages W01 & W02 offer a showcase of our cutting-edge innovations in exterior post and Dark Sky lighting


📣 Art of Illumination 📣


Delving into Primelite’s W Catalog Collection


Dive into the freshly launched pages of Primelite’s W Catalog, more precisely Pages W01 & W02, where we shine a light on our innovative collection of Post and Dark Sky Lights. Experience the artistry in each piece, masterfully balancing luxury and functionality, engineered to elevate the ambiance of commercial exteriors.


Our Post Lights represent the pinnacle of design and utility fusion. This diverse assortment boasts chic Post Lights and purposeful Dark Sky Lanterns, all infused with the latest LED technology, highlighting harmonious design nuances.


Let us reintroduce our robust Cast Aluminum & Lantern Style Post Lights


Lantern Elegance: Sturdy Yet Environmentally Friendly


Firstly, let us reintroduce our robust Cast Aluminum Lantern Style Post Lights. Constructed to endure and illuminate, these post lights stand resilient and formidable, prepared to battle the elements to deliver premier lighting to any installation. Another advantage? Each of our lanterns is Dark Sky friendly! This ensures minimal light spill, aiding in the reduction of light pollution that currently impairs the nocturnal panorama of our cities.


Now, you have the opportunity to guarantee that your forthcoming projects illuminate your surroundings but not the entire planet.


All three models shown, #1323 DS, #1333 DS, and #1327 DS, are compatible with any of our 3” diameter aluminum and cast aluminum posts, promising a timeless and elegant nocturnal silhouette.


Meet our latest addition, the #1230X, a Prismatic Acrylic Acorn Street Light. It’s adorned with a metal top and distinctive x-shaped trim, suitable for any 3” diameter post. This model also embraces Dark Sky friendly principles, providing more environmentally conscious options.



Showcasing our high-efficiency LED exterior lighting


LED Revolution: Efficiency Meets Brilliance


Up next is our flagship LED collection. The LED Shoebox Style Street Light #1573 Series stands out with its potency and versatility, tailored for 4” x 4” square posts, even allowing multi-fixture settings on one post. The LED fixture #5761 LED80 is another gem, providing multiple mounting choices along with eco-friendly illumination.


The versatile LED Floodlight #3501A ESW, compatible with Gooseneck Arms, wall brackets, and 3″ posts, is a multi-role masterpiece. It promises both street and post illumination, boasting a remarkable lifespan and a reassuring 5-year warranty.



Our hand-spun post lights, each piece handmade on-site, our exclusive shades, #12, #23, and #116


Hand-spun Elegance: Shades that Speak Volumes


Discover our hand-spun post lights, each piece handmade on-site, featuring three of our exclusive shades, #12, #23, and #116, each offering conscientious illumination. These elegant shades are available in multiple sizes and finishes, suited for both Gooseneck arms and post mounting, adding a graceful silhouette to your nighttime ambiance.


Post Light #23/16-1594 brings the needed illumination with a focus on reducing light pollution, contributing to a less oversaturated urban glow. Its construction is entirely aluminum, with a clear acrylic lens, and Dark Sky Friendly LED options. #116/16-1595 features a low-profile design, suitable for 3″ Aluminum Posts, Dark Sky friendly with clear acrylic lens. Fixture #12/10-1594 offers a compact design, featuring a 10” diameter shade, Dark Sky friendly with aluminum construction, and available in over 29 powder-coated finishes.


Primelite’s turtle-friendly lighting solution, #23/16-1862 STS, is crafted to limit the disturbance to sea turtles

Sea the Difference: Lights that Care for Our Sea Turtles


Primelite’s turtle-friendly lighting solution, #23/16-1862 STS, is crafted to limit the disturbance to sea turtles, especially during their pivotal nesting and hatching phases. Coastal light pollution has been proven to misguide and confuse both hatchlings and adult sea turtles, amplifying the risk of fatalities.


Characteristics that define Primelite’s turtle-friendly light include:

  • Amber to Red Spectrum: Sea turtles exhibit diminished sensitivity to extended light wavelengths. Accordingly, these lights predominantly emit at wavelengths greater than 560 nanometers, producing amber to red visual tones.
  • Concealed and Downward-facing: The lights are constructed with shields to ensure that their direct glow isn’t perceptible from the beachfront. They are also oriented to radiate downwards, concentrating illumination on pathways and decreasing light intrusion towards the shore.
  • Dimmed Brightness: Engineered to possess reduced wattage and lumens, these lights strike a balance between offering essential human-centric illumination and minimizing turtle disturbance.
  • Strategic Placement: The positioning of the light isn’t just about its design; it’s also about its location. Installing these lights at a safe distance from the beach and ensuring beach-facing areas aren’t illuminated directly or indirectly is vital.


Worldwide, in turtle nesting hotspots, such turtle-friendly lights have become integral. Numerous regions now not only endorse but also legally enforce their usage, underscoring a collective effort to shield sea turtle communities.




Fixtures: Page W01 & W02 | Post & Dark Sky Lighting :

Product: #12/10-1594 | #23/16-1594 | #23/16-1595 | #116/16-1594 | #116/16-1595

#1230X | #1323 | #1333 DS | #1327 DS | #5761 | #3501A ESW | #23/16-1862 STS | #1573 LED


Technical Drawing: #12/10-1594 | #23/16-1594 | #23/16-1595 | #116/16-1594 | #116/16-1595

#1230X | #1323 | #1333 DS#1573 LED T1 | #1573 LED T2 | #1573 LED T3 | #1573 LED T14  | #3501A ESW



Whether it’s illuminating indoor settings or amplifying outdoor aesthetics, our latest catalog pages are meticulously curated to present you with the freshest, most adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions on the market.

Our Steadfast Commitment to Customization


Personalize your lighting fixtures with a palette of 29 powder-coated hues, offering both durability and aesthetic versatility.


At Primelite Manufacturing, our steadfast commitment to customization stands as a core tenet of our approach. Offering a diverse palette of 29 dynamic powder-coated colors and unique options for height, wattage, and color-matching, we strive to craft your lighting experience to align seamlessly with your unique vision.


However, Primelite’s dedication to personalization goes beyond aesthetic allure. Leveraging cutting-edge LED technology and our specialized in-house spinning skills, we provide meticulously tailored options to meet the unique requirements of your endeavor. We aspire to be your reliable partner in illumination, supplying not just premium fixtures but individualized lighting solutions that elevate and transform your spaces.

Sale. Sale. Sale. Of the Century


Primelite’s Gooseneck Sale: Models #23/16-850 | #23/16-859



Don’t miss out on our remarkable “Sale of the Century”—a dazzling affair that’s turning heads! We’re ecstatic to showcase our Gooseneck Specials, taking center stage in this unbeatable promotion, with deals on these chic and versatile fixtures that are second to none.


Seize this golden chance to elevate your lighting game and solidify Primelite as your go-to for all lighting essentials. Hurry and secure our Gooseneck Specials while the offer still shines!