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🔍 Delving into Primelite’s W Catalog Collection💡(Part III)

This selection of pages W01 & W02 offers a showcase of our cutting-edge innovations in exterior post and Dark Sky lights

🌟Brightening the Night, Protecting Our Skies🌟


Catalog pages W01 & W02 offer a showcase of our cutting-edge innovations in exterior post and Dark Sky lighting


📣 Art of Illumination 📣


Delving into Primelite’s W Catalog Collection


Dive into the freshly launched pages of Primelite’s W Catalog, more precisely Pages W01 & W02, where we shine a light on our innovative collection of Post and Dark Sky Lights. Experience the artistry in each piece, masterfully balancing luxury and functionality, engineered to elevate the ambiance of commercial exteriors.


Our Post Lights represent the pinnacle of design and utility fusion. This diverse assortment boasts chic Post Lights and purposeful Dark Sky Lanterns, all infused with the latest LED technology, highlighting harmonious design nuances.


Let us reintroduce our robust Cast Aluminum & Lantern Style Post Lights


Lantern Elegance: Sturdy Yet Environmentally Friendly


Firstly, let us reintroduce our robust Cast Aluminum Lantern Style Post Lights. Constructed to endure and illuminate, these post lights stand resilient and formidable, prepared to battle the elements to deliver premier lighting to any installation. Another advantage? Each of our lanterns is Dark Sky friendly! This ensures minimal light spill, aiding in the reduction of light pollution that currently impairs the nocturnal panorama of our cities.


Now, you have the opportunity to guarantee that your forthcoming projects illuminate your surroundings but not the entire planet.


All three models shown, #1323 DS, #1333 DS, and #1327 DS, are compatible with any of our 3” diameter aluminum and cast aluminum posts, promising a timeless and elegant nocturnal silhouette.


Meet our latest addition, the #1230X, a Prismatic Acrylic Acorn Street Light. It’s adorned with a metal top and distinctive x-shaped trim, suitable for any 3” diameter post. This model also embraces Dark Sky friendly principles, providing more environmentally conscious options.



Showcasing our high-efficiency LED exterior lighting


LED Revolution: Efficiency Meets Brilliance


Up next is our flagship LED collection. The LED Shoebox Style Street Light #1573 Series stands out with its potency and versatility, tailored for 4” x 4” square posts, even allowing multi-fixture settings on one post. The LED fixture #5761 LED80 is another gem, providing multiple mounting choices along with eco-friendly illumination.


The versatile LED Floodlight #3501A ESW, compatible with Gooseneck Arms, wall brackets, and 3″ posts, is a multi-role masterpiece. It promises both street and post illumination, boasting a remarkable lifespan and a reassuring 5-year warranty.



Our hand-spun post lights, each piece handmade on-site, our exclusive shades, #12, #23, and #116


Hand-spun Elegance: Shades that Speak Volumes


Discover our hand-spun post lights, each piece handmade on-site, featuring three of our exclusive shades, #12, #23, and #116, each offering conscientious illumination. These elegant shades are available in multiple sizes and finishes, suited for both Gooseneck arms and post mounting, adding a graceful silhouette to your nighttime ambiance.


Post Light #23/16-1594 brings the needed illumination with a focus on reducing light pollution, contributing to a less oversaturated urban glow. Its construction is entirely aluminum, with a clear acrylic lens, and Dark Sky Friendly LED options. #116/16-1595 features a low-profile design, suitable for 3″ Aluminum Posts, Dark Sky friendly with clear acrylic lens. Fixture #12/10-1594 offers a compact design, featuring a 10” diameter shade, Dark Sky friendly with aluminum construction, and available in over 29 powder-coated finishes.


Primelite’s turtle-friendly lighting solution, #23/16-1862 STS, is crafted to limit the disturbance to sea turtles

Sea the Difference: Lights that Care for Our Sea Turtles


Primelite’s turtle-friendly lighting solution, #23/16-1862 STS, is crafted to limit the disturbance to sea turtles, especially during their pivotal nesting and hatching phases. Coastal light pollution has been proven to misguide and confuse both hatchlings and adult sea turtles, amplifying the risk of fatalities.


Characteristics that define Primelite’s turtle-friendly light include:

  • Amber to Red Spectrum: Sea turtles exhibit diminished sensitivity to extended light wavelengths. Accordingly, these lights predominantly emit at wavelengths greater than 560 nanometers, producing amber to red visual tones.
  • Concealed and Downward-facing: The lights are constructed with shields to ensure that their direct glow isn’t perceptible from the beachfront. They are also oriented to radiate downwards, concentrating illumination on pathways and decreasing light intrusion towards the shore.
  • Dimmed Brightness: Engineered to possess reduced wattage and lumens, these lights strike a balance between offering essential human-centric illumination and minimizing turtle disturbance.
  • Strategic Placement: The positioning of the light isn’t just about its design; it’s also about its location. Installing these lights at a safe distance from the beach and ensuring beach-facing areas aren’t illuminated directly or indirectly is vital.


Worldwide, in turtle nesting hotspots, such turtle-friendly lights have become integral. Numerous regions now not only endorse but also legally enforce their usage, underscoring a collective effort to shield sea turtle communities.




Fixtures: Page W01 & W02 | Post & Dark Sky Lighting :

Product: #12/10-1594 | #23/16-1594 | #23/16-1595 | #116/16-1594 | #116/16-1595

#1230X | #1323 | #1333 DS | #1327 DS | #5761 | #3501A ESW | #23/16-1862 STS | #1573 LED


Technical Drawing: #12/10-1594 | #23/16-1594 | #23/16-1595 | #116/16-1594 | #116/16-1595

#1230X | #1323 | #1333 DS#1573 LED T1 | #1573 LED T2 | #1573 LED T3 | #1573 LED T14  | #3501A ESW



Whether it’s illuminating indoor settings or amplifying outdoor aesthetics, our latest catalog pages are meticulously curated to present you with the freshest, most adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions on the market.

Our Steadfast Commitment to Customization


Personalize your lighting fixtures with a palette of 29 powder-coated hues, offering both durability and aesthetic versatility.


At Primelite Manufacturing, our steadfast commitment to customization stands as a core tenet of our approach. Offering a diverse palette of 29 dynamic powder-coated colors and unique options for height, wattage, and color-matching, we strive to craft your lighting experience to align seamlessly with your unique vision.


However, Primelite’s dedication to personalization goes beyond aesthetic allure. Leveraging cutting-edge LED technology and our specialized in-house spinning skills, we provide meticulously tailored options to meet the unique requirements of your endeavor. We aspire to be your reliable partner in illumination, supplying not just premium fixtures but individualized lighting solutions that elevate and transform your spaces.

Sale. Sale. Sale. Of the Century


Primelite’s Gooseneck Sale: Models #23/16-850 | #23/16-859



Don’t miss out on our remarkable “Sale of the Century”—a dazzling affair that’s turning heads! We’re ecstatic to showcase our Gooseneck Specials, taking center stage in this unbeatable promotion, with deals on these chic and versatile fixtures that are second to none.


Seize this golden chance to elevate your lighting game and solidify Primelite as your go-to for all lighting essentials. Hurry and secure our Gooseneck Specials while the offer still shines!





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🔍 A Deep Dive into Primelite’s New Catalog 💡(Part II)

🌟 The Evolution of Post Light Options 🌟

                     🌟 Unveiling Catalog W01: A Symphony of Design and Innovation 🌟

 Blog Highlights: ✍️

🔹 Refresh and Redefine 🔄:
Rejuvenate your exterior post lights with our distinguished covers. The budget-friendly #6501 or the robust cast aluminum #6503 – choose your style, both promising enduring elegance.

🔹 Versatility at its Best 🛠:
Modify with precision. From the adjustable #9 Post Extension to the tailored #6300 Telescopic Series, elevate your installations to their optimal alignment.

🔹 Foundations Matter ⚙️:
Explore our shoe bases tailored for both temporary and permanent fixtures. For those unique installations, our tailored caps and bases, such as #6401, #6402, #6403, #6102, and #6103, promise a seamless finish.

🔹 Accessories Galore 🎨:
Pier Mounts for integrating Post Lights or the unique #7 Bracket for a smooth post-to-wall transition – every accessory in our lineup is a game-changer.

🔹 Electrify with Innovation ⚡:
Enhance utility with our #PCO electrical outlet and embrace convenience with our automated #EE, the Electrical Eye.



The lower section of page W01 is a showcase of our cutting-edge innovations in exterior post light accessories

📣 Revitalize and Refresh: 📣

A Closer Look at Primelite’s New Catalog Page W01 | Lower


Journey with us through the fine print of our latest New Catalog page W01. The spotlight shines on the lower section, where we exhibit a sophisticated range of post light accessories. Crafted meticulously for commercial exterior environments, each piece perfectly balances elegance with practicality.


Our Post Light Accessories are a testament to the seamless blend of form and function. This collection ranges from stylish Post Covers to practical Extensions, all harmoniously paired with innovative features like integrated electrical outlets and Electric Eyes. Through this range, aesthetic consistency is achieved without compromising efficiency.


Refresh the appearance of your exterior post lights by encapsulating them in one of our distinguished covers

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.


Refresh the appearance of your exterior post lights by encapsulating them in one of our distinguished covers. The #6501 is a budget-friendly polyethylene shell, a perfect fit for existing installations. In contrast, the #6503 offers a sturdy cast aluminum option suitable for 3” posts. Both options stand resilient against the elements, revitalizing streets, squares, and communities with enduring style.



Versatile Solutions to your Post Light Installations


Versatile. Versatile. Versatile Solutions


Upgrade your current post light setups with our adaptable options. The #9 Post Extension serves as your primary choice for adjustable height and is available in both standard and tailor-made sizes. If you are looking for precision, the #6300 Telescopic Series offers accurate height modifications for perfect alignment. To connect two posts, our Post Coupler #88 is up to the task.



Direct burial is common for post light installations, but we understand the occasional need for alternatives


Shoe Bases. Shoe Bases. Shoe Bases


While direct burial is typical for post light installations, we understand the occasional need for alternatives. That’s where our shoe bases come in, offering removable solutions for those seeking temporary or above-ground installations. The #11 Shoe Base comes pre-drilled and is for commercial use, while Shoe Base #8 is primarily for residential use. To finalize, we’ve introduced two distinct Shoe Bases – #6102 and #6103, designed to retrofit over current shoe base installations.



Delve deeper into our catalog, and you’ll discover our extensive accessory lineup

Pier Mounts. Post Caps. Mounts. Caps.


Delve deeper, and you’ll discover our extensive accessory lineup. Our pier mounts effortlessly integrate Post Lights onto existing piers. The Pier Mount #5 is perfect for any 3” post, while the #2 and #4 Pier Mounts are designed for those preferring 4” square posts but still wish to retain compatibility with 3” base Post Lights.


For your 4” square posts, we offer Post Caps #6401, #6402, and #6403, each designed for a tight fit and unified appearance. Additionally, we provide a range of 3″ Post Caps, including #6104, #6105, and #6106.



You’ll find our electrical solutions are a game-changer


Unique, Unique, Unique


Our unique offerings extend further with the #7 Bracket, allowing a smooth transition from post to wall. The Ladder Rest (#LR) lets you add banners or planters to community street lights, enriching the environment.


Lastly, for those keen on innovation, our electrical solutions are a game-changer. The #PCO (Post Convenience Outlet) introduces an electrical outlet to exterior lights, and the #EE or Electrical Eye automates your lighting, offering convenience at its finest.



Customization. Customization. Customization.


Personalize your lighting fixtures with a palette of 29 powder-coated hues, offering both durability and aesthetic versatility.


At Primelite Manufacturing, our unwavering dedication to customization serves as a fundamental pillar of our operations. With an extensive array of 29 vibrant powder-coated hues and specialized options for height, wattage, and color-matching, we endeavor to sculpt your lighting journey to be as individualized as your vision.

Yet, Primelite’s commitment to personalization transcends mere visual appeal. Our advanced LED setups, combined with our in-house spinning expertise, ensure we offer precise and custom options to fit the distinct specifications of your project. Our ambition is to be your trusted ally in lighting, delivering not merely top-tier fixtures but bespoke lighting solutions that transform and uplift your spaces.

Sale. Sale. Sale. Of the Century


Primelite’s Gooseneck Sale: Models #23/16-850 | #23/16-859


Don’t let our extraordinary “Sale of the Century” fly under your radar—it’s a sensational event that’s already capturing attention! We are thrilled to spotlight our Gooseneck Specials as a centerpiece of this unmatched promotion, offering deals on these stylish and functional fixtures that are truly unparalleled. 

This is your golden opportunity to upgrade your lighting aesthetic and make Primelite your one-stop destination for all illumination needs. Act fast and embrace our Gooseneck Specials before time runs out!

Whether you’re aiming to brighten indoor environments or enhance outdoor spaces, our most recent catalog pages are crafted to provide you with the most innovative, flexible, and visually appealing solutions available.



The lower section of page W01 is a showcase of our cutting-edge innovations in exterior post lighting


Products: Page W01 | Lower:

#2 | #4 | #5 | #7 | #8 | #9 | #11 | #88 | #1573 LED T Series | #3501A ESW | #LR | #PCO | #EE

 #6102 | #6103 | #6104 | #6105 | #6106 | #6300 Series | #6401 | #6402 | #6403  | #6501 | #6503


Technical Drawings: Page W01 | Lower:

#2 | #4 | #5 | #7 | #8 | #9 | #11 | #88 | #1573 LED T1 | #1573 LED T2 | #1573 LED T3 | #1573 LED T14  | #3501A ESW

#LR | #PCO | #EE | #6102 | #6103 | #6104 | #6105 | #6300 Series | #6401 | #6402 | #6501 | #6503




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What’s The Buzz????zzz! in South Lee, Mass?



Post Light #1225/8806 Is the Buzz????zzz!


Working hard? Pandemic got you down? Is it time for a break? The next time you’re thinking of a vacationing in Massachusetts check out the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Oak n’ Spruce Resort. Nestled in the beautiful hills of South Lee, MA, a perfect spot for peaceful and energizing holiday,


let us escort you on a leisurely stroll throughout the beautifully wooded terrain


And the best time to checkin just might be as sun sets through the hills. Why sundown? Well that’s the perfect time to find yourself greeted by our Post Lights #1225/8806. With their acorn globes sparkling throughout the wooded landscape, our lights will be illuminating the way to your comfortable rooms. And later that evening, let us escort you on a leisurely stroll throughout the beautifully wooded terrain. Oak n’ Spruce Resort, definitely a bright spot for an illuminating visit.



Buzz????zzz! Specs:

Catalog: #1225/8806

Style: Post Light

Globe: #1225

     Construction: Polycarbonate

     Style: Clifton Park

     Size: Wt 14″ | Ht 27″

Lamp: Incandescent | LED

Post: #8806 

     Construction: Cast Aluminum

     Size: 6′

Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request

Technical Drawing

     Globe #1225

     Post #8806

South Lee, Massachusetts




Wikipedia – Lee, Mass


Photos: © 2021 Primelite Manufacturing, NY

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#tbtPrimelite 1970 #Globes & #Postlights


#tbt / #1970s / #Globes and #PostLights

#tbtPrimelite: This weeks #ThrowbackThursday highlights our globe and molded glass post lights from the 1970’s. The unique molded shapes were constructed of “heavy molded glass,” and were available in frosted or amber glass. Globes were available in multiple sizes, materials and colors.



#then&now: Primelite’s exterior globe post lights. Primelite’s globes are no longer just round! Today Primelite offers globes in many shapes; including cube, ellipsoid, “deco”, and round. While the wonderful molded glass tops are no longer available, we do offer our globes in opalsmoke and clear. Materials range from glass, acrylic, polyethene, polycarbonate and are available in sizes from 6″ to 36″. 


#tbtPrimelite: Primelite’s Exterior Post Lights from the 1970’s