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#tbtPrimelite Repost: Brighten An Otherwise Dreary Day With Optilites


#pendants | #1960 | #optilites

#tbtPrimelite: Looking back through past catalogs, we’ve found a page featuring these swing arm and pendant lighting fixtures from the 1960s “Optilites” collection. Representative of the styles of the time, our “Optilites” featured satin white glass globes and were available in Polished Brass and the ever popular “Satin Flemish Finish.

Scan: Original “Optilites’ catalog page

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Repost: #tbtPrimelite’s Portfolio of Amazing Gems for the Kiddies

#tbt | #juvenileGems | #kiddies

#tbtPrimelite: Another blast from Primelite’s past! We’re again highlighting lights from our series of 1970s childrens fixtures. The catalogs introduced a series of girl & boy light fixtures, painted in traditional colors and themes. These desk lamps were part of the “Juvenile Gems” collection which were popular throughout the ’70s decade.

Original catalog page scan.



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#tbtPrimelite Repost: Pulley-ing the Strings of Our 1960s Heart


#tbtPrimelite | #1960 | #pullDownPendant


#tbtPrimelite: While combing through the Primelite archives, we came across a series of original black and white photographs from our 1960 catalogs. Among the photos was this brass “pull down” or “pulley” pendant. A true representative of the space-age aesthetic of the time. With a 1960s modern design, this “pull-down” fixture would be at home in any contemporary retro installation.

 #tbtPhoto: Enjoy the scan of the original photograph. 





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#tbtPrimelite’s Globes are Now and Then


#tbtPrimelite: For 50+ years, globe lights have been an important part of Primelite’s success. These decorative exterior globes from the late 1980’s were an early example of blow-molded globes, which is now common in the construction of modern lighting globes. Just imagine these lights illuminating your yards, streets, and parks! Sometimes retro really is cool!

Here is an original scan of our calendar page highlighting these globes.

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#tbtPrimelite Mediterranean Beauties of the 1970s


#1970s | #spanish | #mediterranean | #pendants

#tbtPrimelite: A new year, a new #tbt!  Lets flashback 40+ years to our catalogs featuring these Mediterranean style beauties. These fabulous pendants were all the rage in home decor back in the 1970s. Part of our “Spanish D’Light” collection, these pendants featured definite Spanish influences, with lots of wrought iron and jewel-toned glass. Perfect complements to the Mediterranean influenced living rooms and dens of the period.

Original catalog page scan.





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#tbtPrimelite: Sparkling Like Ice Crystals in the Sun

#tbtPrimelite: Just in time for the holidays, we’re featuring these beautiful #tbt pendants from our “Ice Crystal” series. Each pendant included the glass “Ice Crystal” shade, fluted, frosted or clear, these pendants shined and sparkled from season to season.

Original page scan:

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#tbtPrimelite When Old Is New, And Now

“”Everything that’s old is new, and everything that’s new is old!”


#tbtPrimelite: Whether you call them Barn Lights, Factory Shades or Warehouse Lights, these pendants have been a staple in Primelite catalogs for over 50 years. Industrial and chic before its time, these pendants are a blast from Primelite’s past. Constructed of spun aluminum, our Factory Shades / Barn Lights are handcrafted and hand assembled in our warehouse using the same manufacturing process as in the 1960s! Our shades definitely had, and still have, that authentic and nostalgic charm designers desire.



Original catalog page.



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#tbtPrimelite: Stained Glass Beauties from the 1970’s

#tbtPrimelite: Back in the day it was common to find lights featuring pulley hardware. These beautiful stained glass pendants and wall mounts, from our 1970 catalog, included these pulley systems. While, unfortunately, these interior pulley systems seem to have faded from view, the stained glass trend continues to this day!

Original page scan.


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#tbtPrimelite A Bit of the Outside, In!

#tbtPrimelite: The Nineteen-Seventies was a very “natural” time in the interior design sensibilities of America. Houseplants had became a major design element as plants, moved from porches and yards and, took up a major presence in America’s homes. Primelite Mfg recognized the trend and introduced these hanging garden lights, flower pot and artificial flowers included!

Inspired by the Spanish influence in interior design at the time, our garden candelabras were constructed of wrought iron, with many featuring fanciful scrolling. But it was the popular colors of the time, including Yellow, Harvest Gold, Avocado, Apple Green, Pool Table Green and Earth Brown, that really captured the nineteen seventies.

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#tbtPrimelite Painting A Beautiful Picture of our Colorful Past


#1970S | #spanish | #pendants

#tbtPrimelite: Picture, if you may, going back to the fabulous 1970s, where we’d find these fabulous Mediterranean inspired lighting fixtures. Our collection featured a definite Spanish influence, with wrought iron, wood and jewel-toned glass shades.

Original catalog page scan: