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🔍 A Deep Dive into Primelite’s New Catalog 💡(Part 1)


                     🌟 Dive into the Brilliance of Our New Catalog (Page W01| Upper) 🌟

We’re focusing on the upper section of catalog page W01 where we display a dazzling array of interior lighting fixtures for both 🏡 residential and 🏢 commercial settings. 


💡 Our Versatile Floor Lamp Series 💡

Perfect for home sweet homes 🏠, and equally fit for professional environments like law offices ⚖️, medical practices 🏥, or corporate suites 🏢. With a touch of retro flair, our Model #230 comes complete with classic features like an old-school pull chain or a turn knob 🔄. Plus, you can team up with your interior designer 🎨 to choose a personalized lampshade! 

🌐 Our Customizable #231 Series Globes 🌐

Talk about options! Choose from globes in clear, smoked, and opal finishes ❄️, or go bold with cubes and ellipsoids in a range of colors including clear, opal, and smoked 🎨.

🌈 Vividly Colored Acrylic Globes 🌈

Why stick with the ordinary? Our acrylic globes radiate in brilliant hues like red ❤️, blue 💙, and green 💚! 

📏 Size and Shape That Fits Your Style 📏

From compact 6-inch globes 🟠 to commanding 24-inch pieces 🟤, and even custom heights 📏, we offer a variety of sizes to match your unique taste.

🌳 Extend Your Style Outdoors with Model #1280 🌳

Why limit your style to the indoors? Take it outside with our post globe light that’s compatible with any 3-inch post 🌳!

💎 Wedges #620 and #621: The Essence of LED Sophistication 💎

Meet “Robbie’s Wedge” (#621), a tribute to an inspirational client 🌟. These stylish fixtures are right at home in upscale hotels 🏨, professional offices 🏢, and elegant foyers 🎭.

🕰 Embrace Retro with Pendants #51/16 and #52/24 🕰

Inspired by classic jelly jar designs, these pendants are stunning in high-ceiling spaces like warehouses 🏭 and trendy lofts 🏬.

🎨 The Primelite Promise: Unmatched Customization 🎨

With 29 powder-coated colors 🌈, custom sizing 📏, and specialized LED configurations 🔌, we’re your go-to for all things illuminative 🌟.



The top section of page W01 is a showcase of our cutting-edge innovations in interior lighting
The top section of page W01 is a showcase of our cutting-edge innovations in interior lighting


📣Primelite’s Must-Have Lighting Fixtures are Here!🌟



A Closer Look at Primelite’s New Catalog Page W01 |Upper


Let’s delve into the finer details of our latest New Catalog page W01, focusing particularly on the upper section, where we showcase an exquisite array of lighting fixtures for both commercial and residential interior settings.


Floor Lamps: Model #230 Pull  | Turn

Floor Lamps. Floor Lamps. Floor Lamps


First up, let’s talk about our versatile Floor Lamp series. These lamps are not just perfect for homes but are also well-suited for professional environments—be it law offices, medical practices, or corporate suites. With an eye-catching retro flair, these lamps come with classic touches like an old-school pull chain or a turn knob. Take, for instance, our Model #230, which not only allows you to choose between a pull chain or turn knob but also invites you to personalize the lampshade. Although we offer lampshades, you’re welcome to find a unique style that fits your aesthetic.



Floor LampSeries  #231



Our Floor Lamp #231 series takes customization a step further by offering various globe options that perfectly reflect your interior design choices. We offer globes in clear, smoked, and opal finishes, as well as more adventurous shapes like cubes and ellipsoids in a range of materials and colors. 


Speaking of colors, our acrylic globes come in vibrant hues like red 🔴, blue 🔵, and green 🟢. These are not just any globes; they are transparent acrylic globes radiating in vivid color!


The choice of materials for our globes spans from glass and acrylic to polyethylene and polycarbonate. Globe sizes range from a compact 6 inches to a commanding 24 inches, although we generally recommend sizes between 10 to 12 inches for most of our floor lamps.



Floor Lamps: #230 | ##230 W/ Lamp Shade | #231 (Cube Globe)


Options. Options. Options.


When it comes to height, our Model #230 comes standard in ‘couch’ and ‘torch’ heights — 48″ and 60″, respectively. Custom heights are also available upon request.


If you’re considering a hanging light fixture, Model #280 is a pendant option that comes with a 10-foot vinyl cord, available in either white or black. Cloth cords and custom lengths are also options you can explore.


Last but not least, our Model #1280 brings our globe selection outdoors. It’s a post globe light that is compatible with any 3-inch post, allowing you to extend your design aesthetic to your exterior spaces.



Stylish Wedges #620 and #621 (“Robbie’s Wedge”)

Wedges. Wedges. Wedges. 


Coming up next in our catalog are the stylish Wedges #620 and #621, designed to infuse LED sophistication into commercial and professional spaces. The more compact of the two, Model #621, has been affectionately dubbed “Robbie’s Wedge” as a tribute to a client who inspired its creation. Though petite in form, these fixtures pack a punch when it comes to illumination. These models are perfectly suited for upscale hotels, professional offices, foyers, and hallways.


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Retro Pendants #51/16 & #52/24


Pendants. Pendants. Pendants.


In contrast to the minimalist elegance of Pendant #280, our standout pendants #51/16 and #52/24 inject a retro flair, taking cues from classic jelly jar designs. These pieces truly shine in environments with high ceilings such as warehouses and other expansive spaces. However, their adaptability doesn’t end there; they seamlessly fit into the aesthetics of both residential lofts and commercial open spaces. Each piece is crafted in-house using our specialized spinning services, allowing you to tailor the shades with color options and your choice of a clear or frosted jelly jar.


Customization. Customization. Customization.


Personalize your lighting fixtures with a palette of 29 powder-coated hues, offering both durability and aesthetic versatility.


One of the cornerstones of Primelite Manufacturing is our steadfast commitment to customization. With a generous palette of 29 powder-coated colors and bespoke solutions for height, wattage, and color-matching, we strive to make your lighting experience as tailored as possible. 


But customization at Primelite doesn’t stop at aesthetics. Our specialized LED configurations and in-house spinning capabilities empower us to provide custom sizing that aligns precisely with your project’s unique requirements. We aim to be your go-to partner for all your lighting needs, delivering not just high-quality fixtures but fully personalized lighting solutions that elevate your spaces.

Sale. Sale. Sale. Of the Century


Primelite’s Gooseneck Sale: Models #23/16-850 | #23/16-859


Don’t let our exceptional “Sale of the Century” slip past your radar—this show-stopping event is already turning heads. As a highlight of this unparalleled promotion, we’re elated to feature our Gooseneck Specials, where the deals on these chic and practical fixtures are simply unbeatable. Seize this prime moment to elevate your lighting game and establish Primelite as your premier destination for all things illuminative. Take advantage of our Gooseneck Specials now before it’s too late!


So, whether it’s illuminating indoor spaces or lighting up the outdoors, our latest catalog pages are designed to offer you the most advanced, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing solutions.




Products: Page W01 | Upper:

#280/15 | #1280/15 | #230 Pull | #230 Turn | #231/282 | #231/510

#51/16A | #51/16 | #620 | #621 | #52/24A | #52/24


Technical Drawings: Page W01 | Upper:

#280/15 | #1280/15 | #230/48 Pull | #230/48 Turn | #230/60 Pull | #230/60 Turn

#231/48-282 | #231/48-510 | #231/60-282 | #231/60-510

#51/16A#51/16 | #620 | #621 | #52/24A | #52/24