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Post Lights and Shoe Bases…

Shoe Base #8 and #11
Shoe Base #8 and #11

…and Pier Mounts. Oh My!

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Primelite Manufacturing is renowned for crafting a comprehensive range of lighting solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. We are committed to delivering nothing but the best. Primelite ensures that its offerings are equitable, innovative, and practical while also being cost-efficient. Our commitment is to provide enduring solutions for your lighting projects that combine quality with practicality.



Shoe Base #8


This week, we’re shining a spotlight on our shoe bases and mounts specifically designed for outdoor lighting fixtures, particularly ideal for illuminating streets or other open-air spaces. Our post light shoe bases boast a flat design, facilitating a solid and secure mounting process. They are perfectly suited for installations in areas like walkways, parking lots, and streets, providing reliable and efficient illumination solutions for extensive outdoor areas. 


Primelite Manufacturing offers two types of shoe bases in its product line, #8 and #11, designed to be compatible with our outdoor 3″ poles.


Shoe Base #11 is designed for larger applications, accommodating any 3-inch diameter post that’s up to 12 feet in height. Its robust design includes three anchor points for secure mounting, which are included with your order.


On the other hand, Shoe Base #8 is a more compact option, suited for 3-inch diameter posts that are up to 7 feet tall. Just like the #11, it also comes with pre-drilled holes for effortless anchoring.


These shoe bases provide sturdy and reliable mounts for your outdoor lighting fixtures, ensuring long-lasting and stable installation.




Shoe Base #11


Post Light Shoe Bases


Shoe Base #8


Post Light Shoe Base #8

Shoe Base #8 is designed for residential shoe posts, capable of accommodating posts up to 7 feet tall. It is equipped with three external set screws and four holes at the bottom. Among these four holes, three are intended for bolts or screws provided by the customer to secure the base, while the fourth hole, located centrally, is designed to act as a wireway.


Technical Drawing: #8


Shoe Base #11


Shoe Base #11

Shoe Base #11 is specifically crafted for more expansive settings, capable of supporting any 3-inch diameter post that reaches up to 12 feet tall. Its sturdy design features three anchor points, providing a secure and solid mount. These anchor points are included with your order, ensuring an efficient and reliable installation process.


Technical Drawing: #11





Primelite Post Lighting Catalog Accessories


Shoe Bases, and Beyond!


Primelite offers an extensive and diverse array of materials for outdoor illumination. Our collection includes everything from street and post lights to the posts and poles themselves, along with all necessary accessories


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Our Unwavering Dedication to Quality and Precision


At Primelite, we take immense pride in our unwavering dedication to quality and precision. Our comprehensive product range, encompassing street lights, post lights, lanterns, and a multitude of associated accessories, is meticulously crafted and assembled at our warehouse located in New York. Our hands-on approach to the manufacturing process assures that each product upholds our rigorous standards of durability, aesthetic appeal, and dependability.


When you choose Primelite for your lighting needs, you’re opting for a partner that helps bring your lighting design visions to life. We firmly believe that our commitment to superior quality, dependability, and customer satisfaction will not just fulfill but surpass your expectations. With Primelite, you are not merely purchasing a product; you are investing in a promise of excellence.

Damaged, Fallen Light Post? Custom Shoe Bases


For clients who have posts that are damaged or have fallen and don’t know the original manufacturer, we provide customized post and shoe bases. This service requires a base template that details the placement of the anchor bolts. Once we receive this template, Primelite can craft a personalized post and matching shoe base. For further details, please get in touch with our office.


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Primelite Catalog: #8




⚙️ #11

Primelite Catalog: #11