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🙌 Primelite Has Got’cha Reaching 🙌


🌥️ Reaching For The Skies 🌤️



Telescoping Posts: Our Stairway to the Skies


For many years, Primelite has been your reliable provider of Lanterns, Street Lights, and a variety of posts and poles to suit these installations. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of post solutions to establish a sturdy base for your post lights. Given our broad selection and wealth of experience, we’re confident that you’ll discover the perfect posts to meet your needs and enhance both the aesthetic appeal and utility of your lighting arrangement.


We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our Post and Pole collection – Telescopic Post Series #6300. These innovative posts, available in eight different heights and gauges, are designed to provide exceptional height for your projects while significantly reducing the shipping size. 


The telescopic design comprises two posts with one nested inside the other. The exterior post has a diameter of 3 1/2“, and the interior 3” post fits perfectly within, extending upward to achieve the desired height. Once the securing screws are tightened, your post morphs into a robust, secure, and stable base for your lighting fixture.


An added advantage of this compact size is the considerable savings on shipping. The need to budget for oversized shipping becomes obsolete. For instance, the 8′ post (#6308 | #6328) ships in ~ 4′ box, while our 10′ (#6310 | #6330) post can now be shipped in a package of about 5′. Similarly, a 12′ Post (#6312 | #6332) fits in approximately 6′, and our 14′ post (#6314 | #6334) accommodates within a 7′ shipping container. 


Since the internal post has a standard 3″ diameter any of our Lanterns, Street, and Post Lights will snugly fit atop our Telescopic Light Posts, making for a flawless pairing.



Reaching for the Skies With Primelites Telescopic Light Posts
Reaching for the Skies With Primelite’s Telescopic Light Posts











The selection and type of post you employ can significantly amplify the look and efficiency of your Lanterns, Street, and Post Lights. We offer a broad spectrum of post choices, from straightforward 3″ aluminum poles to elegantly designed cast aluminum posts, to our innovative telescopic posts.


Our standard posts come in a range of heights from 2 to 16 feet, with smooth or fluted tops (Telescopic Posts are only available in a smooth finish), and ornamental bases in various heights, styles, and colors. We’re here to assist you in crafting a sleek, cost-effective, and refined design that harmonizes with your outdoor lighting requirements.


At Primelite, we offer customizable solutions that empower you to create an Individualized outdoor lighting arrangement that aligns with your unique needs and preferences. We remain devoted to helping you achieve the optimal lighting solution for your outdoor spaces.


New Telescoping Posts

Telescopic Post Series #6300


Telescopic Post series #6300
Telescopic Post Series #6300 | 8′, 10′, 12′, and 14′

Telescopic Post Series #6300 – a two-component light post that offers a taller solution, which may have previously been financially prohibitive due to shipping costs.


This innovative post comprises an external segment with a 3 1/2″ diameter and an internal 3″ diameter post that fits snugly inside. The internal post can be extended upwards to reach the required height. Once the fastening screws are tightened, your post becomes a solid, safe, and stable base for your light fixture, offering a greater height that was once limited by shipping constraints.


The 3-inch post diameter, available in both light (.05) and heavy (.125) gauges, guarantees a perfect fit with all Primelite Lanterns, Street, and Post Lights.


Technical Drawings: #6300 Series : #6308#6310#6312#6314#6328#6330#6332#6334


All of Primelite’s fixtures are painstakingly handcrafted and assembled in our warehouse in New York. Our lighting solutions represent not only a budget-friendly option but also ensure cost-effective maintenance and years of reliable and stylish performance. Moreover, both our fixtures and LED modules come with a warranty, assuring they’re ready for immediate installation when they reach your project location!


Primelite's Telescoping Light Post Reaching For THe Skies
Primelite’s Telescoping Light Posts  Will Have You Reaching For The Skies



⚙️ #6300 Series | Telescopic Post

Telescopic Post series #6300
Primelite Catalog: #6300 Series

Light Gauge (.05): 8′ – #6308 | 10′ – #6310 | 12‘ – #6312 | 14′ – #6314

Heavy Gauge (.125): 8′ – #6328 | 10′ – #6330 | 12‘ – #6332 | 14‘ – #6334

  • Type: Telescopic Post
  • Size:
    • Unextended: Ht ~ 4′, ~ 5′, ~ 6′, ~ 7′ 
    • Extended: Ht 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′
      • Outside Post Dia 31/2” | Inside Post Dia 3″
      • Inquire For Custom Lengths
  • Gauges: Light (.05) | Heavy (.125)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Fits: 3″ Post and Street Lights
  • Accessories: Electric Eye | Convenience Outlet
  • Finishes: Choice of 29 powder-coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
  • Technical Drawing: #6300 Series








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Radiant Charms of the Evening 🌟💡🌟

Shimmer. Glimmer. Garden. Glow! Garden Light #9265
Garden Light #9265
Shimmer. Glimmer. Garden. Glow! Garden Light #9265

The Gl🌟w and Glam🌟ur

of Primelite’s Garden Lights


Primelite’s Garden 🌟 Lights


As the afternoon sun dips below the horizon, and a flicker dances across the tranquil pond, it’s the cue for Primelite’s Garden Lights to cast their radiant charms, greeting the garden’s twilight with open arms.


With an array of radiant blooms shimmering into existence, the garden’s floral splendor is ignited by the soft glow of the evening. A sparkle here, a glint there, and the allure of our garden lighting is undeniable, enhancing the captivating tranquility of your oasis. 


Our Garden Collection imparts an enchanting dimension to any garden. Our Chrome and Galvanized powder-coated finishes, resistant to water and weather, will punctuate your evening walks, mirroring the shimmer and sparkle of our garden lights. The series is also available in a variety of stylish metallic-style finishes, including nickel, bronze, and brass, as well as the aforementioned chrome and galvanized.




Fashioned from robust cast aluminum, our pagoda-inspired lights, including 3-tier garden fixture #9265, offer a blend of chic design and practical durability, outshining the less enduring plastic alternatives. Coupled with the energy efficiency of LED chips, our Garden Lights demonstrate a harmonious blend of cost-effectiveness and longevity.


Primelite’s Garden Light #9265 adds an elegant and timeless silhouette to any garden, walkway, park, conservatory, or green space. All garden lights come with glass jelly jars. Three-tier fixtures use a 5″ H jelly jar, while the four-tier fixtures are fitted with our 7″ H jar. The #9265 comes fully equipped with a LED12 module, providing powerful and energy-efficient lighting.

Whether you’re illuminating a community park, a stately residence, or a lush botanical garden, Primelite’s LED Garden Lights are guaranteed to impart a sparkling elegance to any project.

The Garden 🌟 Light Collection

Primelite's Garden Light Series
Primelite’s Garden Light Series


The Garden Light Series, as depicted above, provides a selection of traditional pagoda-inspired light fixtures. You can find more information in our Lighting Catalog on page D41.


Gl🌟w and Glam🌟ur


Garden Light #9265/3 | Stake Mount


Garden Light #9265
Garden Light #9265/3

Garden Light #9265/3 is a shining representation of our Garden Light Series, echoing the vintage charm of pagoda-style garden lights from the past. The #9265/3 model is one of our more compact, three-tier pagoda designs, which along with models #9265/4, #9266, and #9220, can be installed on garden stakes or stems. Each light comes with a glass Jelly Jar, available in clear, frosted, or prismatic options.


Our Garden Lights are designed to withstand the elements, delivered pre-wired with a high-efficiency LED12 module. Helping reduce energy usage and costs while ensuring bright, robust, and sustainable illumination. All LED models come with the LED chip and driver included.


Furthermore, Garden Light Model #9265 can be fitted with an integrated Sea Turtle Friendly 18W LED bulb (#9265/3-4 STS), making it suitable for installation in coastal environments and sea turtle habitats.


Technical Drawings: #9265/3 | #9265/4 | #9266 | #9220 | #9265/3-4 STS



Primelite’s Garden Light fixtures are meticulously handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse. Our lighting solutions not only offer a cost-effective and budget-friendly choice, but they also promise economical maintenance and years of dependable, stylish service. Furthermore, both our fixtures and LED modules come with a warranty, ensuring they are ready for action when they arrive at your job site!




⚙️ #9265 | Stake Mount

Garden Light #9265 (Post Mount)
Primelite Catalog: #9265/3

  • Type: Garden Light | Garden Stake Mount
  • Catalog Page: D41
  • Lamp
  •      LED12: 3K (1140 lumens) | 4K (1280 lumens)
  • Sea Turtle Shield: Integrated Sea Turtle Friendly LED18
  • Jelly Jar: Glass | Clear | Frosted
  • Jelly Jar size: 5″ H | 3.5″ Dia
  • Fixture Size: 7 1/2” H |  6″ Dia
  • Fixture Style: Small Top Pagoda-Style
  • Fixture Mount: Garden Stake | Stems
  • Pipe: 1/2″ Aluminum
  • Finishes: Choice of 29 powder-coated colors, including chic metallic-style finishes: nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, galvanized, and more.
  • Technical Drawing: #9265/3





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Into The Night With Wall Sconce #3271

Wall Bracket Post Light #3271
Wall Bracket Post Light #3271
Our Wall Sconce #3271 stylishly illuminates private and public parks with stately class and elegance


A Classical Wall Sconce To Brighten The Night


Another week, another Primelite classic. Wall Sconce #3271, featured this week, is a variation on a previous hit, Post Light #1327. Another winning fixture starring our lantern #1327. Known alternately as a “Wall Sconce” or “Wall Bracket Post Light”, it mounts solidly to exterior walls via its included bracket hardware and handsomely illuminates the nights environment. Brightly! Stylishly! Strongly! And now, more economically!


Another week, another Primelite classic. … Brightly! Stylishly! Strongly!


Wall Sconce #3271


With a new lower price tag (limited time only*), you’ll find Wall Sconce | Post Light #3271 perfect for many outdoor lighting projects. The 27″ classically styled lantern is sized to radiantly illuminate the exterior of stately homes, offices, anywhere a chic lighting fixture is necessary. Illuminate gardens, entryways, walkways and more. Anywhere a touch of class is desired.


With its old-skool styling and new-skool construction, #3271 answers your needs with the same style, function and reliability offered with any Primelite Mfg. fixture.


Wall Bracket Post Light #3271
Brighten any stately garden with Light #3271


radiantly illuminate the exterior of stately homes and offices. Illuminate gardens, entryways, walkways and more. Anywhere a touch of class is desired

  Wall Sconce | Post Light #3271


You’ll find Wall Sconce #3271 atop its included wall mount bracket, offering a total and polished fixture. We are now offering special pricing on the #3271 fixture, as well as last weeks Post Light #1327. A quick call to our office will give you more info and special pricing.*


Wall Bracket Post Light #3271


Style, savings and a little nod to Mother Earth all in one package


The Wall Sconce | Post Light #3271 includes E26 | Edison Bulb hardware and 4 panel white acrylic lens. Save even more by installing off the shelf corn cob LED bulbs. Style, savings and a little nod to Mother Earth all in one package. Primelite’s fixtures bring out the best!


Wall Sconce | Wall Bracket Post Light #3271


post light #3271

Wall Bracket Post Light #3271 offers a stylish and economical way to brighten the night. Whether installed outside stately homes, offices or mounted stylishly in private or public parks, #3271 is the answer to many exterior lighting needs.

Wall Sconce #3271 comes with all hardware necessary for wall mount installation and fitted for an E26 Edison bulb (bulbs not included). Install Edison style LED bulbs | Corn Cob LEDs for energy savings. The light comes with 4 panel white acrylic lens included. A Mogul Style Base is available upon request.


Primelite’s fixtures are handmade and assembled … with … superior craftsmanship, reliability and guarantee


Primelite’s fixtures are handmade and assembled in our New York warehouse, with our superior craftsmanship, reliability and guarantee.


* Special Offer is for a limited time only. Please contact our office (516-868-4411) for more info and special pricing. Office Hours – 8am – 5pm (EST)


Wall Bracket Post Light  #3271


⚙️Primelite Catalog: #3271
⚙️Type: Wall Sconce | Wall Bracket Post Light
⚙️Size: Ht 27″ | Wt 15″
⚙️Lens: Acrylic | White | 4 Panels
⚙️Mounting: Aluminum Wall Bracket (included)
⚙️Socket Style: E26 | Mogul Based Socket

⚙️Lamp: E26 | Edison Bulb | corn cob LED (not included)

⚙️Construction: 100% Aluminum
⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors (except Verdi Green Rub). 
Custom finish upon request
technical drawing #3271
⚙️ Technical Drawing: #3271