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Into The Night With Wall Sconce #3271

Wall Bracket Post Light #3271
Wall Bracket Post Light #3271
Our Wall Sconce #3271 stylishly illuminates private and public parks with stately class and elegance


A Classical Wall Sconce To Brighten The Night


Another week, another Primelite classic. Wall Sconce #3271, featured this week, is a variation on a previous hit, Post Light #1327. Another winning fixture starring our lantern #1327. Known alternately as a “Wall Sconce” or “Wall Bracket Post Light”, it mounts solidly to exterior walls via its included bracket hardware and handsomely illuminates the nights environment. Brightly! Stylishly! Strongly! And now, more economically!


Another week, another Primelite classic. … Brightly! Stylishly! Strongly!


Wall Sconce #3271


With a new lower price tag (limited time only*), you’ll find Wall Sconce | Post Light #3271 perfect for many outdoor lighting projects. The 27″ classically styled lantern is sized to radiantly illuminate the exterior of stately homes, offices, anywhere a chic lighting fixture is necessary. Illuminate gardens, entryways, walkways and more. Anywhere a touch of class is desired.


With its old-skool styling and new-skool construction, #3271 answers your needs with the same style, function and reliability offered with any Primelite Mfg. fixture.


Wall Bracket Post Light #3271
Brighten any stately garden with Light #3271


radiantly illuminate the exterior of stately homes and offices. Illuminate gardens, entryways, walkways and more. Anywhere a touch of class is desired

  Wall Sconce | Post Light #3271


You’ll find Wall Sconce #3271 atop its included wall mount bracket, offering a total and polished fixture. We are now offering special pricing on the #3271 fixture, as well as last weeks Post Light #1327. A quick call to our office will give you more info and special pricing.*


Wall Bracket Post Light #3271


Style, savings and a little nod to Mother Earth all in one package


The Wall Sconce | Post Light #3271 includes E26 | Edison Bulb hardware and 4 panel white acrylic lens. Save even more by installing off the shelf corn cob LED bulbs. Style, savings and a little nod to Mother Earth all in one package. Primelite’s fixtures bring out the best!


Wall Sconce | Wall Bracket Post Light #3271


post light #3271

Wall Bracket Post Light #3271 offers a stylish and economical way to brighten the night. Whether installed outside stately homes, offices or mounted stylishly in private or public parks, #3271 is the answer to many exterior lighting needs.

Wall Sconce #3271 comes with all hardware necessary for wall mount installation and fitted for an E26 Edison bulb (bulbs not included). Install Edison style LED bulbs | Corn Cob LEDs for energy savings. The light comes with 4 panel white acrylic lens included. A Mogul Style Base is available upon request.


Primelite’s fixtures are handmade and assembled … with … superior craftsmanship, reliability and guarantee


Primelite’s fixtures are handmade and assembled in our New York warehouse, with our superior craftsmanship, reliability and guarantee.


* Special Offer is for a limited time only. Please contact our office (516-868-4411) for more info and special pricing. Office Hours – 8am – 5pm (EST)


Wall Bracket Post Light  #3271


⚙️Primelite Catalog: #3271
⚙️Type: Wall Sconce | Wall Bracket Post Light
⚙️Size: Ht 27″ | Wt 15″
⚙️Lens: Acrylic | White | 4 Panels
⚙️Mounting: Aluminum Wall Bracket (included)
⚙️Socket Style: E26 | Mogul Based Socket

⚙️Lamp: E26 | Edison Bulb | corn cob LED (not included)

⚙️Construction: 100% Aluminum
⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors (except Verdi Green Rub). 
Custom finish upon request
technical drawing #3271
⚙️ Technical Drawing: #3271



























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Announcing Primelite Mfg’s LED Garden Light Series

primelite's garden lights

Primeltie's LED Garden Series


Primelite Manufacturing is proud to announce our updated Catalog “D” pages, highlighting our full line of Garden Lights, including Primelite’s new Garden Light LED Series. Constructed of cast aluminum, and designed with style and practicality, our pagoda-inspired lights are stronger, and longer lasting, than the cheaper plastic knockoffs. Add in power consumption savings from our LED chips, and our Garden Lights are as cost effective as they are durable.


Primelite’s Garden Lights Series adds a sophisticated and classic silhouette to any garden, walkway, park, conservatory or green space. Our Garden Lights come complete with jelly jar and your choice of 29 powder coated colors. The Garden Light LED Series also includes our exclusive integrated LED system (iLEDs). We offer coordinating stakes, ½” piping and posts for a complete, and seamless, installation.

Easily view the new catalog pages online or download a PDF for offline viewing. Whether on the job, in the field or in your car, our catalogs are viewable on mobile and tablet devices. So whether you’re on your desktop or on the go, Primelite’s Catalogs are ready when you are. 

LED Garden Light Series Page 42

Primelite LED Garden Light Series

Catalog “D”, Page 42 (LED)

View & Download  PDF

primelite garden light series page 41

Primelite Garden Light Series 

Catalog “D”, Page 41 (Incandescent)

View & Download PDF


Garden Stakes


Garden Accessories: Garden Stakes & Posts
Stake #9004B (female)
Stake #9001
Primelite LED10 Chip
LED Garden Light Lamp: iLEDs (Integrated LED System)
LED10, 3K/4K
Contact our office for more information.

Via Phone: 516-868-4411
Via our Contact Form