Low Profile Can Gooseneck #56/859 & #56/859-ESW
Good 'Ol Gooseneck Is Now New-s-neck   Low Profile Can #56 Collection    Our new Low Profile Can #56 Collection offers smartly designed Read more
Low Profile Can Pendant #56
Our new Low Profile Can #56 Collection offers affordable, maintenance-free, easy installation and features Primelite's superior construction. Inspired by our 6" #56 Can, Read more
Low Profile Can Pendant #56 | Low Profile Can Head #56 | Low Profile Can Pendant #56/18
Innovative, Efficient and Affordable   Primelite Mfg. is constantly working to bring our clients the latest in LED and lighting innovation. We Read more
Wall Bracket Post Light #3271
  A Classical Wall Sconce To Brighten The Night   Another week, another Primelite classic. Wall Sconce #3271, featured this week, is Read more
post light #1327
    Illuminate With A Classic   A Classic. Thats what Post Light #1327 is. A true Classic. Classically styled. Classically Read more
Primelite celebrates their 60th Anniversary! Read more
Primelite's warmest wishes for a bright and wonderful holiday season, and a Happy New Year! Read more
We're Buzzing with excitement as our popular Gooseneck #20/850 brightens the patrons of Back Draughts Pizza in Tarpon Springs, FL! Read more
Whats the Buzz? Monmouth, NJ? Again! Bollard #5307 is the Buzz.
      Hey New Jersey! Primelite's Back!     We're back and Buzzz????zzz-ing with excitement at another sighting of our light Read more
Street Light #23/16-1871
      Street Light #23/16-1871 LED Is the Buzz????zzz!     We're going back to revisit another American town for a Read more
A Bright and Happy Thanksgiving
We'd like to thank you for your patronage over the years. It has been our pleasure to help brighten the Read more
What’s The Buzz????zzz! Manhattan? Again!Our Acrylic Globes are the Buzz????zzz!
      Our Acrylic Globes are the Buzz????zzz!   It's said that Manhattan is the city that doesn't stop. And Read more