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What’s The Buzz????zzz! in Pittsfield, MA?


Gooseneck #23/14-859 brightening the nights of Pittsfield, MA.



Gooseneck #23/14-859 is the Buzz????zzz!


Gooseneck #23/14-859 in the wild!


Once again The Buzzz????zzz! finds us hi-lighting a lovely new town in our pursuit of Primelite IRL (in real life)! This time we’ll be found illuminating one of the towns premier ice cream shops. Bathed in the brilliant glow of our Goosenecks #23/14-859, patrons will be safe and secure as they enjoy their sundaes, shakes and waffle cones. 




Gooseneck #23/14-859



An d as always, our lights can be found, throughout the USA, keeping an eye on your safety. Silently. Strongly. Brightly. Consistently! 



Buzz????zzz! Specs:

???? Catalog: #23/14-859

???? Type: Gooseneck

???? Size: Dia 14″ | Ht 14″ | Ext 23″

???? Lamp: Incandescent | LED12 & LED22

???? Sockets: 1

???? Construction: Aluminum 

???? Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. | Shown: Black | Custom finish upon request 

???? Location: Pittsfield, MA.





???? Technical Drawing: Gooseneck #23/14-859

















Photos: © 2021 Primelite Manufacturing, NY