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#tbtPrimelite’s Globes are Now and Then




#tbtPrimelite: For 50+ years, globe lights have been an important part of Primelite’s success. These decorative exterior globes from the late 1980’s were an early example of blow-molded globes, which is now common in the construction of modern lighting globes. Just imagine these lights illuminating your yards, streets, and parks! Sometimes retro really is cool!

Here is an original scan of our calendar page highlighting these globes.

#tbtPrimelite scan

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Repost: #tbtPrimelite 1970s Character Globe Lights #2

#tbtPrimelite juvenile Gems

#tbtPrimelite Juvenile Gems


#tbt / #1970s / #juvenileGems

Juvenile Gems: Tin Man / 1970s

 Another blast from Primelite’s past! Today we’re again highlighting our “Juvenile Gems” selection of 1970s children’s globes. An earlier #tbt of children’s lights featured “Raggedy Ann” and clowns. This later 1970’s catalog introduced additional characters including the “Tin Man,” inspired by “The Wizard of Oz.” Our children’s lights were also now available as ceiling/hanging and desk lamps.

Primelite continued working with a local artist who hand painted each face/globe. The fixtures were then hand constructed and assembled in our warehouse. These fixtures were primarily used in children’s bedrooms and were popular throughout the ’70s decade.





Primelite's 1970's catalog featuring our hand painted character globe childrens lights
Primelite’s 1970’s catalog page featuring our hand painted character globe childrens lights
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#tbtPrimelite 1970 #Globes & #Postlights

#tbt primelite

#tbtPrimelite exterior globe lights


#tbt / #1970s / #Globes and #PostLights

#tbtPrimelite: This weeks #ThrowbackThursday highlights our globe and molded glass post lights from the 1970’s. The unique molded shapes were constructed of “heavy molded glass,” and were available in frosted or amber glass. Globes were available in multiple sizes, materials and colors.




#then&now: Primelite’s exterior globe post lights. Primelite’s globes are no longer just round! Today Primelite offers globes in many shapes; including cube, ellipsoid, “deco”, and round. While the wonderful molded glass tops are no longer available, we do offer our globes in opalsmoke and clear. Materials range from glass, acrylic, polyethene, polycarbonate and are available in sizes from 6″ to 36″. 


#tbtPrimelite: Exterior Post Lights from the 1970's
#tbtPrimelite: Primelite’s Exterior Post Lights from the 1970’s