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#tbtPrimelite When Old Is New, And Now



“”Everything that’s old is new, and everything that’s new is old!”


#tbtPrimelite: Whether you call them Barn Lights, Factory Shades or Warehouse Lights, these pendants have been a staple in Primelite catalogs for over 50 years. Industrial and chic before its time, these pendants are a blast from Primelite’s past. Constructed of spun aluminum, our Factory Shades / Barn Lights are handcrafted and hand assembled in our warehouse using the same manufacturing process as in the 1960s! Our shades definitely had, and still have, that authentic and nostalgic charm designers desire.



Original catalog page.




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#tbtPrimelite #groovyGoodness



#tbtPrimelite | #1970 | #groovy


This week we’re #tbt-ing this cool light from a 1970s catalog. Reflecting the fabulous styles of the time, with it’s dark stained wood and colored glass cutouts, this light brought its groovy goodness to dens, game rooms and wood paneled basements everywhere.



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Repost: #tbtPrimelite #1960s #Scintillating


#tbtPrimelite #1960s #Photos


#tbtPrimelite | 1960s | #Scintillating


#tbtPrimelite: While researching our collection of antique Primelite catalogs we’ve come across original black and white photographs featuring some of our early lighting fixtures. The photos are stunning and we’ll be sharing these photos in our weekly #tbtPrimelite series.

This week we are highlighting a hanging fixture from our “Scintillating Cracked Glass Globe” series from the 1960s. Always popular, these fixtures definitely reflect the styles of the time with globes available in crystal, topaz, tangerine and lime! Available finishes included “Satin Flemish” and Polished Brass. “Scintillating” indeed! 


Composite: photo scans of 1960's catalog pages
Composite photo: photo scans of 1960’s catalog pages



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#tbtPrimelite 1970s Pendant Lights

#tbt 1970 ceiling pendants

#tbtPrimelite 1970's "Spanish 'D' Lights"

#tbt / #1970s / #then&now

For this weeks #tbtPrimelite we’re highlighting a 1970s Primelite catalog page featuring our “Spanish “D” Lights” Series of pendant & ceiling lights. Original designed in-house and manufactured of wrought iron in our Freeport, NY warehouse, these fixtures were available in some of the most fashionable 1970 colors, including avocado, mustard, earth brown, apple green and burnt orange. Very popular at the time, these fixtures were the height of 1970s suburban home and kitchen elegance! 

Our #then&now this week compares our 1970s “Spanish ‘D’ Lights” with Primelite’s current Globe Pendant series. Sleek and modern, our globes are available in clear, smoke and opal and in round, ellipsoid, cube and deco-inspired shapes. (catalog B / page 6A)

#then&now 1970s vs 2015 ceiling pendants
#then&now 1970s vs 2015 Primelite Ceiling Pendants
1970's ceiling pendant lights
Original Primelite 1970 Catalog Page Featuring the “Spanish “D” Lights” series


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#tbtPrimelite #1960s #Wood #Brass #Pendant


#tbt 1960 wood brass pendant

#tbtPrimelite | #1960 | #pendant


#tbtPrimelite: While combing through the Primelite archives, we came across a series of original black and white photographs from our 1960 catalogs. Among the photos was this wood and brass pendant. A true representative of the brass and wood stylings of the time. With a 1960s modern esthetic, this fixture would be at home in any contemporary retro installation.

 #tbtPhoto: Enjoy the scan of the original photograph. 

#original photo
#tbtPrimelite: Scan of original 1960s photograph (Primelite catalog)


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#tbtPrimelite Modern Color


#tbtPrimelite modern


#tbt / #1970s / #ColorbyPrimelite


#tbtPrimelite: Chrome was a big design feature during the 1980’s. Taking notice Primelite Mfg introduced their “Modern – By Primelite” chrome lighting series. Incorporating chrome fixtures and white globe lights, “Modern” was indeed Primelite’s most “modern” lighting series. While the clean, stark and modern look was very popular, Primelite introduced some color into all this starkness. Primelite’s collection included Lucite shades available in color; Blue, Green, Amber, Red and Smoke. 


#then&now Mason Jar collection


#then&now: Today Primelite continues to bring color to our fashion fixtures. As an example, we’re highlighting our Mason Jar Collection which includes the choice of tinted Mason Jars, including the “Spreader” featured above. Our Mason Jars are available in blue, red, green, yellow, frosted and clear giving you a large variety of mix and match color. Check out our catalog – “Primelite Collection: Mason Jar Series” for more information.


Modern by Primelite collection
Page Scan: Original “Modern by Primelite collection”


Mason Jar Series
Primelite Collection: Mason Jar Series


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#tbtPrimelite 1970 #Globes & #Postlights

#tbt primelite

#tbtPrimelite exterior globe lights


#tbt / #1970s / #Globes and #PostLights

#tbtPrimelite: This weeks #ThrowbackThursday highlights our globe and molded glass post lights from the 1970’s. The unique molded shapes were constructed of “heavy molded glass,” and were available in frosted or amber glass. Globes were available in multiple sizes, materials and colors.




#then&now: Primelite’s exterior globe post lights. Primelite’s globes are no longer just round! Today Primelite offers globes in many shapes; including cube, ellipsoid, “deco”, and round. While the wonderful molded glass tops are no longer available, we do offer our globes in opalsmoke and clear. Materials range from glass, acrylic, polyethene, polycarbonate and are available in sizes from 6″ to 36″. 


#tbtPrimelite: Exterior Post Lights from the 1970's
#tbtPrimelite: Primelite’s Exterior Post Lights from the 1970’s



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#tbtPrimelite 1960’s Vanity Lights

#tbt 1960 vanity lights

#tbtPrimelite 1960's vanity lights

#tbt / #then&now / #1960s

This weeks #tbt features a page from a 1960s Primelite catalog showing one of our vanity light collections. Very popular back in the day, our fixtures featured a “Satin Flemish Finish” with “Antique Gold Vein Mirror Backs!” 

#then&now offers a look at one of our 1960s Antique Gold Vein Mirrored Back vanity fixtures compared to some of today’s classic vanity lights, the #4218 series & the #4018 series. BTW our vanity lights #4036 & #4044, in chrome, were featured on the TV show, Long Island Medium

Primelite #then&now 1960's vanity light vs 2015 lights
Primelite #then&now : vanity lights 1960’s vs 2015
#tbtPrimelite - catalog page featuring 1960's vanity lights
#tbtPrimelite – catalog page featuring 1960’s vanity lights
Primelite Vanity lights featured on Long Island Medium
Primelite Vanity lights, #4036 & #4044, featured on TV show Long Island Medium