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There’s An Electricity In The Air! Can You Feel It?


There’s an Electricity in the Air! Can You Feel It?


Even as Primelite keeps an ear to the ground for the latest in news and trends of the LED revolution, we’re proud to introduce our new Multi-Volt LED Driver. What’s a Multi-Volt Driver? Simply put, our Gooseneck LED lighting systems now allow easy installation and compatibility with most commercial voltage configurations.


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Our self-regulating LED drivers automatically set to the correct voltage for the electrical installation. No more concern of which LED Goosenecks will work for your project. You can choose from our large selection of Gooseneck products, and know that they will work. Instinctively!



Another feature offered by the new Multi-Volt LED Driver – our LEDs are fully dimmable! Now, with voltage adaptation and dimming capabilities, you can be confident Primelite’s LED Goosenecks will bring a precise “bright” to any project. 


Our new Multi-Volt LED Driver can be installed in most of our Gooseneck fixtures, with either a LED12 or LED22 iLED array. And remember – once you add in the power consumption savings, our goosenecks, with integrated LED systems, are as cost-effective as they are durable! Primelite Mfg offers a 5-year warranty on all our integrated LED systems (iLEDs)!


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An example? Our most popular, and best-selling, Gooseneck – #20/850 – is now available in LED12 or LED22, both with the Multi-Volt Driver!



Catalog: #20/850 LED

Style: Gooseneck | Sign Light

Size: Dia. 9½” | Ht. 18″ | Ext 25″ 
Gooseneck Shade: #20 – Dia. 9½ | Ht. 12″
Gooseneck Arm: #850 – Ht. 6″ | Wt. 22″ | ½” IPS Pipe
Construction: 100% Aluminum  
     Shade: Spun Aluminum
     Arm: Extruded Aluminum
     Canopy: Cast Aluminum
Lamp: LED12 (800 Lumens | 4K) | LED22 (1800 Lumens | 3k, 4K)
LED Driver: Multi-Volt | 120V – 277V

Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request
Recommended Spacing: 4′ between fixtures


Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):









Lamp: LED12

800 lumerns | 120V – 277V


Lamp: LED22

1800 lumerns | 120V – 277V


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