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Edison’s Legacy Shines Bright💡

Sale of the Century – Bollards

Our Sale of the Century Continues:

Classic Edison Bollards Up for Grabs!



💡The Edison Era Returns


Hot on the heels of our Gooseneck Sale success, we’re excited to roll out our Sale of the Century encore! This time, it’s all about our Edison bulb (E26) Illuminated Bollards. Grab these classics that fuse timeless design with contemporary function.


These durable and energy-efficient architectural marvels are designed to elevate your outdoor areas, enhancing safety and sophistication. Ideal for peaceful parks or dynamic commercial spaces, they offer both protection and unparalleled style. 


Our customers love the practical E26 incandescent sockets in our bollards, valuing the ease of replacing just the bulb over the entire unit in case of LED issues. Proudly made in the USA, our Bollards can be customized in height and come in 29 vibrant powder-coated colors, ensuring a perfect fit for any aesthetic. Not only are they tailored to your taste, but they’re also among the most budget-friendly options out there. 


And there’s more – we can customize the bases to align with existing bollards, meaning you can skip the extra work and expense of pouring new concrete. Don’t miss out on this blend of classic charm and modern efficiency! 



Sale of the Century – Round Bollards


💡Edison’s Legacy Shines Bright


Round Bollards: A Symphony of Form and Function


Exploring our collection of Round Bollards, we introduce designs that combine architectural excellence with sturdy practicality. Our Pagoda Top Bollard (Catalog #5307) showcases Asian-inspired architectural elegance through its distinctive pagoda design, grounded by a solid shoe base for stability. Standing at an impressive 39 inches, this bollard is customizable in both lighting and finish options, enhancing durability and aesthetic appeal.


The collection also features the balanced beauty of the Round Bollard with Round Cap (#5310), as well as the sleek Round Aluminum Bollard (Catalog #5305), each designed to meet a range of stylistic preferences while providing effective lighting solutions. Additionally, the Mini Bollard (Catalog #5508) may be small in name but is significant in performance, offering strong design and illumination that upholds Primelite’s dedication to excellence. Suitable for both commercial and public environments, our bollards are crafted to enrich outdoor spaces with purposeful and stylish lighting.


Fixtures: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5508





Sale of the Century – Square Bollards


💡Shining a Light on Outdoor Excellence


Elevating Spaces with Square Bollards


As we shift our focus to our Square Bollards, we present an array of designs that are as visually striking as they are functional. The Metal Top Square Bollard (#5403), for example, features a sturdy aluminum construction with an acrylic lens, crowned with a modern flat metal cap. Its counterpart, the Plastic Top Square Bollard (#5404), mirrors this design but is distinguished by its unique plastic cap.


Introducing Catalog #5604, this Square Bollard is graced with an elegant acrylic lens and cap, offering a touch of sophistication. Alternatively, Catalog #5603 marries an acrylic lens with a pronounced metal top, making a bold statement. These models, at a statuesque 39 inches, deliver both an imposing presence and visual appeal.


Designed to accommodate a 100w incandescent bulb or LED alternatives, and available in an array of 29 powder-coated colors, our Square Bollards provide both adaptability and flair to suit any design specification.


Fixtures: #5403 | #5404 | #5603 | #5604


Sale of the Century-Louvered Bollards


💡Louver Features: Enhancing Performance and Aesthetics


Within our Bollard collection, models #5307 and #5310 are particularly noteworthy for their louver features. The #5307 is equipped with signature Pagoda-style louvers, while the #5310 offers louvers as an optional feature. These louvers play a pivotal role in enhancing the illumination quality of the bollards, directing light precisely to areas such as pathways and driveways, ensuring adequate illumination without unnecessary dispersion. Additionally, they mitigate glare, contributing to safer and more comfortable environments for both pedestrians and motorists.


From an aesthetic standpoint, louvers bestow a refined appearance upon the bollards, making them versatile for a variety of settings. Beyond their visual appeal, they provide vital protection for the bulb against external elements and potential damage. Environmentally, louvers aid in reducing light pollution by preventing unwanted upward or sideways light spread, and their efficient light direction can also contribute to energy savings. Ultimately, louvers are indispensable for optimizing both the performance and design of illuminated bollards, ensuring they function at their best while looking great.


Fixtures: #5307 | #5310 


Primelite’s Bollard Collection: Crafting Illuminated Narratives


At Primelite, lighting isn’t just a mere utility—it’s an art of weaving tales. Our Bollard Collection exemplifies this ethos. Each meticulously crafted piece, whether it’s the understated designs or the more intricately detailed ones, is designed to infuse outdoor spaces—from tranquil parks to bustling commercial areas—with an ambiance of warmth, security, and sophistication. Opt for Primelite and let every nook radiate with intention and grace.


Fixtures: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5403 | #5404 | #5508 | #5603 | #5604

Technical Drawing: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5403 | #5404 | #5508 | #5603 | #5604

Our Other Sale. Sale. Sale Of the Century


The buzz is real, and the spotlight is on our continuing “Sale of the Century“—an event that’s turning heads and illuminating spaces everywhere. The centerpiece of this unmatched sale? Our Gooseneck Specials, feature irresistible deals on these chic and efficient lighting fixtures. Now’s your golden opportunity to elevate your lighting, with Primelite firmly established as your go-to destination for all things bright and beautiful. Hurry and explore our Gooseneck Specials, and seize these deals before they fade into the night!