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🎃 Step Into the Haunted Elegance of Primelite 💀

🎃 Step Into the Haunted Elegance of Primelite 💀 | Street Light #1573

primelite square post #6400


With Our 👻 Spooky Square Posts

&  Haunting Street Lights 💀



🎶 We light up every hallway,
We’re here to help you always,
Illuminate in cool ways,
It’s Primelite MFG! 🎃

(🎶 to the tune of The Addams Family Theme 🎶)

💡Unearthing the Luminance of Legends 💀


Join us on a spine-chilling journey through the ghostly grandeur of Primelite’s Haunted Lamp Post Series #6400. In the eerie glow of an All Hallows Eve, the #6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series, which encompasses models #6407 through #6418, stands as a testament to light post design that’s truly out of this world. Carved from the finest aluminum that whispers tales from ancient crypts, these posts tower hauntingly from a ghoulish 7 feet to a monumental 20 feet.


These bewitched #6400 Posts offer otherworldly installation rites, ensuring they stand as timeless guardians for all architectural mausoleums. Whether buried directly in the cursed grounds for an unbroken and formidable stance, or perched atop our collection of phantom shoe bases, they promise a foundation that’s as sturdy as a vampire’s crypt.


Succumb to the endless night and spectral flexibility of the #6400 series. When paired with the Ghostly Street Lights #1573 and #1576, they conjure lighting duos that are nothing short of supernatural. Prepare to be spellbound! 🎃👻🕯️





🎶 Our designs, are oh so sleek now,
We’ll brighten every street, now,
The talk of the town, wow,
It’s Primelite MFG! 👻


💡Sorcerous Alchemy for Nocturnal Illumination 💀


The “Luminous Ghost Lantern,” #1573, is an alchemical wonder in the world of haunting luminance. With its arcane set of head combinations, it can summon various light specters: the lone phantom T1 (1 head), the duo of wraiths T2 (2 heads), the triad of spirits T3 (3 heads), and the quartet of apparitions T4 (4 heads). Each of these ethereal entities is meticulously crafted to attach seamlessly onto the mystical #6400’s 4″ x 4″ square posts. Beyond their spectral adaptability, every head possesses an enchanting 90° swivel, letting you guide the ghosts’ gaze with otherworldly precision, attending to specific shadowy corners and eerie alleyways.


Forged in the fiery cauldrons and made from the purest enchanted aluminum, the #1573 lanterns, pledge centuries of endurance while radiating an aura of supernatural elegance, are bewitching in a deep, mysterious bronze reminiscent of haunted castles.


In the kingdom of eternal night, this lantern is a beacon of the beyond. Drawing energy from a 150-watt LED spectral orbs, the fixture casts a potent spell, emitting a dazzling 140 lumens per watt, culminating in an astonishing 21,000 lumens that rival the allure of will-o’-the-wisps. Embrace the eerie illumination this Halloween! 🎃👻🔮



Venture with us into the shadowy depths of the Phantom Street Light #1576. Perched ominously atop our haunted #6400 square post, this lantern beckons spirits and mortals alike, marrying the dark arts with diabolical design. Forged in the depths of the underworld, its resilient frame is conjured from cursed aluminum, a lens of tempered ghost-glass, and a reflector shaped from poltergeist polycarbonate, assuring it will stand through centuries and still look as menacing as ever.


Draped in the midnight hue of the abyss, its finish is both haunting and elegant, adorned with a corrosion-defiant, pitch-black powder coat that whispers tales from the other side. In terms of its spectral glow, it’s fueled by an 80W LED soulstone, casting a powerful 10,000 Lumen gleam that can guide lost spirits or deter unwanted visitors. This lantern emanates a ghostly 3,000K standard color temperature, though should you wish to set a different mood, eerie shades of 2700K, 4000K, and 5700K can be invoked upon desire. Unveil the mysteries of the night with this bewitched illuminator! 🌙🕯️🦇


<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">The Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount #3571 proves itself to be a versatile and invaluable addition to any lighting setup</span></em>
The Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount #5731 proves itself to be a versatile and invaluable addition to any lighting setup

💡Gothic Grandeur in Luminance 💀


In the shadowed corners of All Hallows’ Eve, our enigmatic Wall Mount Fixture, #5731 LED150, emerges from the depths. Echoing the whispered tales and ghostly prowess of its spectral twin, the Street Light #1573, the #5731 boasts an eerie edge – the haunting capability of a wall mount. Carved from the ancient bones of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum and draped in the cloak of a bewitched polyester finish, the #5731 stands as a sentinel against the relentless march of time. It defies both rust and corrosion, making it an unwavering guardian that illuminates the night with an ethereal glow. Beware, for with the #5731, every wall becomes a portal to the supernatural. 🌌🎃🕯️


wall Mount #5761

Emerging from the shadowy recesses of timeless lore, the Wall Mount echo of Street Light #1576, christened as Wall Mount #5761, stands as an eerie beacon of gothic elegance, casting its ghostly allure over modern haunted mansions. Sculpted from underworld-forged aluminum and safeguarded by a veil of specter-tempered glass, this arcane lantern ensnares a reflector molded from the very essence of poltergeist polycarbonate — a devilish duo promising both agelessness and a ghastly glow to beckon lost souls.


Swathed in the inky blackness of the midnight realm, Wall Mount #5761 doesn’t just exude a macabre magnetism, but its phantom-kissed, powder-coated facade ensures it remains impervious to the corroding touch of time’s relentless march. At its cursed core pulses an 80W LED dark crystal, spewing forth a blinding 10,000-lumen specter.


While every lantern bathes its domain in the haunting hue of 3,000K, those who dabble in the forbidden arts of lighting alchemy can summon the spectral shades of 2700K, 4000K, and 5700K to cast their chosen curse upon their abode. Embrace the bewitching brilliance of this darkened illuminator! 🌑🕷️🕯️



 🎶 Bright! (snap, snap)
White! (snap, snap)
Bright, white, and outta sight! (snap, snap) 🎃

💡Glowing Grimoire of Ghoulish Delights 💀

Square (4″x 4″) Post Series #6400


#6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series
The #6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series stands as a beacon of enduring strength and versatility

In a realm where shadows merge with reality and the line between the living and the undead blurs, the #6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series emerges as a beacon of ghostly grandeur. When paired with specters like the #1573 and #1576 Street Lights, it’s as if Dracula himself commissioned its design. Forged in the haunted foundries and shaped from the darkest aluminum known to ghouls, it rises like a tombstone, from a chilling 7 feet to a towering 20 feet, resonating with the whispers of ancient spirits.


Each cursed #6400 post can bind up to four #1573 heads, weaving a web of eerie lighting possibilities, casting shadows where mortals fear to tread. Behold the bewitched brilliance of the #6400 series, dancing a macabre waltz with the #1573, an unholy fusion that lights up the underworld.


For those seeking to anchor these posts in the realm of the living, the #6400 series provides bewitching options. Plant them firmly into the hallowed ground, where they stand tall like relics of forgotten times, or let them ascend majestically upon our array of mystical shoe bases, crafting a spectacle even the restless spirits would pause to admire. All #6400 posts can be ordered without a lantern.


Dare to invite darkness with unparalleled luminance this All Hallows’ Eve! 🌌🕯️🍂


Technical Drawing: #6400 Series | 7’– #6407 | 8’– #6408 | 10’– #6410 | 12’– #6412 | 14’– #6414 | 16′ – #6416 | 18′ – #6418


Shoebox Adjustable Mount Street Light #1573 LED150, T1, T2, T3, T4


<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">Street Light #1573 T1 the soloist among its quartet of configurations, upholds the high standards of its #1573 family</span></em>
Street Light #1573 T1 the soloist among its quartet of configurations, upholds the high standards of its #1573 family


Unearth the ghostly glow of the #1573 LED150 Phantom Lantern. Tailored for a 4″ x 4″ cursed post, this lantern weaves an eerie enchantment with our haunted #6400 Series from the underworld. Forged in the abyss using cursed die-cast aluminum and sealed with a spellbound bronze polyester finish, it defies decay and the corrosive touch of time, promising to cast its eldritch glow through centuries.


But the #1573 LED150 isn’t just a relic of dark craftsmanship; it’s a luminary of the netherworld, offering a trio of bewitching illuminations: 240W, 200W, and 150W. Dare to choose your spectral glow directly from this enchanted lantern. 🌒🕯️👻


Technical Drawing: #1573 LED150 T1, #1573 LED150 T2, #1573 LED150 T3, #1573 LED150 T4



Post Mount | Street Light #1576

technical drawing post Light #1576
Post Mount | Street Light #1576

The ghostly beacon, LED street light #1576, looms from atop our cursed #6400 square post, merging otherworldly allure with wicked sophistication. Conjured from the depths using bewitched aluminum and shielded with spirit-tempered glass and a reflector of phantom polycarbonate, it boasts a design that could lure even the most elusive of specters.


Veiled in the shade of the deepest midnight, its corrosion-defying black finish exudes an elegance that whispers of haunted tales. While its 80W LED heart pulses with a powerful 10,000 Lumen glow, akin to the eyes of a thousand restless spirits. Although it traditionally casts a spectral hue of 3,000K, for those who wish to dabble in lighting alchemy, ghostly shades from 2700K to 5700K await to be summoned. Illuminate your haunted grounds with this eerie ensorcelled luminaire. 🌌🎃👻


Technical Drawing: #1576 LED80


Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount Light #5731 LED 150


<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">The Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount #3571 proves itself to be a versatile and invaluable addition to any lighting setup</span></em>
The Adjustable Wall Mount #5731 demonstrates its versatility and immense value in every lighting arrangement

The #5731 LED150 emerges from the fog-ridden alleys of the netherworld as a cryptic sentinel of wall-mounted exterior lighting. At dimensions of a haunting 6″ W by 8 3/8″ H by 1″ D for its spectral canopy, this ethereal illuminator graces every phantom-filled facade with a touch of ghostly elegance. It isn’t just a shadowy kin to the legendary #1573; it carries the bloodline of its arcane design lineage, ensnaring all the eerie enchantments, luminous lures, and electric entities of its spectral sibling.


The haunting aura of the #5731 is birthed from its very bones. Forged in the unholy fires and sculpted from the damned die-cast aluminum, it stands as a monument to eternal might and haunting endurance. This otherworldly frame is then kissed by a bewitched polyester finish. This cloak not only adds to its dark allure but also weaves a protective spell around the fixture. This enchantment shields the #5731 from the rust and decay of time, ensuring it remains as mesmerizing as the night of its conjuring, defiantly gleaming amidst the chilling embrace of the elements. 


The #5731 fixture bewitches further with its versatile lighting powers, offering three hauntingly distinct output options: 240W, 200W, and 150W. Choose your desired intensity directly on the fixture, and let the shadows dance to your whims. 🌌🕸️🕯️


Technical Drawing: #5731 LED150


Wall Mount #5761

Emerging from the twilight, the #5761 Wall Mount casts an enchantment of modern nocturnal elegance. Carved from the ancient aluminum found in witching woods and shielded by ghostly tempered glass, with a reflector of banshee-born polycarbonate, it stands as an unyielding guardian against time while casting spectral spells of light.


Cloaked in the abyssal shade of midnight with a black powder-coated finish, it defies the corrosive curses of the elements. The heart of this mystical relic pulsates with an 80W LED spirit, releasing a hauntingly powerful 10,000-lumen aura. While it traditionally basks in the warmth of a 3,000K moonlit glow, for those who seek the lights of the other realms, spectral shades of 2700K, 4000K, and 5700K await your beckoning. Let the #5761 be the lantern leading lost souls and merry monsters to your haunted abode this All Hallows’ Eve. 🌙🎃🕷️


Technical Drawing: #5761 LED80


In the bewitched heart of Freeport, New York, amidst ancient spells and cryptic tales, stands Primelite, emanating a spectral sense of “Conjured in America” pride. Within its hallowed halls, some of the most mystic and skilled necro-craftsmen weave their magic, meticulously molding our eerie lighting relics, otherworldly accessories, and more with an ethereal touch that transcends time. We proudly proclaim that our artifacts are “Conjured in America”, ensuring the birth of unparalleled, spellbinding American wonders for the otherworldly lighting realm.


Our emblem, tinged with the ghostly glow of the stars and ethereal stripes, coupled with the haunting “Conjured in America” sigils that accompany our bewitched creations, echo our unwavering pact with the timeless spirits and values that have carved America’s mystical legacy. Primelite shines as a luminescent and enigmatic beacon of American sorcery, radiating as eerily as the ancient legend it upholds. 🌌🎃🔮



🎶 From wall lights to the street lights
Our brilliance brightens all nights,
You won’t have any light frights,
With Primelite MFG! (snap, snap) 🕷️


💡Mystic🔮Mechanisms: Unveiling the Arcane Artifacts 💀

🎃 #6400 Series

Square Post #6400 Series
Primelite’s #6400 Series

  • Type: Seamless 4″ x 4″ Square Post.
  • Gauge: Solid 0.125 for year-round durability.
  • Size Spectrum: From compact 7′ to towering 20′, catering to diverse lighting needs.
  • Material: Premium aluminum for longevity.
  • Base Variant: Boost style with the Shoe Base option (#6400 SB).
  • Installation Choices: Burial Mount or the stylish Shoe Base.
  • Finish Palette: 29 powder-coated colors with custom finishes available.
  • Technical Insight: Drawings for each height variant give a clear product view.

Choose the #6400 Series for elegance, versatility, and unbeatable strength in outdoor lighting.

🎃 #1573 T1, T2, T3, T4

Shoebox Adjustable Slip Fit Mount Street Light #1573 T1
Primelite’s #1573 LED150 Series:

  • Type: Post Light & Street Light
  • Heads: Options from T1 to T4 for tailored lighting needs.
  • Lamp: 3 output options- 240W-200W-150W. Choose directly in the fixture. 
  • Lens: Clear for optimal light.
  • Size: Compact at 2 1/4” H x 25” L x 12 3/8″ W.
  • Material: Durable aluminum.
  • Swivel: 90° for targeted lighting.
  • Post: Fits 4″x4″ Square #6400 Series.
  • Usage: From streets and parking areas to sports lighting.
  • Finish: Polyester Powder-Coated in Bronze.
  • Technical Drawing#1573 LED150 T1, #1573 LED150 T2, #1573 LED150 T3, #1573 LED150 T4

Choose #1573 LED150 for stylish, functional, and long-lasting illumination.


🎃 #1576 LED80

Street Light #1576
Primelite’s #1576 LED80

  • Type: Post Light | Street Light
  • Lamp: LED80 (equivalent) | 48 LED Chips
  • Lumens: 10000 
  • Lens: Clear
  • Size: 21.125” H |  ‎18.5” L | 18.5″ W 
  • Construction: Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Mount: 3″ Poles & Posts | Cast Aluminum Posts
  • Install: Burial | Shoe Base
  • Installation: Local Streets, Roadways, Parking Lots, Driveways, Parking Garages, Highway and Sport Lighting installations
  • Finishes: Polyester Powder-Coated | Black
  • Technical Drawing: #1576 LED80


🎃 #5731

#5731 Wall Mount l.ight
Primelite’s #5731 LED150

  • Type: Wall Mount – A vertical brilliance for spaces with limited ground area.
  • Lamp: 3 output options- 240W-200W-150W. Choose directly in the fixture. 
  • Lens: Clear – Maximized light with a chic modern look.
  • Size: Compact design at 8 3/8” H, 26” L, and 12 3/8″ W.
  • Canopy Base: Sturdy 6″ W, 8 3/8″ H, 1″ D – for both aesthetics and stability.
  • Build: Robust aluminum – built to brave the outdoors.
  • Finish Options: Customizable with Polyester Powder-Coated, Bronze finish.
  • Technical Drawing: #5731 

Illuminate your spaces with Primelite’s #5731 LED150, the epitome of style meeting function in wall-mounted lighting.


🎃 #5761 LED80

Wall Mount #5761 LED80
Primelite’s #5761 LED80

  • Type: Wall Mounted Post Light
  • Lamp: LED80 (equivalent) | 48 LED Chips
  • Lumens: 10000 
  • Lens: Clear
  • Size: 26 3/8” H |  ‎18 1/2” L | 21 3/4” W 
  • Construction: Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Mount: Wall Mount | #07
  • Installation: Local Streets, Roadways, Parking Lots, Driveways, Parking Garages, Highway and Sport Lighting installations
  • Finishes: Polyester Powder-Coated | Black
  • Technical Drawing: #5761 LED80



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