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Mighty Brighty, Remarkably Lighty: The Power Our of Compact Linear Lights

<span style="font-size: 12px;"><em>Primelite Linear Lighting is now available in 2', 4' 6', and 8' sizes!</em></span>
Primelite Linear Lighting is now available in 2′, 4′ 6′, and 8′ sizes!


The Innovative Features

of Primelite’s 2′ Linear Lights



Primelite Manufacturing is proud to illuminate the path to innovation and style with another offering in our Linear Lighting saga: now available in four convenient sizes: 8′ (#5751 Series), 4′ (#5750 Series), 6’ (#5772 Series), and the spotlight of this week, our 2′ series (#5744).


Together, they represent the pinnacle of our Linear Lighting series, combining compact power with radiant brilliance in a way that only Primelite can. They might be petite, but they pack a mighty, luminous punch—truly, Mighty Brighty incarnate!


The Mighty Brighty Appeal of Primelite’s 2′ Linear Lights


Our 2′ Linear Light #5744 Series; featuring Pendants, Wall Mounts, Post Mounts, and Wall Washers, is primed to brighten your spaces with efficiency and elegance. Despite their compact size, our 2′ Linear Lights unleash a formidable wave of light, courtesy of the LED25 diode strip.


These fixtures are a testament to the power of small, sturdy, and weather-resistant lighting solutions that can effortlessly compete with larger counterparts, proving that they are indeed Mighty Brighty!



Primelite's Mighty Brighty 2' Linear Lights
Primelite’s Mighty Brighty 2′ Linear Lights #5744/861 ESW | #5744WW | #5744/855-13


Where Compact Meets Mighty


Our entire Linear Light collection is characterized by zero maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and ease of installation, and built to Primelite’s exacting standards. Our diverse range includes everything from flush mounts to wall washers and versatile, adjustable fixtures, all equipped with LED technology, ready for effortless installation.


Installation is a breeze with Primelite’s Linear Collection, which arrives pre-wired, pre-tested, and installation-ready, simplifying the setup process to just a few straightforward steps. 



Primelite's Mighty Brighty 2' Linear Lights
Primelite’s Mighty Brighty 2′ Linear Lights w/ 90° Swivel – #5744/872 ESW | #5744/858-13 ESW | #5744/864 ESW



Handcrafted and assembled in our New York facility, our linear lights boast durable aluminum construction, integrated LEDs, and a selection of lens colors. Rated for general exterior use, these fixtures are prepared to meet your project needs upon delivery. 


Elevate your space with a splash of color; our fixtures are available in 29 powder-coated finishes, including trendy metallic hues like nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, and more. Transform your lighting into a statement of style and efficiency with Primelite’s Linear Lighting Collection.



Primelite's 2' Linear Light Series #7744
Primelite’s 2′ Linear Light Series #5744


Primelite Mfg’s 2′ Mighty Brighty Linear Lighting Series:


#5744/1850 | #5744/852 | #5744/1855 ESW | #5744/850 | 5744/851 | #5744/855-13

#5744/1852 | #5744 Pendant | #5744/1873 ESW | #5744/858-ESW-13 | #5744/855-ESW-13

#5744F | #5744/852-2 | #5744S | #5744WW

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👉 2 Feet, 4 Feet, 6, Then 8. New Linear Lighting. Celebrate! | 👉 Mighty Brighty Linear Lighting | 👉 Our Linear Lights Are “One And Done”


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2‘ Linear Lighting Series #5744


linear light series #5744

Primelite Catalog: #5744 Series

Type: Linear Light | Pendant | Wall Wash | Wall Mount | Flush/Ceiling Mount | Post Mount | Single Lamp | Double Lamp

Light Box: 24″ X 3″

Lamp: LED25 | 24″ LED Diode Strip

Lens: Acrylic | White, Clear, Frosted

Construction: Aluminum

Installations: Commercial, municipal, and retail interiors/exteriors, restaurants, office exteriors


Finishes: Choice of 29 powder-coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
Technical Drawing: #5744 Series



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