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Mighty Brighter: Primelite’s Versatile 4′ Linear Lighting Collection

<span style="font-size: 12px;"><em>Primelite Linear Lighting is now available in 2', 4' 6', and 8' sizes!</em></span>
Primelite Linear Lighting is now available in 2′, 4′ 6′, and 8′ sizes!


Primelite’s 4′ Linear Lighting:

A Game-Changer for Designers



Imagine transforming a space with a flick of a switch—where each corner lights up not just with illumination, but with style and efficiency. That’s the promise of Primelite Manufacturing’s acclaimed Linear Lighting Collection. 


Available now in four meticulously crafted sizes—each tailored to fit spaces as grand as an expansive lobby with our 8-foot model (#5751 Series), as dynamic as a bustling office space with our 6-foot lights (#5772 Series), or as intimate as a boutique dressing room with our sleek 2-foot fixtures (#5744 Series). This week, we spotlight the versatile 4-foot (#5750 Series), a standout for its remarkable brilliance and robust performance. Known affectionately as the ‘Mighty Brighty,‘ these fixtures are not just a part of our collection; they’re a beacon of Primelite’s commitment to excellence.



<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">Primelite's 4' Linear Light Series #5750</span></em>
Primelite’s 4′ Linear Light Series #5750


Our 4-foot LED Linear Light Series (#5750) is elegantly designed for multiple applications. These fixtures are constructed from high-grade aluminum and equipped with robust polycarbonate lenses, which epitomize durability and style. Each light emits a potent 7,000 lumens via 50W LED chips, achieving an exceptional efficiency of 140 lumens per watt.



Our Linear Light Series (#5750) is engineered for versatility and ease of installation, featuring an integrated LED system, a universal 120-277 volt driver, and a built-in power supply mounted for quick setup through a simple three-wire connection. We offer customization options with 29 powder-coated finishes and lens choices in White, Frosted or Clear. Both fixtures are dimmable, and available in Soft White (3500K) or Bright White (5000K), allowing you to fine-tune the ambiance of your space.





No matter which fixture you select, whether the ceiling flush (#5750F) for a sleek, integrated appearance, the pendant (#5750) for customizable elegance, or any other model in our range, our fixtures are crafted to replace multiple smaller lights. This provides a modern, streamlined solution for your lighting needs. Each fixture is meticulously engineered to meet rigorous standards and is built to be weather-resistant, ensuring reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Linear Light 4′ Series #5750 Catalog: Page #1 | Page #2



<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">The #5750 Series includes diverse options such as Wall Mounts, Post Mounts, and Wall Washers as well as our #5750 Pendant</span></em>
The #5750 Series includes diverse options such as Wall Mounts, Post Mounts, and Wall Washers as well as our #5750 Pendant



Setting up is a breeze with our Linear Collection; each fixture arrives pre-wired, pre-tested, and ready for installation, allowing for a quick and simple setup process. This means your new lighting can be operational in just a few effortless steps.



Handcrafted and assembled in our New York facility, our linear lights are constructed from sturdy aluminum, equipped with integrated LEDs, and available in various lens colors. They are rated for general exterior use and are primed to fulfill the requirements of your projects from the moment of delivery.



Transform your spaces with the elegance and efficiency of Primelite’s Linear Lighting Collection. Visit our website or contact  (516-8684411 | us today for more information and discover how they can illuminate your projects with style and sustainability. Light up your next design project with Primelite, where quality meets cutting-edge innovation.


Primelite Mfg’s 4′ Mighty Brighty Linear Lighting Series #5750:


Primelite's 4' Linear Light Series #5750  


#5750/852 ESW | #5750 Pendant | #5750F | #5750WW

#5750/855-11 ESW | #5750/850 | #5750/861

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4‘ Linear Lighting Series #5750


linear light series #5750

Primelite Catalog: #5750 Series

#5750/852 ESW | #5750 Pendant | #5750F | #5750WW

#5750/855-11 ESW | #5750/850 | #5750/861

Type: Linear Light | Pendant | Wall Wash | Wall Mount | Flush/Ceiling Mount | Post Mount

Light Box: 50″ X 3″

Lamp: LED50 | 48″ LED Diode Strip

Lens: Acrylic | White, Clear, Frosted

Construction: Aluminum

Installations: Commercial, municipal, and retail interiors/exteriors, restaurants, office exteriors


Finishes: Choice of 29 powder-coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
Technical Drawing: #5750 Series

#5750/852 (+ESW) | #5750WW | #5750/855-11 ESW

#5750/850 (+ESW) | #5750/861| #5750A ESW


Note: +ESW – includes 90° Swivel(s)



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