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What is the Buzzzzz! on W 20th Street, NYC?

What's the Buzzzzz! on 20th St, NYC? Primelite Pendant #161/1164S is the Buzzzzz!

What's the Buzzzzz! on 20th St, NYC? Primelite Pendant #161/1164S is the Buzzzzz!

Prismatic Pendant #161/1164S is the Buzzzzz????!


Buzzzzz????!: Primelite #161/1164S

Fixture: Pendant, Prismatic Shade

Establishment: Barry’s Bootcamp

Location: W 20th Street, NYC

Installation: Interior

Color: Black

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pendant #161/1164S


technical drawing #161/1164S

Buzzzzz????! Specs

Catalog: Primelite #161/1164S

Style: Pendant, Stem
Size: Dia. 19″ | Ht. 17″  
Lamp: Edison Style Base – Incandescent, HID, LED (also available hardwired LED)
Fixture Construction: Steel
Shade: Acrylic, Prismatic
Installation: Interior, Commercial, Residential
Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors
Technical DrawingPrimelite #161/1164S
Establishment: Barry’s Bootcamp, W 20th Street, NYC
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Repost: What is the Buzzzzz! @ Nathans, NY?

buzzzzz! #181-1124-2

Primelite Prismatic Pendant Light #181-1124-2Primelite Prismatic Pendant Light #181-1124-2 is the Buzzzzz!

As any longtime New Yorker knows, Nathan’s has the best french fries in town. Period. Amen! And as Nathan’s has expanded beyond its original Coney Island, Brooklyn, home who would be trusted with Illuminating their delicious golden brown spuds? If its the Nathan’s in Yonkers New York, its Primelite Manufacturing. Of course! Specifically Primelite #181-1124-2!

Nathan's, Yonkers NY & Primelite #181-1124-2
Nathan’s, Yonkers NY & Primelite #181-1124-2

These Prismatic Pendant lights are featured prominently throughout the Nathan’s. As the fries are perfectly cooked, we make sure they’re perfectly illuminated. Nathan’s and Primelite Mfg. Brightening the palates of Yonkers, New York.

primelite #181-1124-2

Specs: Primelite Pendant #181-1124-2  (Catalog B, Page 5A)

Size: Dia 12″ Ht 71/2.”

Lamp: 1/100, PLT 32, 0r 1/100 HD.

Shade: Prismatic Acrylic.

Bottom Lens: Clear, Prismatic.

Hanging: Stem, Cord, Chain

Colors:  29 powder coated colors, metallic finishes.

Installation: Commercial, Residential.

Fixture Shown: #181-1124-2 / Stem / Black / Prismatic Bottom Lens.

Tech Drawing: Primelite #181-1124-2

Featured Establishment: Nathan’s, 2290 Central Park Ave., Yonkers, New York


(Reposted. Originally posted Oct 9, 2015)

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Sparkle. Shimmer. Glimmer. Glow.

pendant #161/1164 LED22

featured fixture #pendant #161/1164 LEd22

Sparkle. Shimmer. Glimmer. Glow

Joining the sparkling ranks of Primelite’s LED lighting fixtures, Prismatic Pendant #161/1164 LED22 is as impressive as it is practical. Introduce a spectacular installation to any commercial or industrial space, including lofts, warehouses, restaurants and commercial buildings. Industrial style residences would also benefit from the shimmering styling of our prismatic pendants. Imagine these glimmering brightly while descending from the high ceilings found in today’s converted lofts and artist spaces.

With its chic prismatic shade, offering glowingly diffused lighting, Pendant #161/1164 LED22 is designed with style and practicality. Add in power consumption savings from our LED chips, and our lights are as cost effective as they are impressive. Primelite’s Pendant #161/1164 LED22 comes with its prismatic shade, metallic cage and includes our exclusive integrated LED system (iLEDs). Available in 29 powder coated colors, or custom color matched.

Primelite. If you’ve got the space, we’ve got the lighting!


pendant #161/1164 LED22

Specs: Pendant #161/1164 LED22 (Section D / Page 3)

Style: Pendant, Interior

Size:  Dia 19″ | Ht. 17″
Shade: Prismatic, Acrylic
Lamp: LED22 – *iLEDs (Integrated LED System), 3K/4K, Dimmable
Construction: Aluminum
Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request. Shown: Bronze
technical drawing #161/1164 LED22
Technical Drawing:
Lamp: iLEDs (Integrated LED System)
LED22, 3K/4K
Please Note: iLEDs (Integrated LED system) is Primelite’s custom designed, and built, LED lighting system.
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