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Square 🔲 Pegs and Round ⭕️ Holes

Round ⭕️ Holes


Square 🔲 Pegs

Square is the Way to Go


The phrase “trying to put a square peg in a round hole” is often used to describe something that is theoretically impossible. With our Square Post #6400 Series and the included topper #2 (Pier Mount #2), you can now mount your lanterns, which were originally designed to fit a 3″ post, onto our square posts.


This is a perfect example of a square peg fitting into a round hole, and it’s all thanks to Primelite!


As you know, Primelite has been offering lanterns and coordinating posts and poles since our early days. With a wide range of post options available, including smooth, fluted, circular, and now square designs, our posts provide a sturdy foundation for your post lights. 







Our Square Posts boast versatility in their simple yet elegant design. Made of gauge .125 4″ aluminum, these posts can be extruded up to a towering height of 20′, with 8 standard height options available. However, if your project requires a custom height, we can create a post tailored to your specific needs, up to 20 feet tall.


For projects where direct burial installation is not feasible, we offer a Shoe Base option (#6400 SB Series). In addition, we provide various square post top options to choose from, including a plain square post cap (#6401), a post cap with a 1/2″ female top (#6402), and a post cap with a 3/4″ female top (#6403).



#6400 Series with Multiple Heads Fixture #1573-T2



Since our Square Posts have four sides, you can install multiple heads per post. For instance, our Street Light #1573 can accommodate up to four heads on a single post, with one head facing each direction. 

Looking to Begin a Lighting Project? 


If you need some inspiration for your exterior lighting design, look no further than Primelite. We have a vast selection of Street Lights and Lanterns to choose from, and we understand that the type of post on which your light shines is just as important as the light itself. Apart from our Square Post Series #6400, we offer a wide range of post options, including simple 3″ aluminum poles and classically styled Cast Aluminum Posts, with heights ranging from 2 to 16 feet and smooth or fluted tops. We also provide decorative bases, enabling our clients to create a sleek, affordable, and polished design that suits their specific needs and preferences.


Primelite Mfg goes beyond providing posts and poles by offering coordinating shoe bases, shoe base covers, and ladder rests to ensure a seamless and complete installation. We also offer electrical options, such as electric eye and convenience outlets, to enhance the functionality of the lighting system. Paying attention to such details can make a significant difference in the overall appearance and functionality of your lighting system.



#6400 & #6400 SB Square Post Accessories, As Well As Accessories for Our 3″ Post Collection



In addition, we offer a variety of Street Lights, Post Lights, and Lanterns, including Dark Sky “Friendly” options, many of which are available in LED. This wide selection provides customers with even more flexibility in choosing the right lighting solutions for their outdoor spaces. We are committed to providing energy-efficient and eco-friendly options that help reduce energy costs and minimize light pollution, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability.



Primelite’s selection of Aluminum Posts including Square Post Series #6400 & #6400 SB


Aside from our Square Post Series, we offer a variety of Aluminum Post & column styles, which are showcased in our Lighting Catalogs on page 33A.

Square Posts 🔲 For Round Holes ⭕️


Square Post Series #6400

Square Post Series #6400

Our Post Series #6400 is comprised of all-aluminum square posts that come in heights ranging from 7′ to 20′. Since most lanterns are designed to be mounted on a 3″ post or pole, we provide a Pier Mount topper, #2, that converts the 4″ square to accommodate lanterns with a 3″ circular base. Additionally, the Square Post Series is available with a Shoe Base, #6400 SB Series, for projects where direct burial installation is not possible.



Since Square Posts have four sides, multiple heads can be installed per post. Accommodating up to four heads on a single post, with one head facing each direction. In addition, we offer various toppers, including a plain square post cap (#6401), a post cap with a 1/2″ female top (#6402), and a post cap with a 3/4″ female top (#6403). We also provide electrical options, such as an electric eye and convenience outlet, to enhance the functionality of the lighting system.

Square Post Series #6400SB


Technical Drawings:

#6400 Series: #6407 | #6408 | #6410 | #6412 | #6414 | #6416 | #6418 | #6420

#6400 SB Series: #6407 SB | #6408 SB | #6410 SB | #6412 SB | #6414 SB | #6416 SB | #6418 SB | #6420 SB





Square Posts for a Round Post Hole



With Primelite’s extensive experience in designing and manufacturing lanterns and light posts, our clients can trust that they are receiving high-quality, durable, and visually appealing products that will meet their needs and surpass their expectations.


All of our Street Lights, Post Lights, Lanterns, and Posts are meticulously crafted by hand and assembled in our warehouse located in New York. We take pride in providing lighting solutions that are not only cost-effective and budget-friendly but also require minimal maintenance while delivering reliable and stylish illumination for years to come.


Our fixtures and LED modules are backed by a warranty, and we ensure that they arrive at the job site fully functional and ready to be installed.







⚙️ #6400 Series 

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⚙️ #6400 SB Series 

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