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T’was Couple Of Months Before …

T’was The Night Before


‘Twas the night before Christmas, in the heart of town square,
Not a bulb was aglow, just coldness and air.
The streets were all silent, no festive delight,
All was in darkness, not a twinkle in sight.

Yet the town needed magic, a true festive light.
When suddenly, gleaming, there arose such a sight,
Our Holiday Striped Posts, beaming and bright!
Like barbershop poles, they stood tall and stood bright,

They gleamed and they glowed, in a rhythmic parade,
In hues of red, blue, and a festive green shade.
Like lollipops dancing, a candy-filled view,
With green lights, and red lights, and a cool touch of blue.

The townsfolk they gathered, their faces so bright,
Gazing in wonder at the marvelous light.
Whispers and cheers, filled the nights chilly air,
As the colors reflected, here, there, everywhere.

And in our joy, with hearts taking flight,
Shouting joyfully, we exclaimed:

📣 “Happy Christmas to all, and to all, Primelite!”  📣


Brighten Up the Holidays with Primelite’s Festive Lighting!


As the upcoming holiday season unfolds, your clients may already be envisioning the festive gleam for this year’s celebrations. Whether it’s town squares, bustling streets, serene parks, or vibrant public spaces, Primelite Mfg’s Holiday Striped Posts promise to infuse every corner with festive radiance. Stay within budget and keep the holiday spirits high with the dazzling luminescence only Primelite can offer.



Dressed in iconic candy cane stripes and crowned with classic colors, our Holiday Striped Posts introduce a nostalgic seasonal twinkle to every town and village event. By integrating these posts into local festivities, you’re not just illuminating spaces but crafting lifelong memories and festive goodwill. And for those looking for flexibility, our optional deck mount base ensures hassle-free post-season storage. 


Every Holiday Striped Post package consists of a 7′ striped pole paired with a #1280 or #280-colored globe, a matching mount base, and all essential wiring. With easy-to-follow instructions, your festive setup will be ready to charm in no time.



Holiday striped color posts


Highlighting Our Holiday Collection

Holiday Striped Post #6107/striped


Holiday Post #6107/Striped
Holiday Post Light #6107/Striped (Shown: Candy Cane | Red & White)

Crafted meticulously from premium 100% aluminum, our Holiday Striped Posts are a testament to both durability and aesthetic appeal. They come in a delightful palette of color combinations, with the #6107/Striped design, adorned in classic candy cane red and white stripes, being a crowd favorite.


Each of our festive Holiday Striped Post packages boast a 7′ striped pole, paired with a vibrant 10″ acrylic globe. Complemented by a harmoniously designed mount base and equipped with all essential wiring, these lighting kits are seamlessly designed for easy assembly and installation.


Furthermore, in our endeavor to illuminate every festivity, we’ve curated special lighting kits for occasions like Chanukah | Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Reach out to us for a comprehensive insight into these offerings.


Globe #280-blue | #280-red | #280-green

Globes #1280 – White | Clear | Smoke


Globe #280 Color blue, red, green | #1280 white, smoke, clear
Globe #280-Color blue, red, green | #1280 white, smoke, clear

Diving into a spectrum of celebratory transparency, our #280 acrylic globes now shine brilliantly in hues of Red, Green, and Blue, or #1280 globes in white, transparent clarity, or a smokey tint – perfect for festive seasons or indeed, any day of the year.


Offered in an array of sizes, from 8 to 16 inches, these vibrant acrylic globes seamlessly blend versatility with functionality. Suited for a range of applications, be it post lights, pendants, or exterior signage, each globe is robustly crafted. Their watertight design ensures they stand resilient, even against the fiercest challenges posed by Mother Nature.


New this year: Vibrant LED bulb colors to infuse holiday cheer into Clear and Frosted globes. Simply swap out your current bulb, and presto! Contact office for more info.


<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">Vibrant LED bulb colors designed to infuse holiday cheer into Clear and Frosted globes</span></em>
Vibrant LED bulb colors designed to infuse holiday cheer into Clear and Frosted globes


Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail in our New York warehouse, Primelite’s Holiday Striped Posts stand as a testament to enduring style and reliability. Made with 3″ robust aluminum, these posts typically rise to a height of 7′. However, understanding the varied needs of our customers, we’re delighted to customize post heights up to 10′ upon request.


From the enchanting glow of Christmas and Chanukah to the cool embrace of Winter, or the collective warmth of the entire holiday season, let Primelite’s Holiday Striped Posts illuminate your celebrations. With their vibrant stripes, they’re destined to be a radiant centerpiece, adding a touch of brilliance to every festivity.



holiday striped posts



Post #6107/Striped

Primelite Catalog: #6107/Striped


  • Size:
    • Post Height: 7′ to 20′
    • Diameter: 3″
  • Construction: 0.05 Gauge Aluminum
  • Installation: Exterior
  • Mounting Options:
    • Surface Mount
    • Direct Burial


  • Displayed: Striped (Candy Cane – Red & White)
  • Additional Color Combinations Available. [Color Chart]










#280-(Color) | #1280 


Globe #280 Color blue, red, green | #1280 white, smoke, clear

Primelite Catalog:


  • Type: Globe
  • Material: Transparent Acrylic
  • Available Colors: Blue, Red, Green | White, Clear, Smoke
  • Standard Size: 10″
    • Additional Sizes: 8″, 12″, 14″, 16″
  • Styles:
    • Open Top
    • Neckless
    • Fitted Neck
  • Usage:
    • Pendants
    • Posts and Poles
    • Sign Lights
    • Suitable for both Exterior and Interior

Installation Recommendations:

  • Police, Fire, and Railroad Stations
  • Emergency Call Stations
  • Christmas and Holiday Lights




Copyright 2023 Primelite Mfg.




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Up, Lit and Away 🎈🎈🎈

Up, Lit & Away
Up, Lit & Away

With Our C🔴l🔵rful,

Our C🔵l🔴rful 

G l 🟢 b e s 🎶


C🟢l🟢r Me Green.


We’ve heard you and your interest in our series of colorful globes. And its because of this interest we’ve decided to once again highlight these colorful, flexible and economical beauties. 


At Primelite, globes have always been a specialty. We offer decades of knowledge, expertise, and real-world experience. And a world-class catalog. You can count on us for the Big Globes. Little Globes. Outdoor Globes. Indoor Globes. Clear Globes, White globes. Cubed Globes. Acrylic. Glass. Polyethylene. Super Lex. In sizes from petite 6″ to 36″ behemoths. And now in glorious color!




C🔴l🔴r Me Red.


As the song goes-

… don’t be afraid To let them show your true colorsTrue colors are beautifulLike a rainbow…


And now would be the perfect time to “Rainbowyour world!  In color. With color. Our colors. Red. Green. Blue. Transparent in hue. Bright in tone. Perfect in place.


Any Fixture can Be Color!
Any Fixture Can Feature Our Colorful Globes | #280-Color


And while we carry globes in different shapes,  materials and sizes, these acrylic beauties are perfect, in diameter from 8″ to 20″, for most globular projects. Whether sitting atop a classically styled post, hanging from the ceiling as a vibrantly hued pendant, or mounted outside an establishment as colorful signage or identification. Our globes are at their best when brightening, and coloring, the world. 

C🔵l🔵r Me Blue.



Our Color Globes Are Transparent



Globe #280-blue | #280-red | #280-green



Globe #280 Color blue, red, green
Colorful Globes # 280-Blue, Red and Green

Globe #280-blue 🔵 | #280-red 🔴 | #280-green 🟢

While once relegated to the basics like white, clear (transparent), or that ever mysterious smokey-tint, our globes are now ready to colorify your world


So don’t just work with the same old, same old. Open your projects and installations to a world of color. Residential, commercial, indoors, out. Your place, my place, their place, any place. Up, down, in, or out. Color is in. Color is now.


Installation suggestions include Police, Fire and Railroad Stations, inside and out. Emergency call stations, even Christmas and Holiday lights


And available in a multitude of sizes; 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, our Colorful acrylic globes are as versatile as they are practical. From post lights, pendants, exterior sign and identification installations, our globes offer a watertight and solid fixture able to withstand the harshest of Mother Nature’s aggression.


C🔵l🔴r Me C🔵l🟢r.



Our Globes and fixtures are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse and offer years of stylish reliability. Our lights are cost effective, budget friendly and are weather rated for general exterior installations and arrive at the job site ready to go!




Colorful Globes # 280-Blue, Red and Green
Primelite Catalog: #280-Blue | #280-Red | #280-Green

  • Type: Globe
  • Material: Acrylic | Transparent 
  • Colors: Blue | Red | Green
  • Size: Sizes: 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 20″
  • Styles: Open Top | Neckless | Fitted Neck
  • Usage: Pendants | Posts and Poles | Sign Lights | Exterior | Interior
  • Installation: Police, Fire and Railroad Stations. Emergency call stations, Christmas and Holiday Lights