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T’was The Night Before (#2)

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through town square,
There was no special lighting, no bright lights, nothing there
It was a sad looking place, not a cheer filled the air
A darkened town square,  just too stark, too bare
The only light present was the glow of the moon
Well something was needed, and needed real soon

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But our Holiday Striped Posts, all ablaze in the square
On posts red, and white, and holiday striped
Like barbershop poles on this dark Christmas night

With transparently bright colors, like rainbows of light
brightly colored globes in red, clear and white,
There were blue lights and green lights and more than a few..
Looked like lollipops of color, shinning brightly of hue 

Now with crowds all on hand for this colorful sight
All ohhh-ing and ahhh-ing our prisms of bright
And they heard us exclaim, as we brightened those lights…

“Happy Christmas to all,
and to all


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“Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”. Again!


It’s the holiday season once again and as we celebrate, your clients might be thinking about, or even planning, next years holiday lighting installations. Whether town squares, streets, parks or other public spaces, the addition of Primelite Holiday Striped Posts will bring a bright and festive presence to your village celebrations. Easily stay within budget, and the good graces of the holiday crowds, with seasonal goodness from your source for all that is LIGHT. Primelite Mfg. 



You’ll find our lights festively dressed in holiday stripe colors, including a candy cane red and white. Our holiday lights are a combo of a 7′ striped pole, a #280-color globe, coordinated mount base and all necessary wiring. Your lights will arrive ready to assemble and install. 


Wrapped in candy cane stripes and topped with old-skool color, our Holiday Striped Posts will bring a seasonal twinkle to town and village celebrations. Incorporating our posts in local celebrations will help create long lasting memories and seasonal goodwill. With an optional deck mount base, you can easily remove the posts to storage once the holidays are over. But, of course, you can leave the lights up and enjoy their festive illumination throughout the ahead.



Holiday striped color posts


Holiday Post #6107/striped


Holiday Post #6107/Striped
Holiday Post Light #6107/Striped (Finish Candy Cane | Red & White)

Holiday Post #6107/Striped

Our Holiday Striped Posts are constructed of 100% aluminum and are available in assorted color combinations. A popular example – the #6107/Striped shown in a candy cane (red and white) stripe.


Our holiday lights would consist of a 7′ striped pole, a colorful 10″ acrylic globe, coordinated mount base and all necessary wiring. Your lights arrive ready to assemble and install. 


Chanukah Holiday Poles


We also offer Chanukah | Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentines Day, Easter options of our Holiday Light Kits. Please inquire for more info.






Globe #280-blue | #280-red | #280-green

Globe #280 Color blue, red, green
Colorful Globes # 280-Blue, Red and Green

Globe #280-blue | #280-red | #280-green

Once relegated to basic colors like white, clear (transparent), or a mysterious smokey-tint, our globes are now ready to colorify the world


Our acrylic globes are now available in a triumvirate of transparent festivity. Like Blue. Red. And Green. Joyful colors for a joyous season. (or any time of the year!)


Available in a multitude of sizes; 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, our Colorful acrylic globes are as versatile as they are practical. From post lights, pendants, exterior sign and identification installations, our globes offer a watertight and solid fixture able to withstand the harshest of Mother Nature’s aggression.



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Our Holiday Striped Posts are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse and offer years of stylish reliability. The posts are constructed of 3″ aluminum, and while 7′ is the standard post height, we can offer any post height up till 10′, upon request. 


Whether observing Christmas, Chanukah, Winter, or the entire Holiday Season, Primelite’s Holiday Striped Posts will be a colorful high-lite of those festive celebrations!




Post #6107/Striped

Primelite Catalog: #6107/Striped

  • Post: #6107
  • Type: Post Light | Holiday Striped
  • Purpose: Exterior Illumination
  • Size:
  • Post: Ht 7′ – 20′ | Dia 3″ 
  • Construction: Aluminum | 0.05 Gauge
  • Installation: Exterior
  • Mount: Surface Mount | Direct Burial
  • Finishes: Shown – Striped | Candy Cane | Red & White | Additional Color Combinations Available | Color Chart



Colorful Globes # 280-Blue, Red and Green
Primelite Catalog: #280-Blue | #280-Red | #280-Green

  • Type: Globe
  • Material: Acrylic | Transparent 
  • Colors: Blue | Red | Green
  • Size: 10″ | Additional Sizes: 8, 12, 14, 16
  • Styles: Open Top | Neckless | Fitted Neck
  • Usage: Pendants | Posts and Poles | Sign Lights | Exterior | Interior
  • Installation: Police, Fire and Railroad Stations. Emergency call stations, Christmas and Holiday Lights



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