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Mighty Brighty Linear Lighting

Flush Mount Linear Light #5744F

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2′ Linear Lights Ceiling Mount


Primelite Mfg is once again at the forefront of innovation, inspiration and motivation. Introducing, the latest in an expanding selection of Linear Lighting, our new 2′ LED Linear Light Collection. These spectacular “little vessels of illuminance” are ready to offer the best in stylish, functional and affordable illumination.


This week we are featuring 2 new fixtures from the 2′ Linear Light #5744 Series, flush mounted #5744F and its compadre, stem-mounted #5744/18 (also known as #5744S). With their 24″ ceiling mounted heads (#5744A) this duo epitomizes the style, strength and function of our new Linear Lighting fixtures. They‘re small but mighty. And as bright as any big brother. Why they’re …


Mighty Brighty!



And Remember, “Our Good things, do come in smaller packages”!


Stem Mount Linear Light #5744/18



Our Linear Lighting collection is now available in 3 sizes – 8′ (#5751 Series), 4′ (#5750 Series) & the new 2′ (#5744 Series). Offering solutions our clientele have come to expect. These fixtures have been “primarily designed to improve energy efficiency and extend life” with simple yet elegant form factors for aesthetics, light optics, adaptability, and control.



Our 2′ Linear Light #5744 Series‘ flush mounted #5744F and stem-mounted #5744/18 (#5744Sare now ready to light your life. We also offer these ceiling mounted light fixtures in larger sizes if a project calls for it.


In our 8′ series (#5751) we carry flush mounted #5751F and its friend, #5751/18, with 18″ stems. On the 4′ side of things (Series #5750) we have flush mounted fixture #5750F and ceiling mounted #5750/18. Again with 18′ stems. 



Mighty Brighty Stem Mount Linear Light #5744F



No matter your projects  needs and environment, we have a size and illumination to get the job done. Quickly, brightly and economically! And with Primelite’s renowned reliability.

2′ Linear Lights Pack a Punch


…it might be small, but it’s mighty brighty!”


Any of our new 2′ Linear Lights packs an illuminating punch when it comes to light output. The LED25 diode strip, only 24″ long, offers a broad field of light, far beyond its small footprint. Our new fixtures are small, secure and weather-strong, offering an illumination to rival the big guys. Proving once again, they might be small, but they’re mighty brighty!



Mighty Brighty Flush Mount Linear Light #5744F



Our 2′ Linear Light collection, in fact all of the collections are maintenance free, economically affordable, easily installed, and includes Primelite’s superior construction. Fixtures range from flush mounted to wall washers. From outstanding post lights to easily adjustable multi-use fixtures. All fixtures include LED diodes and drivers, come pre-wired and arrive at the job site ready to install. Simple. Affordable. Strong. Easy. Dependable. 


2′ Linear Light Flush Mounted #5744F


linear light #5744F | flush mount
Flush Mount Linear Light #5744F

Flush-mounted Linear Light #5744F: The perfect, ceiling flush mounted fixture, physically smaller than its larger brothers, #5750F and #5751F, but with oversized lighting. Ideal for commercial lighting and general illumination; install in small areas that need big light.


With a light box of 24″, it comes complete with a LED25 strip of integrated diodes and driver offering a bold output of strong, bright light. 


And while shown with a clear lens (-4), your order comes with a choice of a lens color, white, clear or frosted. The fixture is weather rated for general exterior installations. 


Technical Drawing: #5744F



our 2′ Linear Lights ensure a long lasting, energy efficient and cost effective solution to your lighting design needs.


2′ Linear Light Stem Mounted #5744/18 (#5744S)


linear light #5744S | Stem mounted
Stem Mount Linear Light #5744S

Stem Mounted Linear Light #5744/18 (#5744S) : Like its compadre above,  #5744/18 offers the same size, structure and illuminance of #5744F, but instead of a ceiling flush mount, this fixture is suspended by an 18″ stem.


With a 24″ light box it comes complete with a LED25 strip of integrated diodes and driver. And comes with a choice of  lens color, white, clear or frosted.


BTW – #5744/18 is also know as #5744S, “S” for stem mount.


Technical Drawing: #5744/18


Basic 3 cord wiring
Installation: Basic 3 Cord Wiring




Primelite’s Linear Collection comes pre-wired and ready to install with a basic 3 cord installation. Simply put – our 2′ linear lights need only 1 outlet box (#5744 Series). The 4′ and 8′ linear lights (#5750 & #5751 Series) need 2 outlet boxes. One electrified. The other, just for fixture stability. Our Linear Lights come pre-wired, pre-tested and ready to hang! Mount! Install! Whatever you call it. We’re there!

Linear. Simple. Affordable. Strong. Easy. Dependable.


Our linear lamps are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse and offer years of stylish reliability. Constructed of strong aluminum, our lights are cost effective and budget friendly. All linear fixtures include integrated LEDs, drivers, all wiring and come with a choice of lens color; white, clear or frosted. The fixtures are weather rated for general exterior installations and arrive at the job site ready to go!


Introduce a touch of color with any of our 29 powder coated colors, including chic metallic-style finishes: nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, galvanized and more.




 #5744F (Flush Mounted)

Linear Light #5744F
Primelite Catalog: #5744F

TypeLinear Light | Flush Mount

Lamp: LED25 | 24″ LED Diode Strip

Lens: White | Clear | Frosted

Size: 4 1/2″ OAH | 3″ OAW | 24″ OAL

Construction: Aluminum


Installation: Ceiling Mounted | Smaller, Tight Exterior Spaces
Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
Technical Drawing: #5744F

 #5744/18 (Stem Mounted)

Linear Light #5744S | #5744/18
Primelite Catalog: #5744/18 (#5744S*)

*(#5744/18 is also known as #5744S. “S” for stem mount)

Type: Linear Light | Stem-Mount

Lamp: LED25 | 24″ LED Diode Strip

Lens: White | Clear | Frosted

Stem: 18″

Size: 22 5/8″ OAH | 3″ OAW | 24″ OAL

Construction: Aluminum


Installation: Ceiling Mount | Smaller, Tight Exterior Spaces
Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request
Technical Drawing: #5744/18


Linear Lighting #5744 Series Technical Drawing:

Whole Series – One PDF File




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