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Revolutionizing Lighting: A Spotlight on Primelite Latest Innovation


Introducing Primelite's new 25 W LED chip
Introducing Primelite’s new 25 W LED chip with an impressive output of 3905 lumens, equivalent to 100 MH

Primelite Revolutionary LED25 Chip:

The Future of Energy-Efficient Lighting



Since its establishment in 1962, Primelite Manufacturing has been a revered leader in the lighting industry. Today we are excited to unveil our revolutionary 25-watt LED chip, a game-changer that is setting new industry benchmarks.


The LED25 chip signifies a major advancement in our design capabilities, expertly replicating the luminosity of a 100-watt metal halide while offering substantial energy savings and improved efficiency. This chip’s sophisticated design incorporates multiple smaller chips on a single board, enhancing heat dispersion more effectively than previous models. This innovation enables it to deliver a higher lumen output even in compact spaces.


Join us as we delve into the cutting-edge advancements that continue to keep Primelite at the forefront of lighting technology.



The LED25 chip marks a breakthrough while brilliantly mimicking the output of a 100-watt metal halide but with significant energy savings and efficiency
The LED25 chip represents a significant advancement in lighting technology, effectively replicating the output of a 100-watt metal halide while delivering energy savings and enhanced efficiency


Primelite’s Groundbreaking 25-Watt LED Chip



This breakthrough is encapsulated in our new LED25 chip, which operates within a typical voltage of 36V and consumes 25W of power. The chip’s compact, square shape, measuring 38mm or approximately 1.496 inches, fits perfectly within our Jelly Jar and Louvered fixtures, enhancing its performance and efficiency without overheating concerns. This significant improvement dramatically increases the light output to an impressive 3905 lumens while also broadening the practical applications of our lighting fixtures. 



Our new LED25 chip is featured in the 427 Series. Including the robust 427/16-850 LED25 HD,  427/16 LED25, a stylish hanging fixture, , and the elegant 427/16-1862 LED25
Our new LED25 chip is featured in the #427 Series. Including the robust #427/16-850 LED25 HD,  #427/16 LED25, a stylish hanging fixture, , and the elegant #427/16-1862 SCA LED25



Illuminating the Future



This new LED25 chip is a key feature in several of our products, including the Louvered #427 Series. This series includes a variety of fixtures such as the sleek and stylish #427/16 LED25 hanging pendant, the sturdy and durable #427/16-850 SBP LED25 Gooseneck, and the elegant #427/16-1862 LED25 | #427/16-1862 SCA LED25 post light. Each of these models showcases the versatility and efficiency of the LED25 chip, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Shade sizes available: 10″ and  16″.




#427 Pendant
#427 Pendant

#427/16 Pendant

Pendant #427/16 merges retro charm with modern efficiency, featuring a vintage design that dates back to the 1960s and is now powered by the innovative LED25 chip. This stylish and durable light is crafted from spun aluminum and glass, its Jelly Jar is available in a variety of options including prismatic, clear, and frosted. With a 16-inch diameter, 12-inch height, and a customizable 10-foot cord, it is ideal for both commercial and residential settings and offers both nostalgic appeal and contemporary functionality. Shade sizes available: 10″ and  16″.



#427/16-850 SBP Gooseneck
#427/16-850 SBP Gooseneck

#427/16-850 | #427/16-850  SBP Gooseneck

The #427/16-850 | #427/16-850  SBP Gooseneck features a louvered cylinder all-aluminum shade head, a 22-inch gooseneck arm extension, and a 4-inch cast canopy mount tailored for an octagonal junction box. Offered with a choice of a clear, prismatic, or frosted Jelly Jar, the light is powered by our efficient LED25 chip, enhancing its energy performance. UL Listed, this fixture combines functionality with contemporary aesthetics, suitable for a variety of outdoor settings. Shade sizes available: 10″ and  16″.


#427-16-1862 Post Light | #427-16-1862 SCA Post Light

#427/16-1862 | #427/16-1862 SCA Post Lights

The #427/16-1862 | #427/16-1862 SCA features a cylindrical all-aluminum shade designed for exterior installation on a U-shaped arm, constructed from 1/2″ IPS schedule-40 aluminum. This model offers flexibility with (#427/16-1862 SCA ) or without (#427/16-1862) decorative scrolls and is suitable for mounting on 3″ diameter posts. The dimensions include a 24-inch arm height, a 16-inch shade diameter, and a 12-inch shade height, extending a total of 26.5 inches. The #427/16-1862 Jelly Jar is available in clear, prismatic, or frosted. The light fixture is UL-listed and powered by our new and efficient LED25 chip. Providing durable, versatile, and aesthetically appealing outdoor lighting solutions. Shade sizes available: 10″ and  16″.



These fixtures exemplify the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, bringing both aesthetic appeal and high functionality to any setting.


LED25 Chip Sets New Standards in Lighting



The versatility of our new LED25 chip extends well beyond the #427 series, making it a transformative component across our diverse lighting portfolio. This innovative chip is compatible with a wide array of our fixtures, including models such as our #423 Series, our Louvered | Jelly Jar Garden Lights, and the entire #26 series. Additionally, it is perfectly suited for our Mason Jar Collection, as well as any bollard or fixture that incorporates a Jelly Jar. This adaptability allows the LED25 chip to enhance a broad spectrum of lighting solutions, ensuring superior performance and energy efficiency in various applications.



Stay tuned for our weekly update bringing new stories of innovation and quality, emphasizing how Primelite continues to illuminate the future with cutting-edge solutions.



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Primelite Catalog: LED25

Type: LED Chip

Lamp: LED 25W

Lumens:  3905 | 156.20 per watt

Forward Voltage: 36V 

Incoming Voltage: 120-277

Power: 25W

Size: 1.496 X 1.496 (38mm X 38mm)

Output Equivalent: 100-watt metal halide (MH)




jelly jar series #427

Primelite Catalog: #427 Series

Type: Jelly Jar 

Shade Sizes: 10″ | 16″ 

Lamp: LED25 | 3905 Lumens

Jelly Jar: Glass | Clear, Frosted, Prismatic

Construction: Aluminum | Glass

Installations: Commercial, municipal, and retail interiors/exteriors, restaurants, office exteriors

Finishes: Choice of 29 powder-coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
Technical Drawing: #427 Series



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