T’was The Night Before
  ‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through town square, There was no special lighting, no bright lights, nothing there Read more
Have we got wedges for you
    Our Wedges, #620 and #621, are our picks for exceptional interior lighting   Wedge Uplight Sconce #620 and Read more
Colorful Globes # 280-Blue, Red and Green
🎶 I'm blue, Da ba dee da ba di     I'm red, Da ba dee da ba di         Read more
With Our Posts of Light   Post Lights To Brighten Your World   Primelite Mfg, with an ever expanding Lighting Catalog, Read more
Our Linear Swivels Are Lit!
Swivel Me Right! Swivel Me Left! Swivel Me Mighty! Swivel Me Brighty!   2' Linear Lights w/ 90° Swivel   We've Read more
We Made You Look Pendant #5744
We Made You L👀k! Up!   2' Pendant Linear Light 👀   Look Up! ☝️ There's a light to brighten the way. Read more
The Illuminance of Our Linear Lights
🦇 No Evening Can Resist 🦇 🦇 The Illuminance Of 🦇 🦇 Our Linears 🦇 🦇 2' Post Mount Linear Lights 🎃   It's always a 🦇 "thriller" 🦇 for us Read more
Twinkle The Town With Holiday Brights!
Twinkle, Twinkle, Holiday Poles How I wonder how you'll brighten our Holiday celebrations   Yes "Its Beginning to Look a Lot Read more
linear light #5744/852-2
  ...Are Better Than One!   2' 2 Headed Linear Lights    Primelite Mfg is once again at the forefront Read more
New 2' Liner Lighting Collection (#5744 Series)
  The “illumination effect (of Linear Lighting) is subtle, with a soft, uniform, highly efficient glow of light…the focus is Read more
One and Done. Linear Lighting Installation
A Quick and Easy Installation   One & Done: Linear Light Installation   "One and done!" Our rallying cry to herald Read more
linear post light #5744/4-1862
    "These spectacular little vessels of illuminance are ... stylish, functional and affordable"   2' Linear Lights   Primelite Mfg, Read more