Primelite's Gooseneck Sale: Models #20/850 | #20/859 | #23/14-850 | #23/14-859 | #23/16-850 | #23/16-859
  💡Savings 💰 As You’ve Never Seen Before 🌟     Special announcement from Primelite Mfg. 🎉 Primelite’s Sale of Read more
Shade Head #52/24 | Gooseneck #52/24-850 | Pendant z#52/24
Discover the All-Aluminum Shade Head for Diverse Architectural Styles   Shade #52/24 : Why is it a Game-Changer? Louvered Jelly Read more
Bollard #5310 A Blend of 🛠 Form, 💡 Function, and 🎨 Flair
Deep Dive: Dome Capped Bollards #5310/3 | #5310/4     When it comes to creating a perfect blend of functionality Read more
Pagoda Bollard #5307
    An Elegant Blend of Durability and Versatility Bollard #5307     As we journey further into the exploration Read more
Bollard #5403
The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality   Imagine the captivating ambiance created when functionality meets aesthetics. A bollard light Read more
Bollard #5508 in the park
  LED Bollards:  Lighting the Way to a Greener ♻️Tomorrow Shining a Light With Our Bollards   Bollards are short, Read more
Post Coupler #88
Shine Brighter with Post Coupler #88 The Pivotal Role of Post Couplers   Are your current street posts failing to Read more
Primelite Brings Our Spinning Shades In House
Contact Us Today For a Spinning Quote! Primelite Brings Our Shade "Spinning" Process In-House In-House Metal 🌀 Spinning for Faster, Read more
🎃 Step Into the Haunted Elegance of Primelite 💀
A Radiant Ensemble Street Light #1573 & Post Series #6400   💡 Reimagining Outdoor Lighting   Primelite Mfg is delighted Read more
he inspiring saga of Primelite Manufacturing
 The Illuminating Journey of Primelite Manufacturing     American Pride Illuminated in Manufacturing Excellence   During this fervent patriotic week, Read more
Gooseneck #3501-850
Multi-Purpose Lighting: LED Head for Gooseneck, Post, & Wall Mount Options     The Versatile Solution to Your Exterior Lighting Read more
Primelites New 100 watt LED
with Our Newest, Most Brilliant LED     Helping Cast a Bright Beam on Your Lighting Endeavors   Primelite takes Read more