Post Extension #9
[videopack id="51420"]/wp-content/uploads/open-720-cmx-1.mp4[/videopack] Don't Come Up Short. Again!   Number 9. Number 9. Number 9.   Do your exterior light posts Read more
Square Post Series #6400 & #6400SB
[videopack id="51327"]/wp-content/uploads/open720.mp4[/videopack] Round ⭕️ Holes And Square 🔲 Pegs Square is the Way to Go   The phrase "trying to Read more
Decorative Post Base #6501
[videopack id="51140"]/wp-content/uploads/[/videopack] "Gonna dress up your post lights  (All over, all over)  Gonna dress them up with our base  (All Read more
post light #1230X
[videopack id="50914"]/wp-content/uploads/[/videopack] The Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality   Post Fixture | Street Light #1230X   Initially, we offered Read more
“Prime-Lite” Your Nights With Decorative Posts & Lights
[videopack id="50625"]/wp-content/uploads/open01-cmx.mp4[/videopack] With Decorative Posts & Lights   Primelite's Decorative Post Lights   Street Lights | Post Lights and their Read more
A Garden Party for all seasons
[videopack id="50514"]/wp-content/uploads/[/videopack] A Sparkle. A Glimmer. A Shimmer. And Shine.   🌷 Primelite's Garden Light Series   When the afternoon sun Read more
Ceiling mount linear lights #5744F & #5744/18
[videopack id="44470"]/wp-content/uploads/IMB_GWiSlR-cmx.mp4[/videopack] Mounts | Ceiling | Flush | Stem    2' Linear Lights Ceiling Mount   Primelite Mfg is once Read more
Mason Jar Series
[videopack id="50240"]/wp-content/uploads/video-0pen.mp4[/videopack] The Mason Jar Series Humor and Fun   Humor and Fun are not usually associated with the lighting Read more
Chandelier #730
[videopack id="50050"]/wp-content/uploads/open-02-cmx.mp4[/videopack] The Star of the Show Chandelier Chic    The Star of any show is, of course, a Primelite Chandelier. Read more
Industrial Style - Jelly Jars and Wire Guards
[videopack id="49857"]/wp-content/uploads/[/videopack] Industrial Style | Industrial Chic: "an aesthetic trend in interior design that takes cues from old factories and Read more
With Our C🔴l🔵rful, Our C🔵l🔴rful  G l 🟢 b e s 🎶   C🟢l🟢r Me Green.   We've heard you and your interest in our Read more
[videopack id="49409"]/wp-content/uploads/open-720-cmx.mp4[/videopack] A Bit More...                          Structure, A Bit Read more