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Pagoda Style Bollard #5307
Pagoda Style Bollard #5307 -an exemplary choice for both residential and commercial settings


An Elegant Blend of Durability and Versatility

Bollard #5307



As we journey further into the exploration of our Bollard catalog, the spotlight falls on the remarkable Bollard #5307. This American-crafted gem is a delightful fusion of elegance, practicality, and adaptability. It promises to radiate a splendid ambiance and provide steadfast performance, making it an exemplary choice for both residential and commercial settings.



“Pagoda style” … characterized by multiple tiers, a prominent roof, … upward curving detail … creating a unique, ornamental silhouette



The distinctiveness of Bollard #5307 is highlighted by its round aluminum base, crowned with a top that showcases its unique pagoda style. Pagoda style” refers to a design style that is inspired by the architecture of pagodas, which are traditional tiered towers with multiple eaves, originating from historic East Asian architecture. This style is characterized by multiple tiers, a prominent roof, and an upward curving detail at the edges of the roofs, creating a unique, ornamental silhouette.


In the context of Bollard lighting, a pagoda-style bollard features a top that has multiple tiers and an aesthetically pleasing, curved silhouette, similar to the structure of a pagoda. It’s often used for its distinctive and elegant design, lending an architectural appeal to the lighting fixture.


Bollard #5307‘s robust construction combines durable aluminum with crystal-clear glass. The aluminum frame ensures the sturdiness and longevity one would desire in outdoor lighting. The included Jelly Jar adds a vintage charm, while its glass component boosts an aesthetic appeal and guarantees the maximum diffusion of light. The standard Jelly Jar is clear, however, frosted and other color options can be made available upon request.


The #5307 Bollard model stands tall with a remarkable height of 39 inches, complemented by a top diameter of 10 inches and a base diameter of 6 inches. The well-proportioned design of this fixture allows it to harmonize effortlessly with different environments while also leaving a distinct impression.



The silhouette of Bollard #5307 is the bomb!
In Silhouette – Bollard #5307 is the bomb!



Bollard #5307 has been crafted to perfection in the USA



Bollard #5307 is compatible with incandescent (100w) and LED (LED10 & LED12) lamp configurations. Whether you’re a fan of the warm inviting glow of incandescent bulbs or prefer the energy efficiency and longevity of LED lights, this fixture is ready to accommodate your preferences.



One of the unique selling propositions of this lighting fixture is the wide range of finishes it offers. With a choice of 29 powder-coated color options, including our popular metallic tone finishes, this model ensures that there’s something to match every taste and decor style. And for those who have very specific requirements, there is an option to request a custom finish.



Bollard #5307 has been crafted to perfection in the USA assuring you of its quality and safety standards and promising reliable performance, even in challenging weather.



Bollard #5307
Pagoda Inspired Bollard #5307



Installation is a breeze with the provided anchor bolts and template. The fixture features a surface mount design, allowing for flexibility of installation across a variety of flat surfaces.


Bollard Catalog # 5307 is a shining example of American craftsmanship. Combining robust construction, a customizable finish, a distinctive design, and superior quality, it’s a remarkable addition to any outdoor setting. Whether you’re aiming to infuse some elegance into your garden, driveway, or commercial premises, this model undoubtedly warrants consideration.

Introducing the Uniquely Crafted Bollard #5307


Bollard #5307
Pogoda Inspired Bollard #5307

Bollard #5307 distinctive design features a round aluminum body with a pagoda top on a shoe base mount, adding an architectural appeal to any space.


Certified as UL Listed for Damp Locations, this fixture ensures reliable performance in adverse weather conditions. The package includes a glass jelly jar and a choice between 100w incandescent and LED (LED10 & LED12) lamps. Installation is simplified with included anchor bolts and a template for a surface mount.


Bollard # 5307, with its robust design, customizable finishes, and superior quality, is a delightful addition to any outdoor space. Consider it for your garden, driveway, or commercial premises for an infusion of elegance and utility.


Technical Drawings: Bollard #5307



Every Primelite lighting fixture is painstakingly hand-assembled in our New York-based warehouse, with rigorous attention to detail at every step. Our unwavering commitment to superior quality ensures that each component of our fixtures is put together with exacting precision. This results in a consistently high-quality product, each and every time.


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⚙️ #5307 Bollard 

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Primelite Catalog: Bollard #5307

  • Type: Bollard
  • Design: Pagoda Inspired
  • Lamp | Lumens:
    • Incandescent (75W) – 1,100 lumens
    • LED 10 3K – 1641 lumens
    • LED 10 4K – 1689 lumens
    • LED 12 3K – 1140 lumens
    • LED 12 4K – 1280 lumens
  • Lens: Jelly Jar | Glass 
  • Jelly Jar: Glass | Clear | Frosted
  • Bollard Size: 39” H | 10″ Dia Top | 6″ Dia Base 
  • Construction: Aluminum | Glass
  • Installation: Parks, Walkways, Government, Office and Community Buildings, Parking Garages, Retail
  • Mount: Shoe Base Mount (Anchor Bolts & Template Included) | Direct Burial
  • Finishes: Choice of 29 Power-Coated colors. Inquire for a custom finish.           
  • Technical Drawing: Bollard #5307