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Elegant Simplicity Meets Modern Chic

<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">Explore the simple beauty and adaptability of our Bare Bulb Pendants, Models #443 and #445</span></em>
Explore the simple beauty and adaptability of our Bare Bulb Pendants, Models #443 and #445

Bare Bulb Pendants #443 and #445

American Craftsmanship at its Finest!


💡A Tale of Two Pendants


Embark on a journey of discovery with our Covered Socket | Bare Bulb Pendants, Models #443 and #445, masterpieces of American craftsmanship. These pendants represent the pinnacle of design and functionality, meticulously crafted to showcase the very best of American ingenuity and artisanship. 


Each pendant brings a different element to interior design. Model #443, with its generous cord length, offers immense flexibility in installation, allowing for creative lighting solutions that cater to individual tastes and spatial requirements. The Model #445, on the other hand, features a swivel mechanism on its stem, providing adaptability and ease in directing light, making it ideal for focused illumination or ambient lighting.


Models #443 and #445 stand as paragons of versatility and elegance. Their unique construction, featuring robust steel and sleek lines, marries the raw appeal of industrial aesthetics with the refined simplicity of modern design. These pendants don’t just light up a room; they transform it, becoming centerpieces that command attention and admiration.



Bare Bulb Pendant #443 shines with elegant simplicity and functional design


💡Model #443: Elegance Meets Simplicity


The Model #443 pendant shines with its elegant simplicity and functional design. Made in the USA, this lighting fixture combines reliability with a sleek, industrial chic aesthetic. Its durable steel construction ensures long-term durability and a constant shine in your décor. This pendant is a versatile addition to any interior, fitting effortlessly into modern, industrial, or rustic styles. 


What sets the Model #443 apart is its generous 10 feet of cord, offering flexible installation options to suit diverse design needs. It includes a sleek 5″ diameter canopy, adding sophistication and ensuring a clean, finished look upon installation. While the pendant does not include a bulb, it supports a 100 Watt maximum Edison-style bulb, allowing for personalized lighting. Available in various painted finishes and UL Listed for safety, Model #443 is easy to mount and an excellent choice for elevating any living or workspace with style and functionality.


Bare Bulb Pendant #445 w/ 90 Degree Swivel offers adaptability and ease in directing light


💡Model #445: Adaptability and Style Combined


The Model #445 pendant is a fusion of style and practicality. This American-made pendant features a unique 6″ stem (Custom Lengths Available) with a 90° swivel, offering adaptability and ease in directing light, ideal for various settings like kitchen islands and living rooms. Its design is complemented by a 5″ diameter canopy, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a polished finish. 


Constructed for longevity, the Model #445’s durable steel build assures lasting quality and contributes to its stylish, industrial look. Supporting a 100 Watt maximum Edison style bulb, it allows you to customize your lighting to fit the space and mood. Available in various painted finishes, the Model #445 is UL Listed for safety, and its installation is made straightforward with the inclusion of a 6″ stem and 90° swivel, along with a 5″ round canopy.


💡Elegant Simplicity Meets Modern Chic:

💡Bare Bulb Pendants #443 and #445




Bare Bulb Pendant #443

Pendant #443, made in the USA, blends elegant simplicity with functionality. Its durable steel build gives it a sleek, industrial look and ensures it lasts. This versatile light fits well in modern, industrial, or rustic spaces.


A standout feature is its 10-foot cord, allowing for flexible placement. The pendant comes with a 5″ diameter canopy for a sophisticated, clean look and supports a 100 Watt Edison-style bulb for customizable lighting. Available in different finishes and UL Listed for safety,  Model #443 is easy to install and perfect for adding style and function to any area.



Technical Drawing: Pendant #443




Bare Bulb Pendant #445 w/ 90 Degree Swivel

Pendant Model #445 beautifully combines style and function. Also manufactured in the USA, it features a 6″ stem (Custom Lengths Available) with a 90° swivel for easy light direction, perfect for lighting different areas like kitchens and living rooms. Its design is enhanced by a 5″ diameter canopy, adding elegance and a polished look.


Built to last, the Model #445’s sturdy steel construction ensures durability and gives it an industrial flair. It accommodates a 100 Watt Edison-style bulb, allowing for personalized lighting choices. With various paint finishes available and UL safety certification, the pendant is both stylish and secure. Its installation is simple, thanks to the included 6″ stem and swivel, plus a 5″ round canopy.


Technical Drawing: Pendant #445





Both the Model #443 and Model #445 pendants are more than just lighting fixtures; they are stylish and functional additions to any interior. The Model #443 offers a blend of elegance and simplicity, perfect for those seeking a minimalist yet sophisticated lighting solution. In contrast, the Model #445 provides a modern, and thanks to its 90° swivel an adaptable lighting option ideal for dynamic and contemporary spaces. Each model, with its unique features and customizable finishes, represents the pinnacle of American craftsmanship, offering versatile and visually appealing lighting solutions for any living or workspace.


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⚙️ Bare Bulb Pendant #443


Primelite Catalog: #443 
  • Type: Pendant | Bare Bulb
  • Lamp: 100 Watt Edison-Style
  • Cord: 10′ Vinyl | Black, White | Colors and Cloth Cord Available
  • Construction: Steel
  • Installation: Interior
  • Mount: 5″ Canopy
  • Finishes: 29 Powder Coated Colors
  • Technical Drawing: #443






⚙️ Bare Bulb Pendant #445


Primelite Catalog: #445