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Low-Maintenance LED Solutions

Gooseneck #3501-850

Multi-Purpose Lighting:

LED Head for

Gooseneck, Post, &

Wall Mount Options



The Versatile Solution to Your Exterior Lighting Challenges


Primelite is committed to meeting your diverse lighting needs by offering an expansive range of lighting solutions. Our extensive portfolio, backed by years of experience, ensures we can provide lighting fixtures that not only meet your unique requirements but also enhance the visual appeal and functional efficiency of your illumination arrangements.


Once again, Primelite has delivered a solution to your exterior lighting dilemmas! We are excited to present our new LED street-ready head, #3501A LED30! The #3501A is among our most adaptable and gratifying LED Floodlights. It’s now available in combination with any of our Gooseneck Arms, offering the perfect exterior lighting options. With over 2 dozen arm options at your disposal, you can tailor the perfect fixture for your outdoor lighting projects. 


However, the use of this incredible head isn’t just confined to our Gooseneck range. Head #3501A pairs perfectly with any of our posts, serving effectively as Street and Post lights. Securely light up parking lots, walking paths and parks, patios and courtyards, and sports venues for nighttime games. The practical advantages are endless. In addition, we also cater to diverse lighting needs with wall mount options, ideal for wall washes and security lighting purposes.


Some examples of our meticulous craftsmanship are the #3501/850 ESW | #3501/855 ESW | #3501/859 ESW models.



Primelite offers 40+ Gooseneck Arms to work with Floodlight Head #1350A
Primelite provides over 40 variations of Gooseneck Arms, compatible with the Floodlight Head model #3501A



#3501A LED30 is offered in various temperatures, 3K, 4K, and 5K, ranging from warm white to cool white and beyond. It provides Lumens from 3900 – 4035, respectively. The medium FloodLight is built with a die-cast aluminum body, a bronze finish, and a polycarbonate lens for LED protection.


Approved for wet locations, it delivers maximum brightness for exterior settings, with robustness, reliability, weather resistance, and minimal upkeep.


Secure Your Spaces with Primelite’s LED Lights


Floodlight Head #3501A ESW LED30


#3501 LED30 Medium Floodlight Head
#3501A ESW LED30 Medium Floodlight Head

Our versatile #3501A ESW LED30 Floodlight, combinable with any of our Gooseneck Arms, provides tailored outdoor lighting solutions. We also offer wall mount options for diverse applications. This head can also pair with our posts, serving as efficient Street and Post lights, lighting up varied outdoor spaces effectively.

Available in 3K, 4K, and 5K temperatures, the LED offers a luminosity range of 3900-4035 lumens. Built with a die-cast aluminum body, bronze finish, and polycarbonate lens, this FloodLight ensures durability, weather resistance, and minimal maintenance while offering optimal exterior illumination.


Technical Drawing: #3501A LED30



Each lighting fixture manufactured by Primelite is painstakingly hand-assembled with the utmost attention to detail in our New York-based warehouse. Our commitment to quality ensures that every single component of our fixtures is meticulously put together, ensuring a well-crafted product every time.



Post Floodlight #1350-ESW LED30
Post Floodlight #1350-ESW LED30



Our lighting solutions stand out in the market not only because of their economical upfront cost but also due to their promise of long-term cost-efficiency. The robust performance of our fixtures translates into significant savings over time, reducing the need for constant replacements or frequent maintenance. This reliable performance, coupled with their low upkeep requirements, adds value to your investment and contributes to the overall sustainability of your projects.


Our warranty assurance ensures that our products are ready for immediate installation upon their arrival at your project site. We understand that any delay in the execution of your projects can lead to cost overruns, so we endeavor to ensure that our fixtures are ready for deployment as soon as you receive them. This means that you can count on our lighting solutions to not only meet your aesthetic and functional requirements but also to align seamlessly with your project timeline. With Primelite, you can expect top-tier quality, cost-efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.



Floodlight #1350/855
Floodlight #3501A/855 LED30




⚙️ #3501A LED30 Floodlight Head

#1350A ESW LED30 Medium Floodlight Head
Primelite Catalog: #3501A ESW LED 30 

  • Type: LED Medium Floodlight Head
  • Lamp: LED30 | Floodlight | 3k, 4K, 5K | Dimmable
  • Lumens: 3900 – 4055 
  • Lens: Clear | Polycarbonate
  • Size: 9 5/8” H |  ‎7” L | 1 3/4” W 
  • Construction: Die-Cast Aluminum | Polycarbonate
  • Swivel: 90°
  • Installation: Local Streets, Roadways,
    Parking Lots, Driveways, Parking Garages, Highway and Sport Lighting installations
  • Finishes: Polyester Powder-Coated | Bronze 
  • Technical Drawing: #3501A LED30

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