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Shining A Light on Innovation

A Radiant Ensemble

Street Light #1573 & Post Series #6400


💡 Reimagining Outdoor Lighting


Primelite Mfg is delighted to reignite your enthusiasm for premium lighting solutions with the reintroduction of our much-loved Street Light #1573 LED150, together with its partner in illumination, the Wall Mount Fixture #5731 LED150. Referred to technically as a “LED Shoebox Adjustable Mount Street Light,” the #1573 provides a veritable symphony of configurations with its ingenious quartet of head combinations: the soloist T1 (1 head), the duet T2 (2 heads), the trio T3 (3 heads), and the quartet T4 (4 heads), all designed to fit seamlessly onto a 4″ x 4″ square post. Each head stands as a testament to practicality and function, offering an impressive 90° swivel that enables you to angle it perfectly to suit your unique lighting needs.



A match made in lighting heaven, the #1573 pairs ideally with our specially designed 4″x4″ Square Post Series #6400. Together, they form the #1573 + #6400 partnership, a lighting solution that marries utility and style. Each post in the #6400 series is a meticulously crafted masterpiece made from 100% aluminum, towering over landscapes in a variety of heights, from a dignified 7 feet to a colossal 20 feet. To further illuminate your world, you can mount up to four heads on a single post, forging a bright, beautiful ensemble that delivers an awe-inspiring lumen output.


The #1573 + #6400 Series combination offers more than just brightness; it brings a durable, chic, and versatile lighting solution for a diverse range of outdoor projects. The adaptable nature of the Street Light #1573 means it can light up your life wherever you need it, from local streets, bustling roadways, practical parking lots and driveways, to multi-level parking garages and extensive highways. It even lends itself beautifully to the realm of sports lighting. Beyond practicality, this brilliant combination also adds an aesthetic flourish, uplifting the atmosphere of pedestrian walkways, tranquil parks, bustling town squares, and serene residential areas, creating a visually stunning fusion of light and environment.


<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">The Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount #3571 proves itself to be a versatile and invaluable addition to any lighting setup</span></em>
The Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount #5731 proves itself to be a versatile and invaluable addition to any lighting setup


And let’s not overlook our multifaceted Wall Mount Fixture, #5731 LED150. Echoing all the exemplary technical attributes, lighting prowess, and robust electrical performance of its peer, Street Light #1573, the #5731 steps into the spotlight with a distinct advantage – the versatility of a wall mount option. Its robust construction from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum, cloaked in a resilient polyester finish, endows the #5731 with durability that stands the test of time, as well as resistance to rust and corrosion. This makes it a steadfast companion that shines brightly in any environment.


Illuminate your environs with unwavering certainty, secure in the knowledge that Primelite’s superior lighting solutions will not only illuminate but also enhance and elevate your space, transforming it into a testament to refined aesthetics and superior illumination. Our luminaires blend form and function in a ballet of light that is as reliable as it is beautiful. The craftsmanship behind our products is of the highest caliber, ensuring every piece we create is designed for longevity and flawless performance. So trust in our lighting to provide a luminary experience that unites functionality and aesthetics in a radiant harmony, truly enriching your space with light.



City Streets Are Brightened with Multiple #1573 Heads (T2)
Witness as our cities pulse with life and color under the crisp, consistent light from the #1573 heads


💡Illuminate and Enhance Your Outdoor Spaces


Shoebox Adjustable Mount Street Light #1573 LED150, T1, T2, T3, T4


<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">Street Light #1573 T1 the soloist among its quartet of configurations, upholds the high standards of its #1573 family</span></em>
Street Light #1573 T1 the soloist among its quartet of configurations, upholds the high standards of its #1573 family


Experience the radiant luminary prowess of the #1573 LED150 Street Light, featuring four distinct head configurations: T1 (1 Head), T2 (2 Heads), T3 (3 Heads), and T4 (4 Heads). This brilliantly designed outdoor fixture is precisely engineered to be mounted on a 4″ x 4″ square post, ideally matching our durable #6400 Series.


Crafted from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum and adorned with a resilient polyester finish, the #1573 LED150 resolutely stands up to the challenges of rust and corrosion, promising a long-lasting lighting solution that maintains its aesthetic appeal.


But the #1573 LED150 is not just about superior construction and appealing design; it’s also a powerhouse of luminosity. Delivering an impressive light output of 140 lumens per watt, each configuration shines with brilliance. The T1 illuminates your surroundings with a bright 21,000 lumens, while the T2 doubles that radiance with a 42,000-lumen output. The T3 elevates this even further, producing an awe-inspiring 63,000 lumens. For those seeking the maximum, the T4 stands unparalleled, yielding an astounding 84,000 lumens.


Immerse your outdoor spaces in the brilliant, efficient light of the #1573 LED150, a remarkable fusion of craftsmanship, design, and performance that brightens every corner of your outdoor projects.


Technical Drawing: #1573 LED150 T1, #1573 LED150 T2, #1573 LED150 T3, #1573 LED150 T4



Square (4″x 4″) Post Series #6400


#6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series
The #6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series stands as a beacon of enduring strength and versatility

Our #6400 Square (4″x4″) Post Series stands as a testament to design perfection, marrying flawlessly with the #1573 Street Light. This series of posts sculpted entirely from premium-grade aluminum, spans an array of lengths, from a humble yet dignified 7 feet to an awe-inspiring 20 feet, thereby meeting a diverse range of requirements and catering to a myriad of aesthetic preferences.


Moreover, each #6400 post is not just a standalone marvel, but also an epitome of versatility. It carries the capability to host up to four #1573 heads on a single post. This feature opens the door to a world of illuminating possibilities, leading to a radiant ensemble that beams forth an astonishing level of light output. This combination stands as a beacon of brilliance in the industry, creating an illumination solution that is as adaptable as it is luminous. Enjoy the boundless light and profound flexibility of our #6400 series as it seamlessly integrates with the #1573 to create a union of illumination that is nothing short of remarkable.


Technical Drawing: #6400 Series | 7’– #6407 | 8’– #6408 | 10’– #6410 | 12’– #6412 | 14’– #6414 | 16′ – #6416 | 18′ – #6418



Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount Light #5731 LED 150


<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">The Shoebox Adjustable Wall Mount #3571 proves itself to be a versatile and invaluable addition to any lighting setup</span></em>
The Adjustable Wall Mount #5731 by Shoebox demonstrates its versatility and immense value in every lighting arrangement

The #5731 LED150 is a marvel of adjustable outdoor lighting design. It is an exterior wall mount fixture that elegantly adorns any facade with its modest yet significant dimensions of 6″ W by 8 3/8″ H by 1″ D for its base (canopy). This lighting fixture is more than just a sibling to the illustrious #1573; it shares the very DNA of its design ethos, encapsulating all the commendable technical, illuminating, and electrical components of its counterpart.


The robust and well-rounded personality of #5731 is characterized by its construction. It is meticulously molded from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum, a testament to enduring strength and resilience. This rugged construction is further enhanced by a coating of polyester finish. Not only does this finish augment its visual appeal, but it also serves a critical protective function. The coating bestows upon the #5731 resistance against rust and corrosion, ensuring that it remains as dazzling as the day it was installed, standing firm and shining bright against the elements of nature. It is truly a luminary masterpiece that embodies the best in aesthetics and longevity.


Technical Drawing: #5731 LED150



Located in the heart of Freeport New York, Primelite thrives on a deep-seated sense of “Made in America” pride. Our company houses some of the most talented and original craftsmen in the industry, who painstakingly create our lighting fixtures, accessories, and more with unmatched dedication and skill. We proudly declare that our products are “Made in America”, ensuring the production of superior, high-quality American products for the discerning lighting industry.


Our logo, adorned with the stars and stripes, along with the proud “Made in America” labels that come with our products, mirror our steadfast commitment to the principles and values that have established America’s greatness. Primelite stands as a tangible and brilliant testament to the excellence of American manufacturing, glowing as bright as the ideal it represents.



#1573 T1, T2, T3, T4

Shoebox Adjustable Slip Fit Mount Street Light #1573 T1
Presenting Primelite’s luminary jewel – the #1573 LED150 in four fantastic variations: T1, T2, T3, and T4. Discover the superior attributes of this Post and Street Light series:

Type: Post Light | Street Light

Heads: Offering unmatched versatility, you can select from up to four heads – T1, T2, T3, and T4 – to suit your precise lighting requirements.

Lamp: LED150. Energy-efficient, long-lasting, and bright.

Lumens: Ensuring outstanding illumination, the T1 version emits a brilliant 21,000 lumens, while T2 doubles that to 42,000. The T3 further elevates this to a dazzling 63,000 lumens, and the T4 tops the charts with an awe-inspiring 84,000 lumens. All at an impressive 140 lumens per watt.

Lens: Clear, for optimum light transmission and performance.

Size: Measuring a compact 2 1/4” H, 25” L, and 12 3/8″ W, it’s a lighting solution that delivers big performance without taking up too much space.

Construction: Crafted from robust, durable aluminum, designed for long-term outdoor use.

Swivel: 90° swivel feature, allowing you to direct the light precisely where it’s needed.

Post: Perfectly compatible with our 4″x4″ Square #6400 Series posts.

Installation: Designed for diverse applications, from local streets, roadways, parking lots, driveways, and parking garages to highway and sports lighting installations.

Finishes: A choice of Polyester Powder-Coated, Bronze finish, ensuring your lighting not only performs brilliantly but looks great too.

Technical Drawing: Available for each variant – #1573 T1, #1573 T2, #1573 T3, #1573 T4 – providing detailed views for a comprehensive understanding of the product.

Experience the luminous magic of our #1573 LED150 series, designed for those seeking remarkable lighting solutions that combine functionality, durability, and style.

#6400 Series

Square Post #6400 Series
Delve into the architectural prowess of Primelite’s #6400 Series, which includes #6407, #6408, #6410, #6412, #6414, #6416, and #6418. Here are the distinguishing features of this remarkable Square Post series:

Type: 4″ x 4′ Square Post, a robust and sleek design that integrates seamlessly with your outdoor lighting setup.

Gauge: 0.125, sturdy and durable, built to withstand diverse weather conditions and stand firm in all seasons.

Size: Versatile 4″ x 4″ cross-section, available in multiple heights to cater to a range of lighting needs: 7′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 18′, and 20′ H.

Construction: Constructed from high-grade aluminum, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Also Available: Looking for added stability and style? Our #6400 series is also available with a Shoe Base (#6400 SB).

Installation: Flexible installation options to suit different environments – choose from Burial Mount or Shoe Base.

Finishes: Customize your post with a choice of 29 powder-coated colors. Looking for something unique? We also offer custom finishes upon request, ensuring your post perfectly complements its surroundings.

Technical Drawing: Detailed drawings for each height variant in the #6400 Series are available – 7′ (#6407) | 8′ (#6408) | 10′ (#6410) | 12′ (#6412) | 14′ (#6414) | 16′ (#6416) | 18′ (#6418) – offering a comprehensive understanding of the product’s design and dimensions.

Explore the unparalleled versatility and stylish design of the #6400 Series, a lighting solution that stands tall and shines bright in any setting.


#5731 Wall Mount l.ight
Introducing the #5731 LED150 from Primelite’s stellar catalog, an outstanding wall mount light that illuminates your space with class and efficiency. Let’s delve into the specifics:

Type: Wall Mount. Designed to securely attach to vertical surfaces, providing high-quality illumination where ground space is limited.

Lamp: LED150. The future of lighting, LED150 combines energy efficiency with a high-intensity output that doesn’t compromise on brightness or color quality.

Lumens: Brilliantly bright with 21,000 lumens at a highly efficient 140 lumens per watt, ensuring your space is illuminated effectively and economically.

Lens: Clear. Assures maximum light transmission and offers a clean, modern aesthetic.

Size: With dimensions of 8 3/8” H, 26” L, and 12 3/8″ W, it fits comfortably in various settings without imposing on the space.

Canopy: A solid and reliable base at 6″ W, 8 3/8″ H, and 1″ D, ensuring secure mounting and an appealing finish.

Construction: Manufactured from durable, high-quality aluminum, crafted to withstand the rigors of external use.

Finishes: Tailor the appearance to suit your setting, with options of Polyester Powder-Coated, Bronze finish.

Technical Drawing: #5731. Provides detailed insights into the product’s design and dimensions.

The #5731 LED150 Wall Mount light promises to be a reliable, aesthetically pleasing addition to your space, providing efficient, high-quality lighting exactly where you need it.


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