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Repost: #tbtPrimelite’s Portfolio of Amazing Gems for the Kiddies

#tbtPrimelite Juvenile Gems

#tbt Juvenile Gems

#tbt | #juvenileGems | #kiddies

#tbtPrimelite: Another blast from Primelite’s past! We’re again highlighting lights from our series of 1970s childrens fixtures. The catalogs introduced a series of girl & boy light fixtures, painted in traditional colors and themes. These desk lamps were part of the “Juvenile Gems” collection which were popular throughout the ’70s decade.

Original catalog page scan.

primelite catalog page scan 


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Our Exclusive “Juvenile Gems” Were the Life of the Party

#tbt Juvenile Gems

our exclusive "Juvenile Gems" were the life of the party

#tbt | #juvenileGems | #kiddies

#tbtPrimelite: Here’s another blast from Primelite’s past. We’re highlighting exclusive fixtures from our 1970s children’s series called “Juvenile Gems”. Our 1970s catalogs introduced a series of handcrafted childrens light fixtures which included characters such as the Tin Man, Raggedy Ann & Andy, and Clowns.

Primelite worked with a local artist who hand painted each face/globe. The fixtures were then hand constructed and assembled in our warehouse. These fixtures were primarily used in children’s bedrooms and were popular throughout the ’70s decade.

Scan of original catalog page:

Primelite's 1970's catalog featuring our hand painted character globe childrens lights



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#tbtPrimelite 1970s Character Globe Lights

featured fixtures

#tbtPrimelite - 1970s globes lighting fixtures

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Our handpaintd Raggedy Ann” and “Harlequie” and “Halequina” clown characters were popular children’s themes. #tbtPrimelite: Now here’s a real blast from the past! Our selection of 1970s globes included these hand painted character globes. Inspired by the children’s doll “Raggedy Ann” and clowns, these globes were Primelite’s first foray into childrens lighting fixtures.

Working with a local artist, who hand painted each globe, our “Raggedy Ann” and “Harlequie” and “Halequina” clown characters were popular children’s themes. Raggedy Ann was, and is, a classic, and clowns have always been favorite characters with children. Primary used in childrens bedrooms these fixtures were popular throughout the ’70s decade.



1970s Primelite Childrens Lighting Fixtures

#then&now:  While these hand painted character face globes were Primelite’s first children’s lighting fixtures, we’ve continued to offer childrens fixtures through the years. As styles and themes have changed, so have the themes of our childrens fixtures. In 2015 our childrens light fixtures have a sports related theme.