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In Another White Room …

Floor Lamp #231/280
Floor Lamp #231/280
Red Floor Lamps (#231/280) in a white room.


… With Globe Floor Lamps In Bright Colors! ????



Simple. Stylish. Elegant. Even if you aren’t living in “a white room, with black curtains” ????, you can still enjoy the sleek, colorful sexiness of Globe Floor Lamp #231/280! Our latest fixture, part of the Floor Lamp #231 series, comes complete with a 10″ acrylic globe, offering a simply classic silhouette and smartly brightening residential interiors.



Install an old-skool Edison style bulb, incandescent or LED, and our newest Floor Lamp efficiently illuminates any interior, any space, whether at home, in the office, in hotels or lofts. Anywhere a classic globe-style light is desired.



you’ll find our lights are, as expected, cost effective, budget friendly and are made to offer years of stylish reliability



Easily customize the height, switch and color of Floor Lamp #231/280, to create your desired fixture. Enhance the lamps beauty with a choice of globe; opal (-3), clear (-4) or smoke (-1).


The floor lamp shown includes a 10″ acrylic globe, but we offer globes in sizes from 6″ to 24″, and in materials from acrylic, glass, polyethylene, or polycarbonate. Tell us what you need and we will help create it!



Floor Lamp #230/280 is available in multiple colors including painted metal finishes: nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, & more.
Floor Lamp #231/280 is available in multiple heights and colors including painted metal finishes: nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, & more.



Add a spark of color and style to any room. Any interior. Any space. Any place! 



The #231 Floor Lamp Series is offered in a number of standard heights, such as “Couch / Chair” and “Torch”, 48″ and 63″, respectively. But we can easily tailor the height to your included specifications when ordering. 



The Floor Lamp Series #231, including fixture #231/280, comes standard with 3-way switch, either Pull-Chain or Turn-Knob. An on-off Line Switch (on cord) is also available on request.



Floor Lamp #230/280
Floor Lamp #230/280 in black and white and color



All #231 Series Floor Lamps are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse. Constructed of 100% aluminum, you’ll find our floor lights, are, as expected; cost effective, budget friendly and made to offer years of stylish reliability. 



Floor Lamp #231/280


And did we mention? They’re “customizable“! Customize height? Check! Customize globe? Check! Customize color or finish? Check! In fact, choose from any of our powder coated colors, including painted metal finishes such as nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, galvanized and more. 



And did we mention? They’re “customizable”! … Check! … Check! …(&) … Check!



So check out the #231 Floor Lamp Series. You’ll find our Lamps classically styled, simply elegant, and along with Floor Lamp #231/280, to be true workhorses. Always reliable, withstands years of use and a brilliant addition to your life.





Technical Drawing Floor Lamp #231/280

⚙️Primelite Catalog: #231/280

⚙️TypeGlobe Floor Lamp

⚙️Globe: 10″ | Acrylic | Opal (-3), Clear (-4), Smoke (-1) 


     Customizable* | Standard (Couch Ht. 48″ | Torch 63″)

     Base: 11 1/2″ Dia x 2″ H

     Stem: 2″ Dia x ?” H*

       *customize height to your specifications


     Pull Chain | Turn Knob | Line (on-off on cord) 

⚙️Lamp: 100W Old-Skool Edison Lamp | LED Edison Lamp Style

⚙️Shade: None

⚙️Construction: Aluminum

⚙️Installation: Residential Interior | Office Interior | Hotel Rooms
⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request | Color Chart








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Best of Primelite: The Lighting Industry Marches to the Beat of the LED

Wall mount globe #284-875 LED20

Wall mount globe #284-875 LED20


Incandescent.❌Fluorescent.❌High Intensity Discharge.❌ 


This Week’s featured fixtures are a “Best of Primelite”. Join us as we revisit some of our most popular LED Fixtures.

As the lighting industry continues marching to the beat of the LED, Primelite is proceeding with its work to offer you the finest, and brightest, LED lighting solutions. Our new introduction this week, Globe Fixture #284-875, is now available in LED20 3K/4K (2,280-2,400 Lumens).

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Our wall mounted globe would offer perfect and stylish, illumination outside, or inside, any office complex, commercial space, warehouse, even illuminating a chic and funky restaurant or sophisticated retail space. Lighting Designers, Architects, Interior Designers will find the #284-875 LED20 a perfect solution to their commercial lighting projects.



Primelite continues to work, research and test new LED systems in order to bring you the latest in LED technology. With our new LED options, you can now offer your clients a technologically advanced, cost effective and stylish option for their commercial projects.


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wall mounted globe #284-875 LED20



Technical Drawing: #284-875 LED20


technical drawing wall mount globe #284-875 LED20



Catalog: #284-875 LED20

Style: Wall Mount Globe

Size:  Dia. 14″ | Ht. 29¾″ | Ext. 23½”
Globe: 14″ | Acrylic (#284)
Arm: Ht. 17¾” | Ext. 17½ (#875)
Lamp: LED20 (2 x LED10) *iLEDs (Integrated LED System), 3K – 2280 Lumens | 4K- 2400 Lumens
Construction: Arm: Aluminum | Globe: Acrylic
Finishes:  Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request. Shown: Black
LampiLEDs (Integrated LED System)
LED10, 3K/4K


Please Note: iLEDs (Integrated LED system) is Primelite’s custom designed, and built, LED lighting system.
Contact our office for more information.

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