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Socket to Me, Socket to Me …

Floor Lamp #231/39-19 in the garden
Outside – Illuminate the porch, patio or garden with Lamp #231/39-19. Designed to withstand the elements.



Triple S⚙️cket to Me, Baby!!!


Introducing Floor Lamp #231/39-19, the one with the classic design and triple socket. You’ll find our lamp to be unique in both style and design, ensuring a perfect, and radiant, placement into any industrial, modern, loft-like or commercial environment.


floor lamp #231/39-19 in color


With an impressive 19″ dome-like shade and classic elegance, Floor Lamp #231/39-19 will introduce a strong retro vibe with its placement. Whether installed in residence, commercial space or outdoors, our floor lamps are designed to withstand the elements; both inside or out!


Lamp #231/39-19 includes a triple socket

Under its stylish dome, you’ll find a triple socket (Edison style) which affords you the use of “old-skool” incandescent bulbs, or newer “old-skool” styled LEDs. Truly ride those retro waves with clear LED bulbs, with their beautifully visual filaments.


You’ll find our floor lamps efficiently illuminate any space, whether at home, in the office, hotels or lofts. Anywhere classic style is needed.


#231/39-19 definitely brings a bit of that “old-skool” style and some of that “old-skool” class to any environment. 


And don’t forget color! Enliven any space with our powder coated colors. Whether its to accent, complement or clash, a vibrant installation will definitely sparkle with this designers delight. 


#231/39-19 definitely brings a bit of that “old-skool” style and some of that “old-skool” class to any environment. 


Living room w/ floor lamp #231/39-19
Inside – Lamp #231/39-19 perfectly brightens the home environment


And as with any of our lamps, #231/39-19 is handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse. You’ll find them to be cost effective and budget friendly. And did we mention “customizable“! 


We’re here, ready, willing and able to work with you to accent any room. Any interior. Any space. Any place!


floor lamp #231/39-19 in the garden
Outside – Lamp #231/39-19 works exceptionally well in the garden. Weather resistant and stylish. A designers dream.


And did we mention “customizable”! 


While classically stylish and simply elegant, you’ll find Floor Lamp #231/39-19 to be a true workhorse. Our lamps are reliable, able to withstand years of use and a brilliant addition to your life.




floor Lamp #231/39-19 floor Lamp #231/39-19


Primelite Catalog: #231/39-19

Type: Floor Lamp

Shade: 19″ | Dome | 100% Aluminum

Socket: Triple Socket (Edison Style)

Size: Couch Ht. 48″ | Torch Ht. 63″ | Customize Height 

Bulb: “Old-Skool” Edison Lamp | LED Edison Lamp Style

Construction: Body – 100% Aluminum

Industrial / Residential Interior | Residential Exterior |   Garden | Porch | Office Interior | Hotel Rooms  
Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request.







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