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What’s The Buzz????zzz! Manmoth Junction, NJ?

Whats the Buzz? Monmouth Junction, NJ? Again! Globe post light #1288/3-6110 is the Buzz.


Whats the Buzz? Pittsfield, MA? Again! Globe post light #1288/3-6110 is the Buzz.



Globe Post Light #1288/3-6100 is the Buzz????zzz!



Quietly. Silently, Securely. While our Globe Lights might be noiselessly brightening your world, we are Buzzz????zzz-ing with excitement with another sighting of our light fixtures in the wild. In the picturesque town of Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, our Globe Post Light #1288/3-6110 was found to be illuminating the way throughout the town.


And one again our lights have proven to be a brightening source of safety, strength and security.



Globe Post Light #1288/3-6110
Globe Post Light #1288/3-6110 in the wild (IRL)



globe post light #1288/3-6110



globe post light #1288/3-6110
Light Post #6100 Series – #6110 (10ft)
10" Acrylic globe #1288/3
18″ Acrylic Globe #1288/3,Opal




Buzz????zzz! Specs:

globe post light #1288/3-6110

???? Catalog: #1288/3-6110

???? Type: Globe Light | Post Light

???? Globe: Dia 18″ | Acrylic | Opal

???? Post: H 10″ | Dia 3″  | Aluminum 

???? Lamp: Incandescent | LED (Built-in)

???? Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. | Shown: Black | Custom finish upon request 

???? Location: Mammoth Junction, NJ











Photos: © 2021 Primelite Manufacturing, NY