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#tbtPrimelite 11/18/15


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#tbtPrimelite: This weeks #ThrowbackThursday once again features our “Glamour Globes” from the 1970’s. For use in both interior and exterior applications, our fashion forward globes were heavily influenced by the disco era and were constructed of polycarbonate and embedded with crackle chips creating the metallic finish shown. Available in the fashionable colors of the time, including green, gold, blue, red, and white. These globes were, and still are, the definition of “cool”!


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#then&now: Globes! Globes! Globes! A sample of Primelite’s current selection of interior and exterior globe fixtures.

One of our most popular lighting styles, Primelite’s globes are no longer just round! Today Primelite offers globes in many shapes; including cube, ellipsoid, “deco”, and round. While the colorful “Glamour Globe” series is no longer available, we do offer our globes in opalsmoke and clear. Materials range from glass, acrylic, polyethene, polycarbonate and are available in sizes from 6″ to 36″.