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What’s The Buzz????zzz! Portsmouth, NH?

Bollard #5305


Whats the Buzz? Portsmouth, NH? Bollard #5305 is the Buzz.



Bollard #5305 is the Buzz????zzz!



“Portsmouth is a vibrant, coastal New England city that honors its colorful history, preserving its authenticity while remaining passionately engaged in shaping its future. Its working seaport, unique locally owned shops and restaurants, world-class culture, engaging outdoor activities, vibrant nightlife and interesting local character attracts visitors from around the world, year-round. The whole-life, healthy environment of this walkable regional capital provides the catalyst for residents and visitors to enjoy a unique urban experience within a sustainable and progressive business environment.”



Primelite’s presence keeps expanding throughout the US, leading to our latest Buzzz????zzz!, which can be found along the streets of this beautiful coastal village. While wandering the town take notice of our Bollards #5305. We’ll be keeping an eye on things. Silently. Safely, Brightly! 



Bollard #5305
Bollard #5305 | Powder Coated Finish: Aluminum


Bollard #5305



And after dinner enjoy a meandering stroll through town with the knowledge that our Bollards #5305 will be illuminating the way for safe, refreshing and peaceful evening. 




Buzz????zzz! Specs:

technical drawing BOLLARD #5305

???? Catalog: #5305

???? Type: Bollard

???? Style: Round Aluminum Bollard

???? Size: Dia 6″ | Ht 39″

???? Lens: AcrylicWhite 

???? Lamp: Incandescent | 100W

???? Sockets: 1

???? Construction: Aluminum | Acrylic

???? Mount: Shoe Mount

???? Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request

???? Location: Portsmouth, NH


Technical Drawing Bollard #5305




???? Technical Drawing: Bollard #5305

















Photos: © 2021 Primelite Manufacturing, NY