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A Very Special Pole & Pricing

Poile series #6100

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2′! 4′! 6′! 8′! What do we appreciate?

Aluminum Pole Series #6100


Our #6100 Series of Aluminum Poles! Of course. And what do we appreciate about them? They’re Perfect! Perfect for Post Globes. Perfect for Post Lanterns. Perfect for Street Lights. Perfect for Gooseneck Post Lights. In fact they’re just about perfect for any Post / Pole related Light Fixture we carry.


And sizes? Have we got sizes for you! The 3″ diameter pole is now available in multiple sizes, from a cute 2′ – all the way up to a majestic 20 feet. 


#6100 series


And while the #6100 series were already cost efficient fixtures, we are currently offering Special Pricing on our very popular 7′ beauty, #6107. You’ll feel secure knowing your Post Lights will be stylish, safe and secure sitting atop any of our Posts and Poles

Primelite’s Posts and Poles


#6100 Series poles post tech drawings
#6100 Series Aluminum Poles. 2′-20′ in height. 


Primelite offers a wide assortment of Posts and Poles to fit your needs. In a variety sizes, shapes and finishes. For Direct Burial and Shoe Base installations. With adaptors and mounts to fit existing installations. We even offer post, pole, and mount customization for your non-standard projects.


Primelite Mfg's Post and poles
Primelite Mfg’s Selection of Aluminum Posts and Poles


Pole #6107


Post #6107

The #6100 series is the workhorse of Primelite’s Posts and Poles. Strong and reliable, the 3″ diameter width presents a foolproof fit to any of our post light fixtures. The #6100 Poles are direct burial installation. If needed we also offer our Poles with a shoe base, the #6100 SB series.

Model #6107, our 7′ tall Pole du’ jour is now being offered at a very special price. Please inquire via email or phone for more information and pricing.


Our fixtures are still handmade and assembled by experienced craftsmen in our New York warehouse, insuring a complete, reliable and excellent fixture. 


Primelite Mfg. offers affordable, maintenance free, superior constructed fixtures and energy efficiency LED options. And remember, our fixtures and posts are available in any of our 29 powder coated colors, or can be custom finished to your design specifics. 


Tech ⚙️ Specs: #6100 & #6100 SB


post #6107 post #6107 SB

Catalog: #6107 (#6100 Series)

Fixture Size:  Dia 3″ | Ht 7′ | (Series: Ht. 2′ – 20′)
Finishes:  Choose from 29 powder coated colors | Custom finishes available upon request

Catalog:  #6107SB (#6100 SB Series)

Fixture Size: Dia 3″ | Ht 7′ | (Series: Ht. 2′ – 20′)   
Finishes:  Choose from 29 powder coated colors | Custom finishes available upon request






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