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Color Me 🔵. Color Me 🔴. Color Me 🟢. Color Me Primelite.

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🎶 I’m blue, Da ba dee da ba di

    I’m red, Da ba dee da ba di

              I’m green, Da ba dee da ba di 🎶


Color Me 🔵. Color Me Globe.


Primelite Mfg has always specialized in the “Globe“. Big Globes. Little Globes. Outdoor Globes, indoor Globes. Clear Globes, White globes. Even cubed Globes. And in sizes galore. From a petite 6″ to a 36″ behemoth.


Now it’s time to add some Color. We’ve had ’em white ⚪️. We’ve had ’em clear ⭕️. We’ve even had ’em smoked 🟤. But now it’s time to show our true colors, with the introduction of the Globe Series #280, in living colors. Colors like 🔵. Like 🔴. Like 🟢. And just in time for the holidays. Too! 




And while we carry globes in different shapes,  materials and sizes, these acrylic beauties are perfect, in a familiar 10″ diameter, for most globular projects. Whether sitting atop a classically styled post, hanging from the ceiling as a vibrantly hued pendant, or mounted outside an establishment as colorful signage or identification. Our globes are at their best when brightening, and coloring, the world. 

Globe Me 🔴Color Me Globe.



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Globe #280-blue | #280-red | #280-green



Globe #280 Color blue, red, green
Colorful Globes # 280-Blue, Red and Green

Globe #280-blue | #280-red | #280-green

Once relegated to basic colors like white, clear (transparent), or a mysterious smokey-tint, our globes are now ready to colorify the world


Our acrylic globes are now available in a triumvirate of transparent festivity. Like Blue. Red. And Green. Joyful colors for a joyous season. (or any time of the year!)


Installation suggestions include Police, Fire and Railroad Stations, inside and out. Emergency call stations, even Christmas and Holiday lights. 


Available in a multitude of sizes; 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, our Colorful acrylic globes are as versatile as they are practical. From post lights, pendants, exterior sign and identification installations, our globes offer a watertight and solid fixture able to withstand the harshest of Mother Nature’s aggression.


Color Me 🟢Color Me Globe.


Our Globes and fixtures are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse and offer years of stylish reliability. Our lights are cost effective, budget friendly and are weather rated for general exterior installations and arrive at the job site ready to go!




Colorful Globes # 280-Blue, Red and Green
Primelite Catalog: #280-Blue | #280-Red | #280-Green

  • Type: Globe
  • Material: Acrylic | Transparent 
  • Colors: Blue | Red | Green
  • Size: 10″ | Additional Sizes: 8, 12, 14, 16
  • Styles: Open Top | Neckless | Fitted Neck
  • Usage: Pendants | Posts and Poles | Sign Lights | Exterior | Interior
  • Installation: Police, Fire and Railroad Stations. Emergency call stations, Christmas and Holiday Lights