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Primelite, Wall Washing Your Worries Away! ????????

Linear Lights #5750WW | #5751WW

Linear Lights #5750WW | #5751WW



What! Me Worry? There’s no reason to worry when choosing light fixtures from Primelite Mfg. Efficient, innovative and affordable lighting is our mission, and today we’re featuring the latest from our Linear Lighting Collection – Wall Washers #5750WW LED & #5751WW LED.



Linear Light #5750WW


Wall washing illuminates a vertical surface with uniform brightness … draws attention to the wall … can be used to accentuate an entrance, fireplace, or artwork. The light reflected … can make a room appear bright and will provide a soft, diffuse light …*



Wall Washers #5750WW LED and #5751WW LED cast a calming illumination across the surface below. This low-key, and steady, illumination quietly brightens modern office spaces, loft-like environments, really anywhere large areas are in need of light.



… wall-wash lights should be mounted at a sufficient distance from the wall so that light falls on the wall at a wider angle; in some spaces, 2.5-3 feet might be suitable.**



Wall Washers #5750WW LED & #5751WW LED offer chic, modern profiles that are available in 2 lengths, 50″ and 96″. #5750WW LED comes standard with LED50, while #5751WW LED is available in either LED50 or LED100. That’s 7,795 and 14,000 lumens, respectively, offering an impressive 140 lumens per watt! You’ll find our linear lighting is bright, chic and AFFORDABLE!



Linear Light #5750WW LED

#5750WWWall Wash #5750WW LED : The perfect lighting solution for large walled spaces; offices, loft-style work spaces as well as warehouses and other open areas. The fixture is weather rated for interior and exterior installations.


With a light box of 50″, this model comes complete with an integrated LED50, offering 7,795 lumens. Thats an efficient illumination of 140 lumens per watt. Every fixture comes complete with a choice of lens and light color. 




Linear Light #5751WW LED


Wall Wash #5751WW LED : offers the lighting flexibility, strength and affordability as its shorter brother while offering the same efficient illumination benefits of linear lighting. 



#5751WW has a light box of 96″ and is available in LED50 (7,795 lumens) or LED100 (14,000 lumens), with an average illumination of 140 lumens per watt. All fixtures come with the choice for lens and light color.





Three Rules of Wall Washing:

  1. Mounting distance = spacing distance = ⅓ of the ceiling height

  2. For spaces 9 feet or lower, mount 2 to 3 feet from the wall, while spaces 9 to 11 feet high, mount 3 to 4 feet from the wall

  3. It’s best to use wall washing on light-coloured, matte finish walls ***



You’ll find our fixtures offer an ideal solution to any office, open space commercial or industrial illumination project. With integrated LEDs, Wall Wash #5750WW LED and #5751WW LED ensure a long lasting, energy and cost effective solution to your lighting design needs. 



Linear Lights #5750WW | #5751WW



Our linear lamps are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse and offer years of stylish reliability. Constructed of strong aluminum, our lights are cost effective and budget friendly. All fixtures include integrated LEDs and drivers. Complete your order with a choice of lens and light color. Lens are available in White, Clear and Frosted. Light color available in 3.5K or 5K. Introduce a touch color to your installations with any of our powder coated colors



The Linear Light Collection | #5750 and #5751 series include:

  1. #5750F LED50 / #5751F LED50/100–  Ceiling flush mount
  2. #5750WW LED50 / #5751WW LED50/100– Wall Washer
  3. #5750/861 LED50 / #5751/861 LED50/100 – Wall Mount / Wall Wash
  4. #5750/855-11-ESW LED50 / #5751/855-11-ESW LED50/100 – Includes ESW / Swivel to allow 180° multi-angle positioning
  5. #5750/850 LED50 / #5751/850 LED50/100 LED– Includes our #850 gooseneck arms for off-wall extension
  6. #5750 (Pendant) LED50 / #5751 (Pendant) LED50/100 – Hanging Pendant
  7. #5750/852 ESW LED50 / #5751/852 ESW LED50/100 – Rooftop mount. Includes 180° ESW / Swivel mount





⚙️Primelite Catalog: #5750WW LED

⚙️Type: Wall Wash

⚙️Size: Lht 515/8” | Ht 6″ | W 45/8


     #5750WW LED50 – Included | LED50 | 7795 Lumens



⚙️LED Driver: Included

⚙️Lens: Acrylic | White, Clear, Frosted

⚙️Construction: Aluminum

⚙️Installation: Office | Loft-Style Workspace | Commercial Space | Warehouse 
⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request | Color Chart


linear light #5751WW

⚙️Primelite Catalog: #5751WW LED

⚙️Type: Wall Wash

⚙️Size: Lht 975/8” | Ht 6″ | W 45/8


     #5751WW LED50 – Included | LED50 | 3.5K or 5K | LED50 = 7995 Lumens

   #5751WW LED100 – Included | LED100 | 3.5K or 5K | LED100 = 14000 Lumens

⚙️LED Driver: Included

⚙️Lens: Acrylic | White, Clear, Frosted

⚙️Construction: Aluminum

⚙️Installation: Office | Loft-Style Workspace | Space | Warehouse 
⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request | Color Chart


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*** Wall Washing or Wall Grazing? What’s the Difference? – Premise



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