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In the Dark shine so Brite with Primelite????


This Week by Primelite:

In the Dark shine so Brite with Primelite????

with Lantern #1325 LED72


As Primelite continues to do our part to help promote dark skies, this week we introduce another in our “Dark Sky Friendly” series of street lights, #1325 LED72.

With its LEDs nestled in the fixtures top, the light faces down while avoiding any uplight light-spill, helping minimize any additional contribution to our planet’s light blight.

The included 4 x LED18’s give a pleasant brightness and is perfect in any urban, suburban or commercial exterior situation. Parks, parking lots, walkways, town squares, sidewalks would all benefit from the cost saving of our LED street lights. The street light fits any of our 3″ posts.


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*Learn more about the Dark Sky initiative and the Dark Sky Association – IDA | International Dark Sky Association.

Primelite’s streetlight #1325 is now available with a choice of LEDs: LED40 (equal to 70w MH) and LED72(175w MH). The fixture comes with a 4 level step-up base, which adds a sophisticated and classic form to your exterior installations, and fits any of our 3″ posts.



Now not only available in LED but inquire about our Incandescent options!! We got the right Wattage for you!





Easily customize the hardware with our wide selection of colors, 29 dazzling colors in fact! All available in our tough, weather resistant, powder coated finish. From red, blue, yellow, orange, to our painted metallic finishes – chrome, galvanized, nickel and more. We can even match a designers color choice selection. 

And remember – once you add in the power consumption savings, our pendants, with integrated LED systems, are as cost-effective as they are durable! Primelite Mfg offers a 5-year warranty on all our integrated LED systems (iLEDs)!Now, isn’t it time our globes gave color your life?


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Catalog:  #1325 LED72

Style: Dark Sky* Friendly, Street Light, exterior

Style: Street lights, exterior
Size:  Ht. 27″ | Wt. 13″ 
Lamp:  LED40 (4 x LED10)
Post: 3″
Construction: Lantern: Aluminum | Canopy: Aluminum

Finishes:  Choose from 29 powder coated colors | Custom finishes available upon request


Technical Drawing (Cut Sheet):
Lantern  #1325 LED72.



Lamp: iLEDs (Integrated LED System)


Please Note: iLEDs (Integrated LED system) is Primelite’s custom designed, and built, LED lighting system.
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