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🔍 Delving into Primelite’s W Catalog Collection💡(Part IV)


            🌟 An Expedition Through Primelite’s Bollard Collection 🌟

Combining architectural prowess with robust functionality, our bollards are tailored for diverse outdoor spaces, from peaceful parks to active commercial areas.

Square Bollard Highlights: 

  •  Metal Top Square Bollard (#5403): Aluminum body with a flat metal top.
  •  Plastic Top Square Bollard (#5404): Similar structure with a plastic top.
  • Other notable models: #5604 and #5603 feature an acrylic lens. All models are 39 inches tall, compatible with 100w incandescent/LED, and available in 29 finishes.

Round Bollard Highlights:

  •  Bollard with Pagoda Top (#5307): Asian-inspired design, 39 inches tall with varied lighting options.
  • Round Bollard with Round Cap (#5310) & Round Aluminum Bollard (#5305): Architecturally stunning yet functionally apt.
  • Mini Bollard (#5508): Compact yet powerful with a unique lens and versatile lighting.

Models #5307 & #5310 feature louvers, enhancing light direction, reducing glare, and optimizing aesthetics. They also offer protection to the bulb and help in environmental conservation by minimizing light pollution.

Primelite’s bollards are more than just lights; they’re stories of design, warmth, safety, and elegance, illuminating spaces with intent and beauty. Choose Primelite for luminous narratives in every space.




The standout stars on catalog page W02 are none other than our collection of illuminated bollards, architectural masterpieces poised to redefine your outdoor spaces

🔎 A Deep Dive into

Primelite’s Bollard Collection 🔎



Where Design Meets Functionality


As we wrap up our visual expedition through Primelite’s most recent catalog W, the standout star on page W02 is none other than our varied collection of illuminated bollards. These architectural masterpieces, designed for both resilience and energy efficiency, are poised to redefine your outdoor spaces. From serene parks to bustling commercial spaces, they merge security with unparalleled style.


Every bollard in our collection speaks volumes about the care and attention we invest in the minutest of details. From selecting the right materials to ensuring the finest finishes, every step is taken with our customers in mind. 



With our Square Bollards, we encounter models that are masterpieces in their own right


Architectural Luminescence


Diving deeper into our Square Bollards, we encounter models that are masterpieces in their own right. The Metal Top Square Bollard (#5403) stands out with its aluminum body and acrylic lens, crowned with a flat metal top. The Plastic Top Square Bollard (#5404), in contrast, boasts a similar structure but with a distinguishing plastic top. 


Square Bollard Catalog #5604 features an elegant acrylic lens and cap, adding an air of sophistication. Square Bollard Catalog #5603 pairs its acrylic lens with a striking metal top. All these models stand tall at 39 inches, ensuring visibility and aesthetic appeal. With each offering compatibility with a 100w incandescent bulb or LED variants, and available in 29 powder-coated finishes, they promise adaptability and style.


Fixtures: #5403 | #5404 | #5603 | #5604



Our round bollards are both architecturally striking and functionally robust


Shining a Light on Outdoor Excellence


Switching to our Round Bollards, you’re greeted with pieces that are both architecturally striking and functionally robust. The Bollard with Pagoda Top (Catalog #5307), standing at an impressive 39 inches, evokes Asian architectural elegance with its distinctive pagoda design, all anchored on a sturdy shoe base. It promises customization and resilience with lighting options ranging from a 100w incandescent bulb to modern LED alternatives and an array of powder-coated finishes.


Pair this with the symmetrical beauty of the Round Bollard with Round Cap (#5310), and the sleekness of the Round Aluminum Bollard (Catalog #5305), and you have a range that caters to diverse aesthetic tastes while illuminating spaces effectively. But don’t let names deceive you; the Mini Bollard (Catalog #5508), while sounding modest, delivers both in design and luminosity. With its slender build, unique lens options, and versatile lighting configurations, it encapsulates Primelite’s dedication to quality and variety, making it perfect for both commercial and municipal locales. In essence, Primelite’s collection is an ode to outdoor elegance, ensuring every space shines with purpose and style.


Fixtures: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5508


By effectively channeling light downward, our louvered bollards ensure that areas such as pathways and driveways receive the right amount of light


Journey Through Primelite’s Louvered Bollard Designs


Among our Bollard lineup, you’ll find models #5307 (Pagoda Top) and #5310 stand out with their louver features. The #5307 comes standard with its Pagoda-style louvers, while for model #5310, louvers are an available option. These louvers significantly refine the illumination quality of the bollards. By effectively channeling light downwards or at designated angles, they ensure that areas such as pathways and driveways receive the right amount of light without excessive spread. Moreover, the presence of louvers helps reduce glare, making it safer and more visually comfortable for both pedestrians and drivers.


Aesthetically, louvers lend bollards a polished look, suitable for diverse settings. Beyond just appearance, they offer protection to the bulb against external elements and potential damage. Environmentally, louvers help reduce light pollution by preventing undue upward or sideways light spread, and their efficient light direction can also contribute to energy savings. In essence, louvers are crucial for optimizing the performance and design of illuminated bollards.



Primelite’s bollard collection, from the minimalist designs to the more ornate ones, ensures that outdoor spaces resonate with warmth, safety, and elegance


Primelite’s Catalog W Bollard Collection is not just about lighting—it’s about crafting stories. Every piece, from the minimalist designs to the more ornate ones, ensures that outdoor spaces, be it serene parks or commercial zones, resonate with warmth, safety, and elegance. Choose Primelite, and let every corner shine with purpose and poise.


Fixtures: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5403 | #5404 | #5508 | #5603 | #5604

Technical Drawing: #5305 | #5307 | #5310 | #5403 | #5404 | #5508 | #5603 | #5604



Customization. Customization. Customization.


Customize your fixtures with 29 power coated colors
Personalize your lighting fixtures with a palette of 29 powder-coated hues, offering both durability and aesthetic versatility.


At the heart of Primelite Manufacturing lies our unwavering dedication to personalization. Boasting a diverse range of 29 powder-coated shades and tailored options in height, wattage, and color coordination, our goal is to offer a lighting solution that truly resonates with your vision.


Yet, our customization isn’t solely skin-deep. Our advanced LED setups and proprietary in-house spinning processes enable us to offer sizes meticulously tailored to your project’s distinct needs. Our vision is to be more than just a lighting provider; we aim to be a partner, offering top-tier fixtures and individualized lighting strategies that transform and elevate your spaces.

Sale. Sale. Sale. Of the Century


<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">Primelite's Gooseneck Sale: Models #23/16-850 | #23/16-859</span></em>
Primelite’s Gooseneck Sale: Models #23/16-850 | #23/16-859



Ensure you don’t miss our remarkable “Sale of the Century“—an event that’s already capturing attention everywhere. One of the star attractions of this extraordinary sale is our Gooseneck Specials, showcasing deals on these stylish and functional fixtures that are hard to resist. It’s an opportune time to upgrade your lighting ensemble and recognize Primelite as your ultimate hub for luminous solutions. Dive into our Gooseneck Specials before they’re gone!


From brightening interiors to casting light across exteriors, our newest catalog pages present a curated selection of cutting-edge, versatile, and visually appealing lighting solutions for every need.