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Arrgh. Pier Me Up. Matey!

Pier Mounts #4 & #5
A Fantasy of Pier Mount #4

Pier to Post Conversions

Pier to Post Conversion



Primelite Mfg is proud to offer an extensive and diverse array of materials for outdoor illumination. Our collection includes everything from street and post lights to the posts and poles themselves, along with all necessary accessories. A noteworthy part of our selection is our Pier Mounts. Specifically Pier Mounts #4 & #5.



A pier mount is a type of support structure used for mounting outdoor lighting fixtures, such as lanterns or lamps, on top of columns, piers, or other vertical surfaces. Pier mounts are commonly used in outdoor settings like gardens, patios, porches, driveways, or walkways to provide illumination and enhance the aesthetics of the space.


Pier Mount #4

Pier Mount #4

Our Pier Mount #4 is specially engineered to fit any 3″ post light on top of a 4″ square post or pier. Fabricated entirely from aluminum, Mount #4 provides a straightforward, sturdy, and weatherproof solution for attaching a 3″ post light.


Pier Mount #5

Pier Mount #5

Designed for circular piers and posts, Pier Mount #5 brings a 3″ post light lantern to any existing outdoor pier or post set-up. Just like its counterpart, it’s made from 100% aluminum, ensuring a resilient, weather-ready installation for outdoor lighting modifications or adaptations.





Pier Mount #5 - A Fantasy
Pier Mount #5 is designed to withstand any weather conditions Mother Nature throws its way. Whether it’s rain, snow, heat, or wind, Pier Mount #5 is ready to stand firm and reliable.

Water Area Pier Mount Installation



In the context of a water area installation, the placement of lighting using pier mounts would require products suitable for marine environments. This would entail the selection of materials capable of resisting the corrosive effects of saltwater, moisture, and the generally harsh conditions that are characteristic of oceanic locales.



At Primelite, we understand these challenges and offer mounts that are designed to withstand these demanding conditions, ensuring lasting durability and performance.



Trust in Primelite to illuminate your marine settings with resilience and style.




Circular to 3" Pier Mount #5
Circular to 3″ Pier Mount #5



Pier Mounts – Square to Circle | Circle to 3″ 


Pier Mount #4


Pier Mount #4
Square Post to 3″ Pier Mount #4

Pier Mount #4 is uniquely designed to accommodate any 3″ post light on a 4″ square post or pier. Crafted entirely from aluminum, Mount #4 offers a simple, robust, and weather-resistant method for affixing a 3″ post light. This reliable solution assures stability and longevity, regardless of the weather conditions.


Indeed, Pier Mount #4 is designed with an emphasis on robustness and longevity. Its sturdy construction makes it a dependable choice for any outdoor lighting arrangement.



Regardless of the weather conditions, it ensures your outdoor lantern remains firmly in place and fully operational, standing up to whatever Mother Nature throws.


Technical Drawing: #4


Pier Mount #5


Pier Mount #5
Circular to 3″ Pier Mount #5

Intended for round piers, Pier Mount #5 enables fitting a 3″ exterior lantern onto any existing outdoor post or pier structure. Like Pier Mount #4, it too is fabricated completely from aluminum, which guarantees a sturdy and weather-resistant set up for any outdoor lighting adjustment or retrofitting.


Pier Mount #5 offers customization to suit your specific needs. It’s available at any height required, providing flexibility for your outdoor lighting installations. Whether you need a short mount for a cozy patio setting or a tall one for illuminating a large outdoor area, we can adjust it to meet your specifications. This adaptability ensures that your lighting is always perfectly situated for your needs.


Pier Mount #5 is constructed with durability in mind. Its resilience makes it a reliable choice for any outdoor lighting setup, ensuring your exterior lantern remains secure and functional, regardless of the elements.


Technical Drawing: #5



Pier Mount #4 – Square to 3″ Circular 



At Primelite, we are deeply committed to delivering quality craftsmanship and precise attention to detail. Our array of products, including street lights, post lights, lanterns, and related accessories, are all diligently crafted and assembled in our New York-based warehouse. Our hands-on approach to the manufacturing process guarantees that every item meets our stringent standards for durability, reliability, and aesthetic appeal.



Choose Primelite for your lighting needs and let us help you realize your envisioned lighting design. We are confident that our dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction will not only meet but exceed your expectations. With Primelite, you’re not just getting a product, but also a promise of excellence.





⚙️ #4 

Pier Mount #4
Primelite Catalog: #4




⚙️ #5

Circular to 3" Pier Mount #5
Primelite Catalog: #5

*Custom height available. Inquire with the office.