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Floor Lamp #231LG is a Designers Dream!




Customize. Customize. Customize.

We’re All About The Customize!


Primelite seems to always be highlighting our superior exterior lighting collections. But did you know that we offer a wide range of indoor lighting? We carry all types of interior lighting; from ceiling lights, globes lights, floor lamps, desk lights, lighting for children’s rooms and more. Our catalog has many different styles to choose, including classic, modern, retro, among others. And of course many are customizable, be it colors, finishes or heights.


Our stylish and simply elegant Floor Lamp #231LG is just one example of this designers dream. A totally customizable lamp to accent any room. Any interior. Any space. Any place! Floor Lamp #231LG comes in 2 standard heights, “couch” and “torch”, 48″ and 63″, respectively. But what’s great about this floor light is that you can customize the lamp to any size YOU need. Personalize your lamps further with any of our powder coated colors and finishes. Or we can match colors to your palette.


the included lamp harp fits most standard lamp shades. Giving you an endless array of colors and styles to flatter you interior


While Primelite does offer a lamp shade, the included lamp harp fits most standard lamp shades. Giving you an endless array of colors and styles to flatter your interior. We’re ready, willing and able to work with you on dressing that perfect spot in your ideal interior space. 



customize your lamp #321LG


Our floor lamps are handcrafted and assembled in our New York warehouse and are made to offer years of stylish reliability. Constructed of strong aluminum, our lights are cost effective and budget friendly. And did we mention “customizable“! 


Our floor lamps are offered with total customization. Any chance of getting a customized order on those scrawny lamps at you local big box or hardware store? Or even online? Hmmmmmm. Didn’t think so!


Again, customized height? Check! Customized shade? Check! (Comes with a harp so you can just choose your own) Customized finish? Check! In fact, choose from any of our 29 powder coated colors, including chic metallic finishes: nickel, chrome, bronze, brass, galvanized and more. Floor Lamp #231LG IS a Designers Dream! 



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Floor Lamp #321LG Primelite Catalog:  

     #231LG | #231C (couch) | #231T (torch)

Type: Floor Lamp

Size:  Couch Ht. 48″ | Torch 63″ | Customize Height 

Lamp: Old Skool Edison Lamp | LED Edison Lamp Style

Construction: Aluminum

Installations: Residential Interior | Office Interior | Hotel Rooms | 
Finishes: Choice of 29 powder coated colors. Custom finish upon request.
Technical Drawings:



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