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Bollards: A Blend of 🛠 Form, 💡 Function, and 🎨 Flair

Bollard #
Humble Bollard #5310 Continues to Stop Traffic on City Streets

Deep Dive: Dome Capped Bollards #5310/3 | #5310/4



When it comes to creating a perfect blend of functionality and style in Landscape lighting, choosing the right bollard can make all the difference. Our Dome Capped Aluminum Bollards  #5310/3 | #5310/4 promises just that, offering a plethora of features tailored to suit various needs and preferences.


The aluminum and acrylic fusion in its construction ensures durability without compromising aesthetics. Aluminum, known for its longevity and resistance to environmental elements, forms the core, while the acrylic component ensures a visually appealing finish. Proudly crafted in the U.S.A., the bollard is a testament to premium craftsmanship and local expertise.


At a height of 39″ and a diameter of 6″, Bollards #5310/3 | #5310/4 are designed to command attention without overwhelming a space. Its dimensions ensure that it serves its primary purpose, be it lighting up pathways or accentuating key architectural elements, effectively and elegantly. 



<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">Bollards #5210/4 (clear lens) &amp; #5310/3 (white lens)</span></em>
Bollards #5310/4 (clear lens) & #5310/3 (white lens)


Bollards #5310/3 | #5310/4 provide choices in lighting solutions, catering to both traditional and contemporary tastes


Bollards #5310/3 | #5310/4 provide choices in lighting solutions, catering to both traditional and contemporary tastes. Users can opt for a maximum 100w incandescent bulb, offering a warmer, classic glow. Alternatively, LED configurations (LED10, LED12) are available for those seeking energy efficiency and longer lifespan. It’s important to highlight that the bollard is certified for damp environments guaranteeing its adaptability for outdoor settings and its durability across diverse climatic conditions.


With a choice between a crisp white (#5310/3) lens and a versatile clear (#5310/4) lens, users can pick the aesthetic that aligns with their space’s design. For added versatility, the #5310/4 bollard offers options beyond just a clear lens. Choose between a pristine clear appearance or opt for an internal louvered design, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences and lighting requirements. This added feature enhances the bollard’s adaptability to different design themes and functional needs.


Bollards #5310/3
Bollard #5310/3 – Its construction for damp conditions ensures outdoor adaptability and durability



Furthermore, with a staggering 29 powder-coated color options available—and even a custom finish upon request—the customization possibilities are vast, allowing for a harmonious fit into diverse settings.


Transform Your Outdoor Space:

Dome Capped Bollards #5310/3 | #5310/4


Bollards #5310/4 & #5310/3
Bollards #5310/4 & #5310/3

The Dome Capped Bollards #5310/3 | #5310/4 seamlessly combine functionality and style, making it a stand-out choice. Its design, showcasing a round top on a shoe base mount, blends contemporary flair with timeless elegance, ensuring adaptability to various design aesthetics.


Constructed from durable aluminum and aesthetic acrylic, standing 39″ tall with a 6″ diameter, this bollard is designed to illuminate without overpowering its surroundings.


Offering a choice between a white (-3) or clear (-4) lens and boasting 29 powder-coated color options or customization to fit any design setting. Available in both 100w incandescent and 2 LED configurations (LED10, LED12), it caters to varied lighting preferences. Plus, its construction for damp conditions ensures outdoor adaptability and durability.


Bollards #5310/3 | #5310/4‘s round top on a shoe base mount is a design choice that strikes a balance between modern simplicity and classical elegance. This ensures the bollard seamlessly integrates into a variety of design themes, from minimalist to ornate.


Technical Drawings: Bollard #5310/3 | Bollard #5310/4


At Primelite, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. Every lighting fixture that bears our name is meticulously hand-assembled at our New York warehouse. Our artisans, with their keen eye for detail, ensure that each component comes together seamlessly. This rigorous attention to detail is more than just a process; it’s our passion. It guarantees that every product we deliver is not just a fixture, but a testament to our dedication to quality. 


With Primelite, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a legacy of craftsmanship.




Bollard #5508Cost-Effective 💸, Eco-Friendly ♻️ Outdoor Lighting 💡


Bollard #5403When Elegance Meets Outdoor Illumination💡


Bollard #5307Customizable 🎨 Durable 💪 Elegant 💎




⚙️ Bollard #5310/3 & #5310/4

Bollards #5310/4 & #5310/3
Primelite Catalog: Bollard #5310/3 | #5310/4

  • Type: Bollard
  • Lamp | Lumens:
    • Incandescent (100W) – 1600 lumens
    • LED 10 3K – 1641 lumens
    • LED 10 4K – 1689 lumens
    • LED 12 3K – 1140 lumens
    • LED 12 4K – 1280 lumens
  • Lens: Acrylic | White (#5310/3), Clear (#5310/4)
  • Cap: Aluminum
  • Bollard Size: 39” H | 6″ Dia 
  • Construction: Aluminum | Acrylic
  • Installation: Parks, Walkways, Government, Office and Community Buildings, Parking Garages, Retail
  • Mount: Shoe Base Mount | Anchor Bolts & Template Included
  • Finishes: Choice of 29 Power-Coated colors. Inquire for a custom finish.           
  • Technical Drawing: Bollard #5310/3 | Bollard #5310/4