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Pendantly C πŸŸ₯ O πŸŸͺ L 🟨 O 🟦 R 🟧 FUL 🟩

Pendant #51/16 A rainbow of colors
Pendant #51/16 A rainbow of colors

Β πŸŸ₯ 🟨 🟧 Stylishly Retro 🟩 πŸŸͺ 🟦


Superior Quality, Dependability, and Customer Satisfaction


Primelite Manufacturing has earned a stellar reputation for creating a diverse selection of lighting products suitable for commercial, residential, and industrial usage. We strive to provide only the finest. Our aim is to ensure that our products are fair, inventive, and utilitarian, all while offering value for your money.


Our pledge is to supply lasting solutions for your lighting endeavors, marrying excellence with pragmatism.



#51/16 & E25 | Edison LED Bulbs
Pendant #51/16 & E26 | Edison LED Bulbs

Β Pendant #51/16


This week, we’re casting a light on our newest creation, Pendant #51/16, an exquisite piece directly inspired by a customer inquiry. This fresh interpretation of our popular Shade #39, with an impressive 16″ diameter,Β stands out with its robust and commanding presence. It exudes an industrial charm suitable for warehouse and commercial settings, as well as spacious loft living.


Embracing a retro design and functionality, Pendant #51/16 utilizes one Edison bulb per unit (not included). We recommend 100-watt LED E26 bulbs for their optimal lighting and energy efficiency. You can personalize your ambiance from our array of 29 vibrant powder-coated colors. In expansive spaces such as commercial or warehouse environments, you can even create a stunning spectrum of color.


Every Pendant #51/16 comes with your choice of Glass Jelly Jar and 10′ vinyl cord. To further accentuate the retro aesthetic, we also provide optional cloth-covered cords in various colors and lengths. Additional accessories like plugs and line switches are also available for added convenience.



Pendant #51/16
Pendant #51/16



Pendant #51/16


Pendant #51/16


Pendant #51/16
Pendant #51/16

Reflecting a vintage design and functionality, Pendant #51/16 is designed for a single 100-watt Edison bulb per fixture (not included). Each pendant comes with your choice of a Glass Jelly Jar; clear, frosted, Β prismatic, and a 10′ vinyl cord, black or white.


To boost the vintage feel, we provide optional cloth-covered cords in a range of colors and lengths. As well as additional add-ons such as plugs and line switches.



Technical Drawing: #51/16



<em><span style="font-size: 12px;">Pendant #51/16 Includes Glass Jelly Jar: Clear | Frosted | Prismatic</span></em>
Pendant #51/16 Includes Glass Jelly Jar: Clear | Frosted | Prismatic


Our Unwavering Dedication to Quality and Precision


At Primelite, our unwavering commitment to excellence and precision is at the heart of what we do. Our extensive portfolio includes pendants, gooseneck sign lights, street lights, post lights, lanterns, and a wide variety of related accessories, all meticulously assembled at our New York warehouse.


By taking a hands-on approach to the manufacturing process, we ensure every product meets our stringent standards for durability, aesthetics, and reliability.


When you choose Primelite as your lighting solution provider, you are choosing a partner dedicated to turning your design visions into reality. We stand by our commitment to top-tier quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, confident that we will not only meet but exceed your expectations. With Primelite, you are not just buying a product – you are investing in a commitment to outstanding performance.




βš™οΈ #51/16Β 

Pendant #51/16
Primelite Catalog: #51/16