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A Display Revolution: Introducing Our Banner Holders

sign banner post mount #100-24


Captivating Displays:

Choosing the Perfect Banner Holder


In the dynamic arena of displays and signage, where the competition for attention is fierce, the importance of having versatile and durable display solutions cannot be overstated. This is where our 24″ Banner Holders shine, offering an unrivaled blend of flexibility and resilience. Designed to meet a broad spectrum of mounting demands, these holders ensure that your banners remain securely in place, regardless of weather conditions. More than just a practical tool, these banner holders are crafted to elevate your messaging, allowing it to stand out effortlessly and attractively in any setting.



sign banner post mount #100-24


The Comprehensive Guide to Our Banner Holders



Our Aluminum 24″ Banner Holders are crafted with the understanding that display needs vary widely. To cater to this diversity, we offer three specialized mount options, each designed to provide a secure and visually appealing display solution:


Standard Mount #100-24: This option is the go-to solution for a wide range of applications, offering a dependable hold for banners in most settings.


Heavy Duty Mount #100-24 HDC: Engineered for scenarios demanding extra resilience, such as in high wind areas or locations with significant foot traffic, this mount provides enhanced security and stability.


Post Mount #100-24 PMA: Specifically designed for 3″ OD round poles, this mounting option ensures that your banners are not only displayed in a prominent position but also secured against the elements, making it ideal for outdoor environments.


Each mounting option is meticulously designed to ensure that your banners are not just displayed but showcased in a manner that maximizes both visibility and aesthetic impact.



sign banner post mount #100-24


Our Effortless and Elegant Banner Displays


sign banner post mount #100-24


Banner Holder with Standard Canopy (#100-24): This model includes a standard wall mount canopy and two banner holder rings, featuring a 24″ extension and a 4⅛” width, making it perfect for straightforward, effective banner displays. *



sign banner post mount #100-24 HDC


Banner Holder with Heavy Duty Canopy (#100-24 HDC): Designed for more demanding environments, this option offers a 24″ extension and a 4⅝” width, along with a heavy-duty wall mount canopy and two banner holder rings, ensuring added stability and security. *


sign banner post mount #100-24 PMA



Banner Holder with Post Mount Adapter (#100-24 PMA): Ideal for mounting on 3″ OD round poles, this option extends 24″ and has a 5½” width. It includes a post-mount adapter and two banner holder rings, guaranteeing that your banners are not only secure but also prominently displayed. *



banner ring #102


Available for individual purchase, the Aluminum Banner Ring (carabiner clip) transcends its role as a mere accessory to become a pivotal element in enhancing your display strategy. This versatile ring can be effortlessly combined with our Banner Holder #100-24 or utilized on its own, offering unparalleled ease of installation, assured stability, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance for your banners. *





Whether you’re setting up for a promotional event, directing traffic within your facility, or adding a decorative touch to your space, our Aluminum 24″ Banner Holder is engineered to meet your needs with style and strength. Explore the possibilities and elevate your display strategy with our versatile, durable banner holders.


With a focus on versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal, our Aluminum 24″ Banner Holders are engineered to elevate your display strategy. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your promotional efforts, guide traffic within your premises, or add a decorative touch to your environment, our banner holders provide a robust, stylish solution that ensures your message is always front and center.


*We also offer custom sizes. For the #100-24 series, we can do custom lengths. For the #102, we can do custom diameters. Contact the warehouse for more info.


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Banner Holders #100-24 | #100-24 HDC | #100-24 PMA



sign banner post mount #100-24
Primelite Catalog: #100-24 | #100-24 HDC | #100-24 PMA

⚙️Type: Banner | Sign Holder

⚙️Mount | Canopy:

     Wall: #100-24: Standard Canopy 

    Wall: #100-24 HDC: Heavy Duty Canopy 

     3″ Post: #100-24 PMA: Post Mount Adaptor 


   #100-24: H 4 1/8” | Ext 24″

    #100-24 HDC: H 4 5/8” | Ext 24″

    #100-24 PMA: H 5 1/2” | Ext 24″

⚙️Construction: 100% Aluminum

⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder-coated colors. Custom finish upon request.

⚙️Technical Drawing: #100-24 | #100-24 HDC | #100-24 PMA


Banner Ring #102


banner ring #102
Primelite Catalog: #102

⚙️Type: Banner Ring (Carabiner Clip)

⚙️Size: Length: 4 ¼” | Width: ¾” | Diameter 1 ¼” 

⚙️Construction: 100% Aluminum

⚙️Finishes: Choice of 29 powder-coated colors. Custom finish upon request.

⚙️Technical Drawing: #102



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